Vaclav Novak
Basic Info

Osiris (self-proclaimed nickname)

Alignment Neutral Evil
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 19
Blood Type
Main Ability Thriller
Personal Data
Nationality Czech
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Base of Operations Placeholder text
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Vaclav Novak is an inmate in an Abnormal Containment Asylum in the Czech Republic, meant for inmates such as himself who were deemed too dangerous to be in a normal prison. One night, he, and certain others break out of the Asylum he's being held in, and he goes on a rampage, using his abilities to raise the dead wherever he went, before going into hiding somewhere in the United Kingdom.

Among other victims, he is responsible for the death of Adler Hausler. 





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  • Skilled Fighter - Even without his Abnormality, Valcav is well-versed in hand-to-hand combat, often using whatever he can to get an advantage when his abilities don't cut it.


  • Thriller - Vaclav possesses the ability to bring the dead back to life, under his control as they no longer have a conscience or sentience of their own. The ability to reanimate corpses can extend across a wide range, as far as being able to revive every single corpse in the London Necropolis at once, and the zombies Valcav creates can end up recieving commands from him from extremely wide ranges. His ability doesn't work on just humans either; Valcav is able to revive animals such as birds to assist him.
    • Ghost Master - In addition to being able to control zombies, Vaclav can also summon the ghosts of the dead to control, as long as he is near the corpse. Much like the zombies he summons, Valcav's ghosts do not have a true sentience of their own.
      • Possession - Vaclav can make these ghosts possess people, animals, and objects, and by extention control those who are possessed. Possession can be resisted and outright rejected if the victim has a strong enough will. When possessing inanimate objects, Valcav can make it seem like he has telekinetic abilities by making possessed objects move.
        • Intangibility - Vaclav can make any object that is possessed become intangible at will. If he places an intangible object inside of a tangible object, then makes it become tangible, all of the matter that would have been inside will be violently expelled from the object.


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