Basic Info
Alias(es) None.
Alignment Lawful Good
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 19
Birthday April 1
Blood Type A
Main Ability 1,000 Paper Cranes
Personal Data
Birthplace Riverside, California
Nationality German-American
Affiliation(s) Himself, Zack
Occupation(s) Student
Base of Operations Xavier's Apartment

"Murphy's law has and always will haunt me."

- Xavier.

Xavier Hallary is a college freshman and best friends with Zacharie Robinson. The duo find themselves in the middle of a war ground of an alien invasion, trying to survive it while fighting against foes from Earth.





An established pessimist, Xavier will always assume that the worst possible situation will come about regardless of the circumstances. As a result of seeing the world in such a negative light, Xavier will tend to exaggerate the bad situations that he's in to prove his point about the world being a terrible place. Due to having a humiliating childhood as a result of his Catholic upbringing and hatred for his parents, and him seeing various news stories around the world and certain historical reports, Xavier has grown to have a distaste for religion. He has stated that he has a disbelief in any form of God or prophet and believes that religion should not be present in the modern age, claiming that it is a hindrance to scientific advancement. He quietly berates people who are religious. 

Xavier is analytical of any situation he may find himself in, and will always attempt to approach it in a logical, serious manner, regardless of how ridiculous it is. If he were to come face to face with God himself, he would try to come to a logical conclusion as to why God isn't a true deity.

Over time, Xavier becomes more open minded and humble towards people.


  • 1,000 Paper Cranes - Xavier's Abnormality allows him to have control over paper. Though paper is weak and frail on its own, it becomes a deadly tool under Xavier's influence. Xavier has an innate talent at folding paper into almost any shape, and can control paper telekinetically. Xavier can also control the hardness of paper to a certain extent. Xavier can fold paper into various weapons to use for attacking, though they won't be very durable due to their nature as paper, even if he hardens them.
    • Living Paper - If Xavier folds paper into an object resembling an animal, that origami will take on the behavior of the animal it is supposed to resemble. (birds will fly around, snails will crawl, etc) He can give these "animals" commands. By building up a large army of paper animals, Xavier can overpower foes. He could also create something like a paper horse, or a large paper crane to get around faster. As long as Xavier has an idea of what he is going to fold the paper into, he could fold it into virtually any living animal.




  • Fire, water, and objects that can cut or crush can easily handle the paper.


  • Xavier is named after Xavier Leroux.

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