Wade Newton
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Basic Info
Alias(es) N/A
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Race Glitch Human
Gender Male
Age 21
Birthday Unknown
Main Ability Gravity Manipulation
Personal Data
Birthplace Fairbush,Texas
Nationality American
Affiliation(s) NGD
Occupation(s) Agent of the NGD
Base of Operations Fallbell City

"Hey..Uh...yeah can somebody get me down?'"

― Wade 

Wade Newton is a character in the lettuceverse. He is usually Flint Polar's best friend and "sidekick" and has the powers to manipulate gravity.




Wade is 5 foot 3 and has frizzy blond hair and circular glasses. He normally wears a polo shirt and cargo pants. 


Wade is an extremely logical person who thinks before he acts, making him a useful foil to Flint. He is sarcastic and usually has a lot of material for quips based on Flint's ineptitude. He also has a tendency to know a lot about geography, as he didn't need a map to lead Flint around in arc 3. Wade is also pretty smart, using his gravity manipulation powers mixed with mental calculations to fling or move around objects at the exact trajectory needed. Despite his sarcastic and intellectual nature, Wade is not egotistical and recognizes his own faults, as well as enjoys the company of other people. Wade also is extremely clumsy on his feet.


ARC 1:Lettuceverse

Wade first appeared alongside Flint in ARC 3, and were the main characters of the ARC. He then appeared again in ARC 6, and rescued the NGD with the help of Flint Polar, Max Effingo and Emma Breeze. In this same ARC, the 4 of them joined the NGD. He appeared again in arc 8, being seen at the base and having a couple lines about the syndicate, but did not have a main role in this ARC. He appeared again in ARC 11, Helping Flint and Jake Jones He appeared again in ARC 14, and was defeated by Norman and captured, and was rescued by Flint, Jake, and Riley Umbra.. He had a minor role in ARC 16 when he helped Pembroke make a device to track Brix. He had a Minor Role in Arc 18, where he appeared at the end and told everyone Flint was missing. In ARCS 19 and 20, Wade fights alongside the NGD after helping to rescue Flint, Jake, and Riley. He didn't appear again until ARC 25, where he was a main role. He then had a minor role in ARC 30, being beaten in the tournamant by Jake Jones. He didn't appear again ARC 34, where he was seen at the base.




  • Can Manipulate the gravity of himself, People, and other Objects.
    • The Gravity on himself is unstable, and thus he sometimes floats up into the air randomly.
  • He can use gravity to give himself enhanced strength, using pressure to push things he could not normally push.


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