Basic Info
Alias(es) The Weatherman
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Race Elder God
Gender None, referred to as Male
Age ?
Birthday ?
Main Ability An Abnormal Weather Report
Personal Data
Birthplace ?
Nationality ?
Affiliation(s) The Elder Gods
Occupation(s) ?

"Zeus...the 'Ancient Greeks' called their fictional deity that... they said he could 'control the weather'... What an odd coincidence..."

- Zeus.

Zeus is one of several Elder Gods residing in the Otherworld. And arguably the second most destructive to every dimension, only being outclassed by Aphrodite.









  • An Abnormal Weather Report - Zeus has the ability to perfectly and precisely control, create, and shape any form of weather, regardless of whether or not it's possible for said weather to form in normal conditions, on any planet or in any dimension. From a basic thunderstorm, to the likes of making it rain molten iron and lead, to making tornadoes completely made out of the rotting flesh of corpses. Zeus could make it rain meteors, black holes, knives, and make winds strong enough to tear down entire cities in an instant. Zeus is capable of giving weather special properties, such as being able to create living weather, with a mind of its own. From hurricanes to weather found in space, to the weathers of Hell and Nirvana. Regardless of what it is, there is nothing Zeus can't do with weather.
    • Omni-Element Manipulation - Through the power of weather, Zeus is capable of manipulating any and all elements, through his weather-based abilities.
  • Elder God Physiology - Due to its status as an Elder God, it is freely capable of leaving the Otherworld at any time and entering other dimensions at any time it wants. It is also capable of using high-level eldritch magic to manipulate boundaries and warp reality at its whim.


  • None.


  • Zeus is named after the ancient Greek God of the same name.

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