Yvonne Park
Ms. Schrödinger
Basic Info
Alias(es) Ms. Schrödinger
Alignment Neutral Evil
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 39
Birthday 8/19
Blood Type A
Main Ability Schrödinger's Cat
Personal Data
Birthplace Munich, Germany
Nationality German
Affiliation(s) Herself

Cultist Leader

Accomplice to The Void

Base of Operations

"I WILL bring HIM into this domain! You're out of options! Ideas! Prospects! He will rule! And YOU will be the first to serve him! You and your father..."

- Yvonne Park to Isabelle Hausler.

Yvonne Park is the main antagonist of File 3: Ritual, the third story in the Abnormalverse timeline. Believing that she could gain power from being a subordinate of The Void, she chooses to attempt to summon him through a ritual, following the instructions The Void gives her. The plans consist of sending someone through the portal into his own realm, trapping them there, and giving The Void enough time to gather up enough life energy to escape. Hence the creation of a cult.





Yvonne is a sadistic, megalomaniac, but cunning and will follow orders if needed, as she's willing to serve under an elder god in order to be granted infinitely more power to herself and her abilities in exchange for releasing him. She's quite patient, as she quietly built up the cult that she created over a decade of careful planning.

She's shown to like "testing" her enemies, such as Isabelle, to see what they're capable of before she actually decides to seriously fight them.

To her, almost everyone in the cult is expendable and could easily be replaced, with the exception of Jack Thatcher, who she considers to be his only "friend".


  • Schrödinger's Cat - Yvonne has the ability to call upon and summon a virtually infinite amount of parallel versions of herself from alternate universes. When she does this, she can absorb the essence of her alternate counterparts, and receive all of their knowledge and experiences, and add them to their own. Along with being able to do this, she can also absorb the Abnormalities of the counterparts, adding them to her powerset and making herself more powerful in the process. The only weaknesses and limitations to these abilities are that she cannot summon other people besides herself, and she can't control exactly what her alternate selves are like, or what abilities they have.  As a result, she tends to only use this ability sparsely, growing less of a need for it as her powerset from absorbing alternate selves becomes greater.

List of Abnormalities gained from absorbing alternate counterparts

Yvonne has several abilities acquired from using her main Abnormality.

  • Inaudible Movement - Yvonne has the ability to move without making a sound, allowing sneaking up on anything to become child's play.
  • Bear Creation - Yvonne has the ability to create an indeterminate amount of bears of various species, from panda bears to polar bears, to them being a cub to being a fully grown, healthy bear. The bears are directly under her command and will defend her as if they were defending a cub with their lives. Apart from being normal bears, She tends to use the bears as a diversion to distract her enemies. If a bear dies, more bears will spawn out of its corpse. This makes dealing with the bears extremely difficult, as a large army of bears can build up extremely quickly. The only way to get rid of the bears is to convince Yvonne to call them off, knock Yvonne unconscious, or kill her.
    • Animal Morphing - Besides being able to summon bears, Yvonne also has the ability to transform into a grizzly bear. This gives her all of the physical attributes of a bear, while also retaining intellect. Humorously, she can't speak in this form, as her words are lost in the grunts and growls of a bear. She doesn't have to change into a bear entirely, either, as she can choose to simply change parts of herself, such as an arm, into that limb belonging to a bear.
  • Teleportation - Yvonne can teleport anywhere between a 1-5 meter radius (about 16 feet in total) between where she is currently to wherever she needs to go. She can't teleport through solid matter, so being inside of a building or other enclosed space makes teleportation difficult, especially if she needs to escape..
  • Dimensional Travel - Yvonne can send and trap other people inside of three other dimensions, these dimensions being Hell (obvious), Nirvana (Heaven), and the Otherworld (eldritch plane). Though she cannot go to these dimensions herself, the ability is great for getting rid of those that are in her way. Once someone is transported, a portal will be open, somewhere else in the dimension, for the person to get to and escape. Neither Yvonne or the person transported will have knowledge of where the portal is, and the one transported will usually have to fight their way through the dimension's residents (demons, angels, or horrors), to escape. The person transported is effectively stuck in that dimension until they find the portal. Other beings that are in the dimension can leave through this portal.
  • Missile Breath - Yvonne can generate small, yet powerful missiles from her mouth. Just a few missiles alone are powerful enough to rip and tear through a small building. With the exception of themselves, Yvonne's bears, or Yvonne herself, the missiles will detect and target the hottest, closest object, and make their way towards that. The missiles can fly almost as fast as a normal missile, clocking in at Mach 2 in travel speed.
  • Psychic Immunity - Yvonne is immune to most, if not all forms of psychic abilities being used against her. From the most basic to the absolute highest form of power, any form of psychic ability used against her simply fails to work, regardless of the experience or power of the psychic. Mind reading won't work, trying to predict any future involving her will result in the visions drawing up blanks, trying to lift her or rip her apart with telekinetic power will do absolutely nothing, mind control is useless, etc...
    • Yvonne can extend this ability to her bears.
  • Hyperkinetic Exertion - Yvonne has the ability to release a great amount of force from simply doing things such as punching, walking, or jumping. She possesses a good amount of control over how much force she emits, and as such is able to go from releasing a normal amount of force to releasing enough force to wipe out multiple blocks in a city.
  • Gyrokinesis - Yvonne can manipulate the force of gravity. By doing so, she could attract objects to herself/other objects, manipulate the weight of objects, increase/decrease gravity around certain areas, and various other capabilities depending on how she works with the ability.




  • Yvonne has no control upon what kind of person her alternate self is, so if she summons them, and they disagree with her plans, they have the potential to escape.
  • Yvonne has to make physical contact with someone in order to send them to another dimension.
  • Yvonne also has to make physical contact with an alternate counterpart in order to take their essence.


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