Zacharie "Zack" Robinson
Basic Info
Alias(es) Zack
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 19
Birthday January 13
Blood Type O
Main Ability Round, Round, Get Around
Personal Data
Birthplace Salem, Oregon
Nationality Mexican-American
Affiliation(s) Himself, Xavier Hallary, Roxanne Mentiroso (Formerly)
Occupation(s) Janitor
Base of Operations Xavier's Apartment

"Look at THIS asshole!"

- Zack.

Zacharie Robinson, typically shortened to Zack, is the best friend of Xavier Hallary. The duo are stuck in a deadly situation where they must survive an alien invasion, protecting their town from the invaders while also dealing with foes from Earth.






Zacharie is generally unkind towards most, if not everyone that he doesn't know personally, with the exception of a girl named Roxanne, whom he's in love with. Generally, he'll be a jerk especially when she's around in order to grab her attention. He is shown to be a somewhat perverted, constantly making sexual jokes and occasionally telling the sexual innuendo.

Zack is shown to be somewhat slow. When Roxanne attempts to murder him, he still doesn't understand the situation and thinks that it's just her playing with him. However, despite his apparent stupidity, it may be be a facade to throw people off.


  • Round, Round, Get Around - Zack has the ability to spin around in place incredibly quickly, akin to a cyclone. By spinning around fast enough and quickly enough, he could create mini tornadoes. Zack experiences little to no fatigue from spinning around. However, if he moves, he has difficulty moving around precisely in the direction he needs to, which can cause havoc, especially if he's spun for a long time. Zack can redirect the energy of where he spins to different parts of his body, allowing for him to spin from different parts and for different purposes. For example, Zack could redirect the spinning that is usually from his feet to his arms, which, if he were to place them on the ground, would allow him to act as a living drill.
    • Kinetic Charging - As Zack spins, he generates kinetic energy, which stacks the longer he can spin. At high kinetic force, Zack could rip through steel, and potentially more durable material if he spins for longer periods of time.




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