Yvonne Park
Basic Info
Race Human
Gender Female


30 (Physically)

Birthday 9/3/1923
Blood Type O-
Birthplace Bremen, Germany
Nationality German

Clinical Psychologist

Abnormality The Man Who Sold The World
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Yvonne Park is a primary antagonist of the Abnormalverse, working as the psychologist of Thomas Hausler in Berlin prior to his disappearance in 1995. She is responsible for Thomas being sent into the Otherworld, a strange dimension inhabited by the deity Nyarlathotep, and causing Thomas’ two daughters to search for him, leading to a confrontation.

Due to her abilities, she is one of, if not the most powerful Abnormal to exist.


Yvonne is a woman who looks younger than she actually is, with black hair that she keeps straightened down. Barring her hair color and having more of a heavyset build, she's noted to look nearly identical to her daughter.

Yvonne is a relatively calm person who is devoted to her career as a clinical psychologist, becoming famous for helping countless people with their personal lives. Yvonne is quite cheerful, and will perform good deeds out of the kindness of her heart. She firmly believes in the good of all people, and believes that there is good in even the most wretched hearts.

…on the surface. In reality, Yvonne is truly a twisted mess of a woman, delving her life in existential nihilism and causing harm to people however she feels like simply because she can, because consequences inherently don't matter to her. She sees no inherent right or wrong in what she does, as right and wrong only exist based on the opinions of others. As a result of her nihilistic beliefs, she is morally uninhibited, and has no issues wretched or degenerate acts on anything she wants to and feel absolutely no guilt while doing so, such as turning a man inside out and removing his organs, all while keeping him alive with her powers, or make Thomas nearly drown in his own vomit and leave him to die in a plane of existence that nearly drives him mad.

This nihilism comes from her mental link with her alternate selves, which has caused her to gain a cosmic awareness that temporarily drove her insane.

Yvonne is a pathological liar and will often blatantly lie even in the face of contradictions to blatantly anger her enemies. She often speaks sarcastically, only becoming serious when she wants to talk about why she does what she does.

She firmly believes in her own personal freedom despite how she views the nature of life and existence as a whole, refusing to fall in line with the standards of the masses and molding her own ideals without influence instead, regardless of what anyone thinks of what she does.

Yvonne seems to have an obsession with with collecting clocks, and sprawls a variety of them all over her home. She often likes to sit down and listen to the ambient ticking noises they make for hours at a time.

When she comes across the revelation that Lucy is her daughter, and that she's the only one of her kind she begins to take in the weight of her actions, and feels legitimate guilt over terrorizing her and Belle.


  • Lucia Hausler (Daughter) - Yvonne was not aware of the existence of her daughter, due to several unnatural circumstances of Lucy's birth, including the fact that Yvonne herself did not give birth to Lucy.
  • Pegasus (Grandson)
  • Chrysaor Hausler (Grandson)

Bremen (1918-1937)

Not much is known about her childhood barring the vague details she gives. She was born in Bremen, Germany, on September 3rd, 1923. Her father was a respected military veteran who fought in the First World War, though she doesn't remember much about him compared to her mother, who was the one to raise her for most of her childhood. Due to the economic troubles of Germany during this time, Yvonne's family was extremely poor, with the only source of income coming from a small shop where shoes were sold. Yvonne and her mother were forced to live in the shabby compartment and couldn't afford anywhere else to live. Yvonne dreamed of a better life for herself and her mother, and often dreamed of singing in opera. She would go into the streets and try to coerce people into giving her money by singing to them, though it never worked like she'd like it to.

Kristallnacht (1938)

Yvonne recalls a time when she was fifteen years old. One night, her mother answered a phone call from her father, before hanging up and telling Yvonne to hide in her room and not make a sound, as she was locking the doors in distress. She tried questioning it, but her mother snapped at her, and she did as she was told.

She hid in a small crate in her room as she heard "loud banging noises" and the sound of shattering in the next room over, before hearing her mother scream, then the sounds of other people muttering, before hearing her door being slammed open.  Yvonne made a whimpering noise when she struggled to stay quiet, which sealed her fate, as the intruders had discovered her in the box she hid in. She blacked out and couldn't remember what happened next.

Yvonne never saw either of her parents again after this endeavor, later adding that her mother was Jewish and realizing what had happened to her years later.

Neuengamme (1938-)

Yvonne found herself fading in and out of consciousness and feeling something "warm" under her, the sound of clattering and screaming noises, as well as a putrid smell. When she finally comes to, she realizes.

Yvonne's Abnormality is The Man Who Sold The World, which allows her to have an inherent connection to alternate versions of herself from other universes, and apply this in different ways. This ability is the cause and what Yvonne uses to access more powers, and end up becoming one of, if not the most powerful Abnormal to yet exist.

Yvonne explains that her ability derives from the concept of a "multiverse", in that it's constructed of multiple realities, which constantly split to lead to an indefinite number of different outcomes. There are an infinite number of worlds that can exist, and thus an infinite number of Yvonne's that constantly split and interact with one another.

  • Dimensional Summoning - Yvonne can summon parallel copies of herself to her location at any time, often to assist her in several different tasks at once or to overwhelm an opponent through sheer numbers. Yvonne herself states that she that she has no limit to how many she can summon at one time.

Cosmic Awareness

Yvonne and her alternate selves are all linked mentally. As a result, all memories, experiences, and knowledge acquired by one Yvonne will be instantly transferred to all the others. Because of this, Yvonne can taste the knowledge of living countless other lifetimes and make herself seemingly omniscient of events.

  • Prediction - Yvonne has the ability to predict the outcomes of any situation by running through similar universes where it has already happened. This lets her completely understand when a situation will happen, what decisions she needs to make for a desired outcome to happen, and how others will react to the situation, making her an effective manipulator.

Alternate-Self Power Usage

Yvonne's most dangerous asset of her ability, however, comes from being able to "tap" into the abilities and skills that her alternates possess, including Abnormalities. She can possess an enormous number of powers as a result, and use them all effectively. It should be noted that all versions of Yvonne possess this ability.

Alternate versions of Yvonne include:

  • The Bear Woman - A universe where Yvonne is Canadian instead of German, and grew up isolated in the Yukon. She has the ability to summon and control bears, as well as turn into one. When a bear she creates dies, two identical ones will appear from the corpse and take its place.
  • Schrödinger's Lady - A version of Yvonne that closely followed the history of the main Yvonne, but had the ability to manipulate objectivity. The applications of this ability range from being able to decide whether a cat under a box is dead or alive, to willing if objects from a distance are actually as small as they seem, granting her immense reality warping capabilities.
  • The Greek deity Nyx, who has total control over the nighttime and is omnipresent wherever there is "darkness". As Nyx is the mother of several concepts, she displays a certain level of control over these as well. Among these concepts include Discord, Daytime, Revenge, Sleep, Death, Sex, Doom, and Lies.
  • The Cultist - A universe where Yvonne enslaved mankind through converting them into an enormous cult to sacrifice themselves to a "sun-eating deity", with Yvonne herself acting as its messiah. This Yvonne manifested telepathic and illusory powers, apparently sufficient enough to bend billions of people to her will.
  • Frankenstein's Bride - A universe where Yvonne had previously died in a freak accident in 1954, incinerating almost all of her body parts with the exception of her head. She was reassembled by a mad alchemist using the body parts of several deceased women and revived, at which point she promptly murdered the doctor and took over his lab, using it for her own experiments. She displays supernatural intelligence, and an inability to feel pain due to being a corpse.
  • The Dog - A lone beagle that was mysteriously found in a house in Warsaw, full of corpses with horrified looks on their faces. This iteration can manifest powers based on the deepest fears of nearby targets (for example, someone afraid of fire would cause Yvonne to gain absolute control over fire). It also works as a tell to what somebody is afraid of, allowing Yvonne to exploit it.
  • The Gifter - A Yvonne that closely followed the same timeline as the main Yvonne, but had the ability to create new powers, giving them to herself or others. She used this to cause an uprising in Germany and overthrow it's government, leading an army of superhumans. The main Yvonne utilized this to give Jack the ability to manipulate antimatter.
  • The News-Anchor - Working as an anchorwoman from the United States in 2004, this Yvonne would manipulate natural disasters, such as earthquakes and typhoons, and induce them on any part on the planet, no matter how unlikely they were, all for the sake of having something to report on. In this timeline, she has a boyfriend, who she physically and emotionally abuses, as he's the only one who has knowledge that she's the cause of the disasters. Yvonne often bribes him into letting her "have her way" over him or else she'll just cause another disaster, potentially killing million.
  • The entire population of Europe as of 1982.
  • The Traveler - A version of Yvonne that came from a universe where she manifested an ability to walk between different points of space-time, allowing her to travel through time or even move through different realities.