Wilburn Alvarado
Basic Info
Alias(es) None
Alignment Neutral good
Race Ascended dragon
Gender Male
Age 22
Birthday 10/7/1994
Blood Type O
Main Ability Dagger proficiency
Birthplace Stahtia 
Homeworld Dragoverse
Affiliation(s) His team, The King
Occupation(s) Captain
Base of Operations None

Wilburn is the captain of his team of mercenaries commisioned by the King to atone for his deeds in his past life.


Back before he was born he was a fearsome dragon who terrorized a kingdom for many years before being felled by Donovans team of mages. Time passed and this dragon was reborn into Wilburn who remains unaware of his past life, the only evidence of which being wings and some strange magic only he possessed. He was taken in by the King and commisioned to atone for his crimes in the past by forming a group to help the common man, reluctantly he agreed.



Wilburn has a very modest appearence, a mere cloak to allow his wings to come out as he wished. His hair was white for unknown reasons.


He has a very innocent if a little strange demeanor, though he means well to others. He treats his team as his friends despite leading them as a group of mercenaries.


  • Balloons, festivals


  • Dragons


  • Training




  • Magic Dagger


Wilburn is a leader by nature, thus he tends to stay out of battles for the most part, guiding others on how to win. Should he need to fight he can blitz his opponent with the swift movements of fighting with his dagger.


  • Reliance on his team
  • Reliance on his dagger

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