Basic Info
Name Zayd Valefor
Alias(es) Joker, Arsene, Phantom
Alignment Chaotic Good
Height / Weight 5'10" / 154.7 lb
Birthday / Age 12.31.00 / Sixteen
Main Ability Valefor
Personal Data
Birthplace New Orleans, LA
Nationality American
Affiliation(s) Twilight Phantoms
Occupation(s) Student
Base of Operations Queens, NYC, NY

― Zayd Valefor

Zayd Valefor is the protagonist of Twilight Phantoms and the leader of the aforementioned title's group. After a strange turn of events involving the blackmail of him and his family, Zayd was turned over to a group of people where he was shipped around as a slave on the black market. Upon being forced into the participation of a bank heist, he was used as bait and accused of the crimes the men had committed; manslaughter, grand larceny, assault, possession, and distribution, along with many more. It was then that he was awoken by a strange force and granted a mysterious ability, with his sudden burst of strength granting him the name Joker.

"He's our group's trump card; although he may be considered more of a lawbreaker than the rest of us, nobody will ever realize that we have this trick up our sleeve. He's the Joker of our deck, and the world is our casino."




Theme Songs

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Zayd is a very stoic and relaxed person, with some sarcastic or slightly humorous tendencies. He is typically silent in conversation with enough carelessness to get sidetracked, performing minor complex tasks while being spoken to or participating in a group (i.e. spinning his phone on his finger, doing pen tricks). Often spending time at a local small time cafe, Zayd is rarely seen hanging out in large crowds and prefers to stay in the shadows. However, due to staying in a more local part of Queens, he is well-known by many adults among the community, making life extremely simple for him outside of school life.

However, on the job, Zayd seems to adopt an entirely different personality. He goes from his straight-faced, droopy-eyed self into what seems to be a sadistic, flamboyant beast. He tends to enter combat with a grin on his face and wide eyes behind the mask, acting quite ruthlessly in combat. Despite the thoughts of others, "Joker" uses combat with criminals as an outlet for his pent up anger built from his years in captivity. Zayd does all within his control to cease from murdering anyone, believing that becoming a killer would make him no better than any of the criminals he fights against.

"He works like a wild animal. He's like a koala or a polar bear; he appears docile in nature, but can quickly shift to a man of pure anger that enjoys seeing his victims in pain. Sometimes, he even laughs while bashing in the heads of the enemy. I know I called him a Joker before, but he ain't just any old court jester."

Likes: Black Coffee, Thrills, Sleep

​Dislikes: Homesickness, Loneliness, "Dark Web" Criminals

​Hobbies: Cooking (Coffee & Beignets), Window Shopping, Gambling

Fears: His Past, Failure, Fate


Arc 1



Ability Type: Transformation

Ability Range: Self

Class: Balanced
  • Valefor - Having been visited by the spirit of Valefor, Zayd can transform into a shadow and move around as one, becoming untouchable and nearly undetectable. Using this ability gives off the impression that he simply disappeared, and as such, many believe he has the more comprehensible ability to teleport. Furthermore, he can use this power to jump to nearby shadows and even hide within the shadows of other people.
"Allow me to introduce myself, kind sir. My name, as you may know, is Valefor. Yes, your family's namesake belongs to me. Shocker, right? I should think so. I've been waiting for this moment, Zayd. You've taken far too long to awaken to your inner self. I will lend you my strength, and you will make great use of it. I have high expectations of you. Good luck."
  • Arsene - Through his natural poise and his training as a Twilight Phantom, Zayd has become the spitting image of a perfect trickster, his thievery skills unmatched by nearly everyone, whether fictional or in reality. His abilities granted by Valefor is almost never necessary, as he can simply steal an item and leave without anyone noticing him.
"Wow, you must've been born ready for this heist, Joker! Your skills are insane! Nobody should've been able to pull off a move like that: when you leaped out of the window and slid under the S.W.A.T. car. Especially when you hid in one of their shadows and disarmed all of them?! You're amazing, dude."
  • Awakened - Upon reaching his full potential as a masked, Zayd was able to reach for a power within him. The voice in his head, the spirit that followed him--Valefor--became somewhat of a personal bodyguard that he could manifest through his own shadow. Valefor has an immense amount of power, able to steal certain characteristics of objects and fight alongside Zayd. Some of his feats include:
"Damn, I was getting bored in here. It's a good thing you finally awakened to your inner self, buddy, because now it's showtime! Strike a pose and show these men who the best thief in the whole God-forbidden world is!"


Style: xxx


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  • Zayd's surname is a reference to the "Duke of Thieves", famously known as Valefor. Perhaps one of the most well-known demons aside from Satan, his name represents the downfall of his past that lead him up to the point of becoming a thief, only to plunge him into a state of evil by the authorities and a state of awe by the public.
  • Zayd's design was mostly inspired by Arsene Lupin (Arsene Lupin, Gentleman Burglar), Dio Brando (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure), and Akira Kurusu/Protagonist (Persona 5)

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