Wade Crawford
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  • The Beatles - Blackbird





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  • Fly Away, Little Bird - Wade has the ability to transform into any species of bird that has ever existed, whether it is extinct or not. He can shapeshift into birds partially or entirely, keeping the traits of being a human and a bird at the same time. While different species of birds have different traits, most of them give Wade the same set of abilities. Wade can combine the forms of multiple birds, along with his human form, in order to become strange hybrids.
    • Wing Manifestation - Wade can manifest the wings of birds, either on his back or by directly turning his arms into wings. Should Wade not completely transform into a bird, and only manifest the wings, that said wings will be "human sized."
      • Flight
      • Gliding 
      • Winged Protection - Interestingly, Wade can use his wings as shields, to an extent, by hiding himself in the wings.
      • Feather Bullets - Wade can shoot out feathers from his wings, which move at roughly the same speed as an average bullet, but aren't as strong.
    • Aerial Adaption - Wade can easily adapt to aerial conditions.
    • Talons - Wade can form the sharp talons of birds.
    • Enhanced Agility - Wade can fly for long periods of time with ease.
    • Enhanced Lung Capacity - Wade can develop a similar repository system to that of birds.


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  • Wade's favorite, and most often used bird, is the American Crow.

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