Basic Info
Alias(es) None
Alignment Neutral Evil
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 17
Birthday 11/28
Main Ability The City That Got Blasted Away
Personal Data
Birthplace Unknown
Nationality British
Affiliation(s) Himself
Occupation(s) Carpet Fitter


- Vulcan.







He is easily irritated by things around him. Arrogant and quick to anger, Vulcan will not hesitate to use his powers to burn someone to death. He likes to think of himself as superior to those around him, and states that he would gladly slaughter them all. He can be described as having a somewhat intimidating aura about him, but not something that would immediately strike fear into someone. Due to Vulcan's arrogance, he can be completely ignorant of the situation happening around him, which leads to being a weakness in fights because he never concentrates on the foe. Rather, he lets his lava do the talking for him.


  • The City That Got Blasted Away - Vulcan's abnormality grants him the ability to manipulate and create volcanoes of various sizes from the ground. When Vulcan does this, it just means that he can cause ruptures in the ground to make magma and ash rise up, causing the ground to crack open and allowing them to shoot out. The extent of what Vulcan can do with this ability is unknown. However, he mentions that he is capable of controlling already existing volcanoes. Depending on what's underground when Vulcan creates a volcano, those objects will also shoot up from the volcano (assuming they aren't burned to a crisp first).
    • Magma Manipulation - When Vulcan makes magma rise from the ground, he is shown to have limited control of it, as he is capable of turning the magma into dozens of magma bullets, which he can shoot at his foes. Or magma bombs, which will explode on impact and explode. Along with being able to manipulate magma, Vulcan is immune to being burned by it.
    • Earthquake Generation - Depending on the size of the volcano, Vulcan can cause miniature earthquakes when the volcano erupts.


  • Vulcan is limited to the ground to creating volcanoes, so an aerial fight makes his ability almost useless unless he solely relies on the smoke from volcanoes.


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