The Blue Wrath
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"Apologies. Just doing my job."

- Zaffre

Zaffre Morder, also known as The Blue Wrath, is an infamous freelance hitman known for being the murder of several major faction leaders, politicians, and various groups of people. His current targets are Thomas Hausler and Melanie Etincelle, after agreeing to a contract proposed by Yvonne Park, which also resulted in the latter granting Zaffre an Abnormality.






  • I Monster - The Blue Wrath





  • Combat Expert - Even before he gained his powers, Zaffre isn't a force to be reckoned with in a fight. He knows exactly how to deal with most opponents, Abnormal or not. He is shown to be an accomplished boxer.
  • Special Ops Mastery - Zaffre is skilled in the utilization of stealth and usage of weapons, both long ranged and melee. He also knows how to properly dispose of bodies to cover up his tracks, to the point where those who are killed simply just "disappear."


  • One Ruger GP100.
  • One tranquilizer dart gun
  • Several knives


  • Hitman - Though Zaffre was not born with an Abnormality, he was bestowed one by Yvonne after he agrees to go assassinate Thomas and Melanie. The Abnormality is the fusion of several other Abnormalities, after they were stolen from other people by Yvonne. Zaffre has quickly learned how to use his powers effectively in combat and stealth, but will hardly use them to their full extent unless he's pushed towards a wall. The abilities that exist within "Hitman" include:
    • Cat Form - Zaffre can manifest catlike traits, such as enhanced hearing and flexibility, or transform into a cat entirely. The breed he specifically turns into is the Himalayan. He will typically use the transformation as a temporary disguise. Any clothes and items on his person disappear until he turns back.
    • Pinpoint Marker - He can manifest small, red push pins on the back of the necks of people. When someone is "pinned", Zaffre will be able to sense their exact location, regardless of the distance between him and the pinned person. The pins are unable to be noticed by anyone who is pinned, but they will feel as if something is on the back of their necks. Zaffre can only pin one person at a time.
    • Time Stop - Zaffre can bring time to a halt for a duration of one minute or shorter, stopping everything except himself during that time frame.
    • Minor Regenerative Healing Factor - Zaffre can heal from minor wounds in minutes.
    • Silence Control - He can cause anything within a certain range of himself to become completely silent. He typically uses this to his advantage when he kills, as the noises of his targets will be cancelled out.
    • Pain Control - Zaffre is able to control the pain that he and others can feel. He can use this to completely stop opponents in their tracks, or use his powers on himself to ignore any pain that might be inflicted on him.
    • Damage Control - Zaffre can control how much damage attacks can do, and it can show. He could completely level buildings just by kicking them, or mutilate a body just by shooting it. He can also induce the opposite effect, which he typically does by bringing any damage that might be brought upon him near zero. The result is Zaffre being able to deal devastating damage while being nearly invulnerable to attacks.
    • Bullet Creation - Zaffre can create any sort of bullet for his guns. As a result, he does not require taking time to reload.
    • Trajectory Curving - He can slightly control the path that his and other projectiles take, to ensure they don't miss their mark.
    • Supernatural Stamina - Zaffre can fight for hours without being exhausted.
    • Supernatural Reflexes - He has enough reaction time to easily dodge most attacks.
    • Supernatural Jumping - Zaffre can jump long distances and land virtually unhindered. He compares this to being able to "almost" fly.
    • Concealment - He is able to conceal any object on his person, and take it out for later use.


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