Virgo DuBaer

Virgo in her everyday attire.

Virgo DeFiance
Virgo in her DeFiance outfit

Basic Info
Alignment Lawful Good
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 19
Birthday Unknown
Blood Type A
Main Ability Magic
Personal Data
Birthplace Wainiha, Beringia
Nationality Beringian
  • Beringian Royal Family
  • DeFiance
  • Princess of Beringia
  • DeFiance Agent
Base of Operations DeFiance Headquarters
"I will never, ever turn my back on people who need me!"
― Virgo
 Princess Virgo DuBaer is the 19 year old Princess of Beringia. At a young age, she developed magical powers, which she has trained herself in. She also acts as Beringia's representative in the Council of Nations.


Virgo was born to King Roland and Queen Maria 19 years before the events of the RP. As their oldest child, Virgo was expected to succeed her parents as ruler of Beringia. At the age of 9, she discovered her magical abilities and began learning how to tame her powers. When she was 18, Virgo was elected as Beringia's representative on the Council of Nations. As Beringia was hosting the council for this term, this made her the chairwoman of the council.

Season 1

At the end of a meeting of the Council of Nations, Virgo is approached by Jax, who reminds her of his proposal for her to join DeFiance. She accepts, and accompanies Jax to meet the rest of the team. Once they have all been gathered, they face Jeremy Mullara and Niamh, who are robbing a bank. After defeating and imprisoning them, they are taken back to DeFiance headquarters.



Virgo has black, long curly hair and green eyes. When acting out royal duties, or attending Council Meetings, she wears a long dark blue dress and occasionally a cloak. During DeFiance missions, she instead wears an armored corset and knee-high boots.











  • XXX
  • XXX
  • XXX


  • Magic - After discovering her abilities at a young age, Virgo studied many different forms of magic, all of which she is now skilled in. Despite this, she only uses a few of them regularly.
    • Shapeshifting - Usually used in combat, Virgo takes on the strength and stamina of whatever she shapeshifts into, although keeping on another form for too long or shifting into a large creature can greatly drain her magic.
    • Spell Casting - Using a spell book, Virgo is able to cast spells that range from conjuring objects to shapeshifting people.
    • Teleportation - Virgo can teleport anywhere in the world, though the distance can have an impairing effect on her magic. Virgo's teleportation also branches off to Portal Creation used for transporting large groups.
    • Flight - Virgo rarely uses this ability in favor of Teleportation. 


  • Wand
  • Energy Sword (magically summoned)
  • Spellbook




  • Heavy use of magic can result in Virgo's powers depleting, leaving her temporarily unable to use magic.


  • Virgo's surname DuBaer is a reference to Artemis and Apolla DuBaer from the movie Twitches.

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