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"Do you have any directions to the 'rice fields'?"

- Thulani to Aiza.










Thulani is a Jisk, a race of lizard-like people who reside in Wizeas.

  • Enhanced Strength - Thulani is incredibly strong, physically. So much so that it wouldn't be wise to challenge him to a purely physical fight unless one could match his strength. (i.e another Jisk)
  • Enhanced Durability - Thulani is also incredibly durable, and is able to sustain numerous blows before finally going down.
  • Enhanced Speed - Thulani, when he's moving on all fours, can move twice as fast as humans that have conditioned themselves to running at high speeds.
    • Speed Swimming - He's even faster in water, to the point where he's faster than eyesight.
  • Sharp Teeth and Claws - Thulani has a large number of sharp teeth and claws, which can be an incredibly deadly tool for fighting, as they can almost be as effective as daggers.
  • Powerful Tail - Thulani has a long, muscular tail that he can twist around. The tail is quite fast, and is strong enough to lift up a person or snap someone's neck if it's tightened.


  • Trickery
  • Genre Awareness


  • XXX
  • XXX
  • XXX


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  • XXX

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