Valcav Novak
Basic Info
Alias(es) Grim
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 21
Birthday 11/27
Blood Type A
Main Ability Grave Digger
Personal Data
Birthplace Unknown, but somewhere in the Czech Republic
Nationality Czech
Affiliation(s) Himself
Occupation(s) Cannibal, Career Serial Killer
Base of Operations

"The only thing to fear is 'Death' ... I am 'Death'.'

- Valcav Novak to Thomas Hausler.

Valcav Novak is an escapee from a high-security Abnormal Containment center stationed in Europe, and the main antagonist of Bullets. He is the murderer of Adler Hausler, the older brother of Thomas Hausler.







A sadist.


  • Grave Digger - Valcav's Abnormality allows the very essence of death itself to course through his veins and the entirety of his body, and allow him to use this power for different applications. With his mastery over death, Valcav is capable of making living creatures rot and decay at incredible rates, reanimating corpses, absorbing the life force of other living creatures to increase his own strength, commune with malevolent spirits among a number of other things.
    • Undead Manipulation - Valcav's primary use of his mastery of the dead. Valcav has the power to bring corpses back to life as zombies and command spirits. His range can extend over the entirety of a cemetery, and possibly have a longer range. Zombies he commands are generally physically powerful, as a single one has enough strength to rip an arm off with relative ease, while spirits are capable of possessing the living, which Valcav can also command should they come under his control when possessed. This will essentially erase Valcav's inability to control life to an extent, as he can just command spirits to possess people. Valcav can gain control of a corpse and add it to his army as soon as it dies.
      • Dead Cell Manipulation - Valcav's ability to control the dead is so refined that he is capable of controlling the individual dead cells on and inside of someone's body. This allows him to control dead hair, nails, blood, flesh, dead skin cells, feathers, and various other things to a certain extent.
    • Death Touch - Valcav can "death-touch" any living organism to cause that organism to rapidly (and very, very painfully) decompose, before dying.
    • The Power of Death - Valcav can concentrate his abilities into creating attacks made out of the pure, unrestricted force of death. This can be visible in the form of reddish black energy. Valcav can take this energy and form it into various attacks to suit his needs, whether they be weapons, energy blasts that cover wide areas obliterating everything in their path, or similar. Because they are concentrated energies made out of "death" itself, a simple zap or a scratch to someone will instantly and utterly kill them. This energy is shown to not just be able to interact with physical objects, as Melanie was still affected by it despite going into her state of being completely made out of electricity.
    • Death knows no Boundaries - If the being is capable of dying in some form or fashion, Valcav is capable of killing them. (though he may not necessarily be guaranteed to, depending on the circumstances of the battle)
    • Death Empowerment - The more Valcav kills, the more powerful he becomes. Before Valcav had been defeated himself, he had been responsible for enough deaths to achieve supernatural physical condition. This made him incredibly strong. As an example, bullets won't penetrate him.
    • Regeneration - Valcav can heal himself by stealing the life force of others.
    • Flight - In an interesting use of his ability to manipulate the dead, Valcav takes the corpses of many dead birds and uses his abilities to form his own functioning pair of wings. He typically hides these wings behind his back.




  • Valcav cannot create corpses, and thus must either kill or find those that are dead nearby to raise an army. (though, it isn't that difficult considering what he's capable of)


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