Yvonne Park
Basic Info
Alias(es) Bärenfrau
Alignment Neutral Evil
Race Human
Gender Female


24 Physically

Birthday 9/3/1923
Blood Type O-
Main Ability

The Man Who Sold The World

Birthplace Munich, Germany
Nationality German
Occupation(s) Psychologist
Base of Operations Berlin, Germany
"Right, wrong, order, chaos… honestly, it’s all just a matter of perspective. These things don’t really exist. I do what I do because I understand this. I want to experience everything, no matter how atrocious it may be to you or anyone else. I won't be held back by perceptions people use to control each other. I believe in utter freedom, to do whatever the hell I please and not be held back by concepts and ideas that don’t truly exist. I will not be controlled or swayed. That is why I do what I do."
― Yvonne's philospohy

Yvonne Park is a woman working as a psychologist in Berlin, Germany.

She is one of the primary antagonists of the Cult arc of the Abnormalverse, though has been single handedly responsible for a number of events over the years prior that have caused carnage and misery to varying degrees, such as first Containment break all the way back in the Bullets arc (which resulted in Adler Hausler being murdered).

Yvonne is responsible for Thomas being sent into the Otherworld, a strange dimension inhabited by two incomprehensible beings; the Void and the Nameless, and causing Thomas’ two daughters to search for him once they come home to see blood on the walls and a warning note.

Due to her abilities, she is one of, if not the most powerful Abnormal to exist, and is a rarity in that she possesses two Abnormalities instead of one.

Yvonne could be considered the main nemesis, and even the antithesis of Thomas Hausler, even moreso than Valcav Novak.


Munich (1918-1937)

Not much is known about her childhood barring the vague details she gives. She was born in Munich, Germany, on September 3rd, 1923, just a couple months before the end of the Great War. Her father was a respected military veteran, though she doesn't remember much about him compared to her mother, who was the one to raise her for most of her life.

Kristallnacht (1938)

Yvonne recalls a time when she was fifteen years old. One night, her mother answered a phone call from her father, before hanging up and telling Yvonne to hide in her room and not make a sound, as she was locking the doors in distress. She tried questioning it, but her mother snapped at her, and she did as she was told.

She hid in a small box in her room as she heard "loud banging noises" and the sound of shattering in the next room over, before hearing her mother scream, then the sounds of other people muttering, before hearing her door being slammed open.  Yvonne made a whimpering noise when she struggled to stay quiet, which sealed her fate, as the intruders had discovered her in the box she hid in. She blacked out and couldn't remember what happened next.

Yvonne never saw her parents again after this endeavor.



Yvonne is a slender woman with straight black hair and fair skin. She commonly wears a white overcoat which splits open towards the ends, with a black shirt underneath. She wears brown bootcut pants with heels. The right sleeve of her coat is embedded with symbols of cat silhouettes. Occasionally, she wears sunglasses.



Yvonne is a slender woman with straight black hair and fair skin. She commonly wears a white overcoat which splits open towards the ends, with a black shirt underneath. She wears brown bootcut pants with heels. The right sleeve of her coat is embedded with symbols of cat silhouettes. Occasionally, she wears sunglasses.

Yvonne is a relatively calm person who is devoted to her career as a clinical psychologist, becoming famous for helping countless people with their personal lives. Yvonne is quite cheerful, and will perform good deeds out of the kindness of her heart. She firmly believes in the good of all people, and believes that there is good in even the most wretched hearts.

…on the surface. In reality, Yvonne is truly a twisted mess of bitch, delving her life in existential nihilism and causing harm to people however she feels like simply because she can, because consequences inherently don't matter. She views life as little more than a pointless walk towards death and oblivion and sees no right or wrong in what she does, as she believes that such concepts don't truly exist, as they're merely the inventions and concepts made by people in order to control the masses of others. As a result of her nihilistic beliefs, she is morally uninhibited, and can (read: is more than willing to) perform wretched or degenerate acts on anything she wants to and feel absolutely nothing while doing so, such as turning a man inside out and removing his organs, all while keeping him alive with her powers (as well as having to watch all the pain in a feeling that made it as slow as possible).

This nihilism comes from her mental link with her alternate selves, which has caused her to become nigh omniscient and thus bored with as a result, often causing her to do things to keep herself entertained. 

Yvonne is a pathological liar and will often lie even in the face of contradictions to blatantly anger her enemies. She often speaks sarcastically, only becoming serious when she wants to talk about why she does what she does.

She firmly believes in her own personal freedom despite how she views the nature of life and existence as a whole, refusing to fall in line with the standards of the masses and molding her own ideals without influence instead, regardless of what anyone thinks of what she does.

Yvonne seems to have an obsession with clocks, and sprawls a variety of them all over her home. She often likes to sit down and listen to the ambient ticking noises they make for hours at a time.

Yvonne is often seen with several types of cats around her.



  • Indomitable Will - Yvonne is utterly devoted to completing any task she pursues and will not give up on it regardless of circumstance. Yvonne was able to make people follow her through sheer dominance and charisma. Her will is something to match Thomas Hausler.
  • Amorality - Due to her constant exposure to a countless number of timelines in which she can be good or bad, Yvonne has become nihilistic and almost completely lacks morals. She could act good at one moment, neutral during the next, and purely evil after that.


  • The Man Who Sold The World - Yvonne possesses the ability to summon random alternate versions of herself from any possible (or impossible) reality. When she does this, she is able to “assimilate” with them by absorbing them. This assimilation is permanent, and causes the two (or multiple) Yvonne’s to become a single person. Upon absorption, Yvonne gains all the skills of her counterpart, and is able to absorb a limitless amount of herself. Although she mainly summons them purely for the purpose of absorption, Yvonne can summon an army of herself in order to overpower an enemy through sheer numbers, or create decoys.
    • Abnormality Usage - Along with being able to absorb the skills of her counterparts, Yvonne is able to gain the Abnormalities of any alternate she absorbs. Due to the fact that there are an infinite amount of possibilities, which manifest themselves as alternate worlds, Yvonne is capable of giving herself potentially any ability she desires as there will always be a world where Yvonne has that specific ability.
    • Alternate Communication - Yvonne possesses a mental link with her alternate selves, allowing them to mentally share knowledge with each other on their worlds. As a result of this, Yvonne possesses information she wouldn’t otherwise have through parallel lives.
      • Boarderline Precognition - Because of her constantly overflowing with the knowlege and experiences of herself from alternate events, Yvonne can more or less predict the potential causes and outcomes of any situation before it occurs, allowing her to easily twist events in her favor or otherwise know what would happen if she didn't make certain decisions.

Absorbed Abilities

  • Schrodinger’s Cat - One of the first of Yvonne's absorbed Abnormalities, and one of the most powerful. It lets her manipulate the concept of “observation and inattention”, or the unknown. In simple terms, Yvonne is capable of freely manipulating anything that is either not being fully observed, or manipulate something based on how it is observed, depending on the viewpoint of either herself or her foes.
    • Copenhagen Physiology - Yvonne’s ability causes her to be in a state of neither being dead nor alive. As a result, any damage that is directed towards her won’t kill her, as she is technically already dead. She also doesn’t age past a certain point, as she’s physically twenty-four when she should be well into her seventies. Though the damage she takes is visible, she remains unharmed and doesn't feel pain.
    • Teleportation/Space Manipulation - Yvonne can teleport herself or others, or create portals across distances. She can perform feats such as turning the unobserved backside of a brick into a pathway to the moon, or cause others to teleport away just by them blinking or having their vision somewhat blurred. Yvonne can appear from any unobserved spot, as well.
    • Distance Ignoring - Yvonne can interact with objects regardless of their distance based on her viewpoint of these objects.
    • Reality Manipulation - Yvonne can manipulate reality as a whole by simply observing it in a different way. For example, if she believes a hard object, such as a rock, is soft, it will actually become soft. By perceiving someone as weak, they’ll become weaker than her regardless of their actual strength. She could just as easily turn the whole universe into a dress for her to wear as she could perceive a cat to be dead rather than alive. 
  • The Pantheon - An ability allowing Yvonne to mimic the abilities of virtually any mythological deity, though only one can be mimicked at a time. She is able to use everything from the lightning of a major god like Zeus, to the eye beams of an obscure deity like Medjed.
  • Queen of the Bears - Yvonne can summon bears of any species and control them. If a bear is killed, two exact replicas of it will spawn out of the corpse. Yvonne herself can turn into a grizzly bear.
  • The Gift -  Yvonne can create copies or variations of her current powers and bestow them to anyone.
  • Mass Power Replication - A technique achieved by using two seperate abilities in tandem; one that would cause Yvonne to replicate the powers of anyone she saw while becoming immune to them, and another that would allow her to view every single person on the planet at once. The result was her ending up acquiring every single Abnormality that currently existed whenever she used the two abilities, granting her access to billions of powers. Interestingly, all replicated powers follow the same rules as powers absorbed through The Man Who Sold The World, meaning that Yvonne can only use up to five of them at a time, and less than that if she has absorbed abilities currently active.



  • She's arrogant, and thus will not use the full extent of her powers unless she truly doesn't underestimate her enemy; something Thomas exploits to the fullest and what results in her downfall.
  • Though her ability to gain information from her alternate selves is powerful on it's own, it doesn't truly make her omniscient and can thus cause her to be thrown off by a rare situation she isn't able to see coming.


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