Basic Info
Name Zayd Valefor
Alias(es) Joker, Phantom
Alignment Chaotic Good
Height / Weight 5'10" / 154.7 lb
Birthday / Age 12.31.00 / Sixteen
Main Ability Raven
Personal Data
Birthplace New Orleans, LA
Nationality American
Affiliation(s) Twilight Phantoms
Occupation(s) Student
Base of Operations Queens, NYC, NY

― Zayd Valefor

Zayd Valefor is the protagonist of Twilight Phantoms and the leader of the aforementioned title's group. After a strange turn of events involving the blackmail of him and his family, Zayd was sold away by his mother and forced into a life of manual labor. He was put into criminal activities involving his owners and locked away in a shed where he was only fed leftovers and scraps. After committing a large heist involving a museum sculpture, Zayd's stress and depression turned into anger, and his anger turned into power. A mask appeared on his face as a flash of blue flames surrounded him, giving him the power to become one with the shadows. After incapacitating each of the involved criminals he made his great escape, taking secretive shelter with an adoptive family. As his powers continued to develop, his ruthless and overwhelming nature gave him the name Joker.





Theme Songs

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Zayd is a very stoic and relaxed person, with some sarcastic or slightly humorous tendencies. He is typically silent in conversation with enough carelessness to get sidetracked, performing minor complex tasks while being spoken to or participating in a group (i.e. spinning his phone on his finger, doing pen tricks). Often spending time at a local small time cafe, Zayd is rarely seen hanging out in large crowds and prefers to stay in the shadows. However, due to staying in a more local part of Queens, he is well-known by many adults among the community, making life extremely simple for him outside of school life.

However, on the job, Zayd seems to adopt an entirely different personality. He goes from his straight-faced, droopy-eyed self into what seems to be a sadistic, flamboyant beast. He tends to enter combat with a grin on his face and wide eyes behind the mask, acting quite ruthlessly in combat. Despite the thoughts of others, "Joker" uses combat with criminals as an outlet for his pent up anger built from his years in captivity. Zayd does all within his control to cease from murdering anyone, believing that becoming a killer would make him no better than any of the criminals he fights against.

"He works like a wild animal. He's like a koala or a polar bear; he appears docile in nature, but can quickly shift to a man of pure anger that enjoys seeing his victims in pain. Sometimes, he even laughs while bashing in the heads of the enemy. I know I called him a Joker before, but he ain't just any old court jester."

Likes: Black Coffee, Thrills, Sleep

​Dislikes: Homesickness, Loneliness, "Dark Web" Criminals

​Hobbies: Cooking (Coffee & Beignets), Window Shopping, Gambling

Fears: His Past, Failure, Fate


Early Life

Zayd Valefor was born out of wedlock in New Orleans, Louisiana, on the final day of 2000 no less. As many looked forward to a new year, gathering throughout downtown to celebrate, Zayd's single mother was in a taxi moving at eighty miles per hour in an attempt to make it to the hospital. A witch doctor in purple robes and a full mask claimed that the Valefors were fated to collapse upon themselves, with hell raising upon the small family. Marilyn Valefor wrote it off as nothing more than superstition, but she didn't know that the cursed woman's mask allowed her to read and understand fate. 

The boy's birth was said to be a mistake, the result of a rape involving Marilyn Valefor. However, Marilyn couldn't bring herself to abort the child, and he was born nonetheless. In both tears of joy and sadness, the twenty-two-year-old college student accepted Zayd into her life. The next semester, however, was hell for Marilyn, and she barely escaped with her degree. Due to her academic collapse and her young age at the time, it was near impossible for her to make living wages. Zayd couldn't go to school due to a lack of regular transport and supplies, so he laid at home and was homeschooled with Marilyn's knowledge. 

Strange men would show up every night. They came into the house and ignored Zayd, and sometimes "borrowed" some of their items as "payment." However, his mother eventually had enough. She couldn't take it anymore, and she sold Zayd to the men. They took him in at the mere age of six and beat him for their own amusement. They called it "intensive training" and sold him off through the dark web to a group of well-known criminals known as the Purple Ravens. From there, he was forced into various heists, used as a scapegoat and taught how to use a basic handgun in order to execute hostages. Zayd had barely avoided jail fourteen times and used his past experiences to learn how to dodge nearly anything. Forced to sleep in the basement, the now-fourteen-year-old had been through hell and back, with a large scar across his chest and covered in scratches. A branding number was imprinted on his left cheek, the result of a heated iron. While others went to school, the scapegoat had committed thirty-four murders and stolen millions of dollars worth of items and money. This was childhood for Zayd, and he had come to accept it as his place in the world.

The First Awakening

Zayd had decided he had enough this time and planned to escape during the next heist. Thrown into the back of a van and equipped with a rope, a socket wrench, and a desert eagle (polished with his branding number in the side of it: 58259-777), he had prepared himself for the next big job; the group planned to infiltrate an art museum and snatch a brass sculpture worth approximately $7,000,000. The plan was simply to park out front and use the side ladders to reach the roof, then enter through the top windows and lower Zayd above the sculpture. He would then use a socket wrench to remove the piece and make a run out of the building, shooting any cops he may run into. At least, that was the criminals' plan. Zayd's plan was far different.

Upon grabbing the sculpture, the alarm went off. Zayd looked up and shot at his "teammate," then placed the sculpture back and dashed towards the main exit. Two police officers blocked his path, and rather than trying to reason with them, the thief made a detour and hopped through a window into an office. The first cop entered the office and was met with a fire extinguisher to the head, which gave Zayd the one-on-one advantage, allowing him to slide through the doorway and the second cop's legs and shoot him in the back of the knee. He continued his great escape, but stopped suddenly when he heard a voice.

"Where're ya goin', kid?" It was a deep, raspy voice from behind. The leader of the pack. Zayd stood in place and refused to look at him, but he could tell he had multiple guns trained on him. Three, in fact. A desert eagle similar to his, along with an assault rifle and perhaps a submachine gun. Remaining silent, the kid put his hands in the air, and spun around slowly. 

"I'm not stealing this statue. I'd rather die than kill another man." Zayd pushed back tears. He was afraid. Afraid of death. Afraid of being captured again, sold around, tortured, and maybe even worse. The worst that had happened was a cut across his neck, but he knew there were scarier possibilities. However, he refused to back down. The leader chuckled and gave inaudible orders. "Do you even hear me?" Zayd said, slightly louder. He stopped holding his hands up and pointed his gun at the enemy. "I'm done working for you." That was when he heard it.

One heavy gunshot, a few lighter gunshots, and a rapid fire of high-pitched shots. They had each fired. It felt like everything froze. Was this death? Was his life over? The bullets were gone, where had they gone? He looked down. There was a black hole in his chest, but it wasn't akin to bulletholes. There was nothing there. An abyss. His eyes felt heavy, so he rubbed them--wait, a mask? When did this get here? he thought. He ripped it off and there was no strap, but it seemed to almost magnetize to his eyes. He looked back at the three gunmen, and they were shocked. They continued firing, but soon, the majority of Zayd's body looked like the abyss from before.

Zayd smiled. This was his chance. He charged at them, and before he knew it, he was behind them, taking refuge in the leader's shadow. He jumped out at the confused man, shoved a D. Eagle bullet into the back of his head, and then backflipped off of him and murdered the final two. He hopped from shadow to shadow, making his exit and leaving the museum behind along with the corpses. The branding seemed to disappear along with all the scars, and the mask felt like a blessing. Before second-guessing himself, he left to the outside world, leaving towards a sign that read "New York City."

idk what the next thing is lol



Ability Type: Transformation

Ability Range: Self

Class: Balanced
  • Arsene - Through his natural poise and his training as a Twilight Phantom, Zayd has become the spitting image of a perfect trickster, his thievery skills unmatched by nearly everyone, whether fictional or in reality. His abilities granted by "Raven" are almost never necessary, as he can simply steal an item and leave without anyone noticing him.
"Wow, you must've been born ready for this heist, Joker! Your skills are insane! Nobody should've been able to pull off a move like that: when you leaped out of the window and slid under the S.W.A.T. car. Especially when you hid in one of their shadows and disarmed all of them?! You're amazing, dude."


Style: xxx


  • XXX


  • XXX


  • Zayd's surname is a reference to the "Duke of Thieves", famously known as Valefor. Perhaps one of the most well-known demons aside from Satan, his name represents the downfall of his past that lead him up to the point of becoming a thief, only to plunge him into a state of evil by the authorities and a state of awe by the public.
  • Zayd's design was mostly inspired by Arsene Lupin (Arsene Lupin, Gentleman Burglar), Dio Brando (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure), and Akira Kurusu/Protagonist (Persona 5)
  • The Joker's serial number--58259-777--spells "LUCKY-777" when referencing a phone's numeric keypad.

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