Victoria Faeles
Basic Info
Alias(es) N/A
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Race Gltich Human
Gender Female
Age 23
Birthday May 2nd
Main Ability Fire Control
Personal Data
Birthplace Borsville
Nationality American
Affiliation(s) New Syndicate
Occupation(s) Member of the New Syndicate
Base of Operations New Syndicate base


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Victoria Faeles is a recurring villain in The Lettuceverse and a member of the New Syndicate with her sister, Chloe Faeles.






Victoria is the direct opposite of her sister, being serious, stubborn, and hot-headed. Although impulsive, she is the brains between the 2, and plans out most of their heists.Victoria has a massive temper, which can easily get out of hand with her powers, and if not calmed down, can easily shove the mission aside and try and destroy the source of her anger. She is also a control freak, and frequently threatens Chloe into following her orders to the point of abuse. 


ARC 1:Lettuceverse

Victoria first appears alongside Chloe in ARC 22, where they are the main villains, and her as well her sister get captured and put into the NGD's prison sector at the end of the ARC. Victoria and her sister later re-appear in ARC 24, where Dr. Fulbright frees her and some others to form the New Syndicate. In ARC 26, She helps with the breakout of Dimitri, and has a supporting role. She re-appears in ARC 29, where she reluctantly helps the NGD detach Beta from the system of the base. She appears again in ARC 31, and fought Qing with the rest of the New Syndicate.

ARC 2:Multiverse

She appears alongside her sister in the lettuceverse guarding the breach to the steampunk world with Morgan Vidan, they are distracted by Paige Incanto long enough for the group to run into the breach, but not before Victoria shoots Paige with a fireball, throwing her into the breach as well. Morgan escapes into the breach, leaving a very angry Victoria and confused Chloe defeated as they watched breach close. Her and Chloe also appear twice in season 3, when the heroes visit the lettuverse again. 

ARC 3:Fantasy RP

Victoria first appeared alongside her sister Chloe as new STONE members in season 3. She normally appeared bossing around her sister during missions and picking fights with other STONE members. She willingly participated in summoning Lucifer, and was seemingly welcome to the idea. In the season 3 finale, she was killed by Jax after suprisingly yielding when he was about to kill Chloe, ironically dying the moment after showing any genuine concern for her sister.


  • Fire Control: Victoria can shoot devastating blasts of fire from her palms, and can control and absorb existing fire to make her own power stronger.
    • When angry or stressed enough, she has enough power to start medium-sized explosions.
  • She can also centralize fire to one part of her body, using this ability to throw burning hot punches and kicks.
    • Is very good with sneaky entrances, namely to banks.


  • Duel Pistols
  • Crowbar


Victoria has a very simple way of combat, being the phrase "kill it with fire". She will burn anything, and anyone standing in her way to a crisp, and has little self-control.


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