• Gabriel Powell rubbed his temples, took a drink of whiskey and sighed. He was not prepared to put up with more idiots today. As he had just been informed by one of his Cardholders down on 78th, some pathetic Yakuza thugs decided to set up shop without his conset. Some people just don't know their place, do they?

    It's fine though, Gabriel thought to himself in an annoyed tone. I'm sure the Jannisaries can take care of them. Gabriel pressed the button connected to the PA system and spoke with an annoyed tone.

    "Could Jason Monarch, Ashraf Saleel, and Kartel Faried come to my office please?"

    Gabriel lounged back in his chair a bit. This along with the entire fiasco with Gunvald somehow letting a test subject escape is just making his day terrible.

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    • Ashraf was seated at one of the leather chairs in the executive loungeroom. Across from him, sat Dr. Gunvald, the tell-tale signs of blood staining his almost immaculate white labcoat. Together they sat there, playing a friendly game of holographic chess with one other. It was the endgame and neither of them had an advantage. Ashraf, master of the white pieces, had a knight, a bishop, and three pawns left over, while Dr. Gunvald had a rook, knight, and one pawn left. Dr. Gunvald's rook had one of Ashraf's pawns pinned, as it had to protect his king; but Ashraf had a plan to take care of that; if his predictive models were correct, he would win in the next several moves, if Dr. Gunvald acted accordingly that is. Just as he began to move his bishop, Mr. Powell called for him, Jason, and Kartel to his office.

      "We'll continue our little game at a later juncture, Doctor." Ashraf said curtly.

      Dr. Gunvald merely chuckled and agreed with him. Ashraf saved the gamestate of the board, gathered his bow, and made his way down the corridor to Gabriel's office. During the short walk there, he contemplated the many possibilities as to why he, Jason, and Kartel were being called into Gabriel's office, but it mattered little.

      He opened the door to Gabriel's office, stepped in, and stood there waiting for Jason and Kartel to arrive.

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    • Kartel sat at the company's main supercomputer, uploading various bits of information into his RAM. He fiddled around with the various controls and buttons, on the verge of a breakthrough on his past. The room was completely dark, the dim lights from the monitor screens reflecting off of his face. Faried swept his hair back over his ear, and typed in the last bit of coding. Finally, he thought, this man will be a dead man soon, and he will suffer greatly before his death. 

      Gabriel, frustrated, and sitting in his office, then called for the triad of jannisaries that made his corrupt life oh-so-simple. Kartel subconsciously processed the command, sensing intense frustration in his voice. He didn't process it enough, however, to actually follow orders. The cyborg continued to input commands into the computer, before hearing Ashraf's strong footsteps pushing through the main corridor.

      The door, creaked open, had enough light to allow Kartel to note that the fellow jannisary was making his way down the hall. He finished processing the command, and remained calm, although he sensed frustration. He had the information, the final breakthrough, pulled up on the monitor. And it was ripped from him.

      Faried slowly spun back in the office chair, standing up straight and making his way to the 78th floor to meet Powell. This should be good. He opened the door, and saw Ashraf standing alongside Gabriel. Kartel wasn't last, Jason still had to make his way there.

      Meanwhile, in the Supercomputer room, there was a portion of a paragraph on the monitor. One that would change Faried's life, had he not left. 

      "...and renowned CEO of SauraNet, Gabriel Powell, has rehired a previous protoype cybernetic of his, Kartel Faried. After firing and abandoning him for being too dysfunctional and having the mind of a human being, he has been taken under his wing as an executive."

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    • Jason has his sword in hand. He was in the basement level of the SauraNet Corperate Tower, in the training facility that had been made for him when he was fourteen years old. A buzzer counted down from three. Once the final buzz rang, Jason quickly jumped into the air, twisting around. Classic training opening, bullets shot out from the walls and Jason gracefully twisted around them in mid-air. Once the hailstorm of bullets stopped, he fell to the ground. 

      Six mechanized fighters arose from the floor, lunging at him with swords that were just as lethal as Jason's. Jason analyzed the situation with his mechanical eye, settling on the fourth fighter. He quickly threw the sword into the fighter's head, then charge to it and leaping above it. As he flew above the robot, he grabbed his sword and pulled it with him, taking off the machanical head. He grabbed the head and pulled it off of his sword.

      The fifth fighter charged at Jason, but Jason merely swung his sword up, taking off the robots arm, then swinging diagonally, slicing the machine in half. Quickly turning to the sixth fighter, Jason simply threw the sword into it's head as well before drawing two pistols. He set his sights on the third and second fighter, riddling them with bullets until the cartridges in both guns were empty. He then proceeded to drop both of them.

      The first fighter then charged at him with it's sword, slicing at the now unarmed Jannisary. However, this attack was shortlived and Jason merely grabbed the robots arm and snapped it upward, breaking off the forearm completely. He then quickly grabbed the machine's neck and pulled it to the ground, before blasting a laser into it's head.

      He then heard his boss and father figure, Gabriel Powell, call for him, Ashraf and Kartel to go to his office, with a burdened tone of voice. Jason casually walked over to the sixth fighter and pulled the sword from it's metal cadaver, before going to the elevator to get to the top floor.

      Upon Jason reaching Mr. Powell's office, he saw that Ashraf and Kartel had already arrived. He merely shrugged and smiled politely. "Looks like I'm last. My apologies Mr. Powell, I was in the training room."

      Gabriel smiled back. He took a drink of his whiskey before replying; "It's quite alright, Jason. I understand you need to stay in your best condition. Especially for what I'm about to assign to you three." Gabriel stood up behind his desk with a suddenly grim face. He put his cigarette in his mouth as he explained.

      "So, down on 78th street I've been informed that some tattooed, inbred Yakuza thugs have decided to set up shop. You know the place, down by the docs. Also inside of my territory, might I remind you." He ground his cigarette into the ashtray with controlled anger in his arm. "So I of course need you three to head down there and... well... have a chat with them. Except of course their leader. You should be able to tell who he is, big scar across his stupid Jap face. I want to have a talk with him myself."

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    • Ashraf generated a 3D holographic model of 78th street, complete with colored renditions of territory controlled by Gabriel and the Yakuza, blue and red respectively, based from his memory. Vantage points and other strategic locations were denoted by a small orange dot. The Yakuza's territory had begun to encroach upon Gabriel's own, the obvious reason for his...annoyed state. The model floated and spun above his left hand.

      "Our mission is clear, we must conversate with these Yakuza thugs to see if we can't persuade them to reconsider their erroneous business decision."

      Using the 3D printer in his back, he printed an assortment of throwing knives and combat knives to bring, along with some non-lethal arrows just in case. He placed the knives in the compartments in his left arm, while placing the arrows in the compartments in his right arm.

      "I am ready to undertake this mission, Mr. Powell."

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    • Kartel remained emotionless throughout the whole order. His mind was completely blank, other than Gabriel's words making their way through his mind. He remembered these words forever, of course, as being half robot gave him a near-eidetic memory. When he was done speaking, he noticed that Ashraf started speaking as well, with a hologram showing the location. Kartel recognized this place, somehow.

      He noted the information on the street, and, as Ashraf continued to ramble, he walked over and equipped his non-stolen Mech Armor, composed of soft cushioning on the inside, a tough, expensive rubber on the outside, and a strong substance dividing them, Solidified Uranium. The power cell located in his heart absorbed the radiation, using it as energy. Segments of Faried's arteries began to glow, the red lines showing through the skin. Looking down, he sighed. 

      No cloak, no helmet this time, fella. We ain't working for Mask right now, remember?

      He turned back around, and emerged a weapon from his left hand - it appeared to be a thin, lightweight blade, like that of a katana. Flames erupted from the socket of his arm, entering the metal and heating it up. The "katana" began to glow a blushing red. His right hand, covered in the black uranium glove, began to glow as well, a blue power cell taking in the uranium radiation. If used correctly, it could create a lethal blast, and kill many people at once.

      His weapons ready, Kartel retracted the katana into his forearm, his left hand reappearing. It looked quite human compared to the rest of him, other than his facial features and hair. He adjusted the shoulder pad on his right side, stood up straight, and looked at Gabriel. He simply gave a small nod, showing that he was ready. It had been rare for the jannisary to ever speak, of course.

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    • Jason nodded contently as Ashraf relayed the plan. He pulled out his sword as he listened, sharpening it absent mindedly against the metallic armor on his arm. His mind was already calculating each scenario this fight could gom deciding the most probable. Clearly the least probable was when a meteor got passed the protective atmospheric barrier and landed directly on top of them. The most likely was, rather obviously, all going according to plan. However, you can never be certain.

      He swung his sword to a position where it faced down once his friend had finished. "Well then, shall we go? Clearly these men won't conversate with themselves." Three metal chips then sprung out from his suit, transforming into his favorite tactical advantage, Scanner-Spheres. Then, along with his allies, left Powell's office to hunt down these Yakuza scum.

      Outside of the door, Dr. Gunvald was waiting. He got up from the waiting chair as he saw them exit, gave them a nod and a smile, then entered the office.

      Dr. Gunvald entered the office with a pain in his chest. He had been working early in the morning today and it would seem one of his testing subjects, a one Dmitri Cehkovsky, had escaped the lab. Thank god in his drugged state he didn't decide to break anything. That would have been even worse.

      Gabriel looked at the doctor with a look of annoyed pain. "So a subject has escaped, hm? Where do you think the Russian went?" Dr. Gunvald felt a lump in his throat. He had never been the best at delivering bad news to Gabriel. He knew that Gabriel would not do anything to him, Gunvald was to valuable and friendly with Gabriel for that. There was just something about Powell that made people afraid to speak to him about their most recent failings.

      "I... do not know, sir. Though I have a theory he may be rushing for Poland. In his file it said he had family there. And seeing as I doubt he'd like to go back to Russia and face punishment from Vadim Markin's ruthless regime, I'd say that's his only logical choice."

      Gabriel took a drink of his whiskey and nodded. "Well good, at least we have an idea. Send a team of my men to find him." Gabriel almost looked away before remembering, "Ah, and about the other thing you wished to speak about?"

      Gunvald was quickly relived, now for something Powell would get a kick out of. "On my way to your office I found that the door of the Master Computer room was unlocked. Finding this strange I investigated. It would appear someone decided to dig up the old records on Kartel being brought back to the company."

      Powell leaned in his chair a bit, smiling with a look of amused pleasure. "Well then, you'll just have to hide those files and lock them, before he finds them again, won't you?"

      Gunvald grinned, merely reply;

      "Of course, Mr. Powell."

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    • Ashraf stood in the shadows on a perch of a building overlooking the dooks, his tattered red cape from his youth billowing from the cold Solcan air. From the shadows, he would act as a guardian and scout, watching over Jason and Kartel and warning them of danger.

      "X-Ray Vision and Infrared Scanners activated," Ashraf muttered to himself. Now being able to see heat signatures and through walls, he easily found his targets. The Yakuza thugs, who were the source of Gabriel's headache, were easily spotted by Ashraf inside of a club, celebrating with alcohol, women, and trashy techno music. He opened a secure channel with both Jason and Kartel. 

      "They're all located in a nightclub not too far from where they encroached upon Mr. Powell's territory. There are a total of four enforcers guarding the front and back exits. There are 23 Yakuza thugs spread out unevenly throughout, the largest concetration being located near the bar. Their leader is in the upper-level of the club with several women, presumably call-girls, and what appears to be his lieutenants. I will deal with the four enforcers located outside of the club, whilst you infiltrate and take care of the Yakuza thugs on the lower-levels. Once that is dealt with, we will all meet at the top-level of the club to confront the leader."

      Ashraf activated his stealth mode, cloaking him and muffling his sounds, and began to make his way across rooftops to get a better aim at his targets; moving across the rooftops was child's play, his movements fluid and flawless. Once in a better position, he took aim. He planned on killing all four at once.

      He loaded 2 arrows onto his titanium-utopium alloy recurve bow and took aim. Mentally, he went over all the factors in the environment that would affect his shot.

      "Wind speed: 8 mph. Humidity: Low. Visibility: Moderate. Trajectory..."

      He released the first arrow from the bow, and a second later, he released the next one. The first arrow rebounded off a metal pipe adjacent to the club and entered through the skull of one of the Yakuza enforcers guarding the front entrance with such force and velocity that it exited and did the same to the guy next to him. The second arrow, fired a milisecond later, had a clearer path and went through both of their heads without the need to ricochet.

      "Your path is clear, go." Ashraf said to Jason and Kartel over the channel.

      He begun to make his way to another vantage point, one that would allow him to a clearer view of the Yakuza leader and his lieutenants.

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    • Kartel walked alongside Jason in silence, ignoring any attempts his fellow jannisary may have had at small talk. His left eye turned a pure, deep red, scanning the area for life. The thugs were all in the nightclub nearest the first incident. A grim smirk overtook his face, and he ejected the scorching-hot blade from his left forearm. His right hand began to glow once more, emitting a small, high-pitched frequency. The man awaited orders from the lookout, Ashraf.

      As Ashraf started the channel. Faried calmed his left-hand power cell and adjusted his earpiece, which curved around the back of his ear. As the Iranian sharpshooter gave information that Kartel already knew, he noticed him standing atop a building nearby the docks. He frowned, disappointed in his location. Ashraf pulled back his bow, and Kartel watched as the glowing weaponry was put into play. He went into perception mode, his eye turning from red to yellow, and everything went into slow motion. Even then, the arrow was a blur.

      The observation of four guards being put out of their misery was quite amusing, to say the least. As their heads were obliterated, Faried chuckled, but not enough for Jason to hear him. Alright, let's have some fun. When Ashraf gave them orders to move out, he didn't skip a beat, charging in at full speed. Kartel rose his left hand in the air, his index finger pointing at the ceiling. A small compartment located above his fingernail opened, and shot .44 millimeter bullets at the ceiling. No recoil, and the shots were strong enough not to ricochet off the ceiling. In fact, they cut through the steel as if it were rubber.

      Everyone silenced, and Kartel awaited Jason and Ashraf, as they would be the ones to talk. He pushed the earpiece closer to his earlobe, and gave input, despite the fact that the two of them had never heard his voice.

      In his crusty, deep voice, he opened his mouth, a scar on his tongue being revealed. "Jason, Ashraf  I've put the place on lockdown. Get your asses in here."

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    • Jason merely wacthed with an infatuated look as Kartel charged in brazenly and idiotically shot at the ceiling, possibly compromising the mission. He prayed that the leader was still alive as he walked into the club behind his fellow Jannisary. He merely took a moment to glare at his ally then slap his metallic helmet. "Idiot."

      Jason then turned to the terrified and bewildered crowd of Yakuza thugs, pulling out a hundred dollar bill with a grin on his face. "Alright you scumbags, listen up. Which ever one of you kills me, you can have this hundred bucks. But if you can't kill me, then I get to take all of YOUR money. Deal?"

      One of the Yakuza thugs was already fed up with Jason's talking, as he pulled out an Uzi. Jason merely laughed internally at this as he began to spin his sword, which in turn deflected all the bullets fired at him to the surrounding walls. Once the gun was out of bullets, Jason merely leaped for the wall and pounced over to the man, landing on top of the bar and bringing the weight of his sword down with him. In doing this, the entire upper portion of the thug's body was cut in two, and his slice corpse slumped to the ground. "Still no claimers of this bill."

      All the thugs were getting their guns out now. Jason saw this with an accelerated perception and was merely unamused. He quickly threw the bill to the bartender, who clumsily caught it. Jason then did a flip over one of the thugs, grabbing him from behind and using him as a human shield for the hail of bullets being directed towards him. He then dropped the body which had gained dozens of new holes and threw his sword at the wall, which ricocheted back to decapitate one thugs and end up right back into Jason's hands. Then stabbed another thug close to the bar through the chest, impaling him to the bar, keeping his sword in place. 

      With that, Jason simply pulled out his duel pistols and generously gave headshots to the rest of his "opponents", which were more like target practice than anything else to Jason. Once he was finished he put his guns back and pulled his sword from the enemy's chest, allowing the gasping Yakuza to fall the the ground, where his lungs would fill with his own blood. And with that he smiled to the bartender saying, "Count that as a tip." Before motioning to Kartel and scorning with a tone of contempt, "Let's go, Mr. Compromise."

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    • Ashraf was silently planning his shots out, noting all the objects in the target's vicinity, their emotional state, etc. when he heard the sound of bullets tearing through steel beams like a cannonball against wet paper and saw all of the leader's lieutenants and the call girls drop dead in front of him. As he witnessed this, in the back of his mind, the very core of his being just knew it was Kartel's doing. 

      Because of this unexpected commotion, the leader was panicked. Unpredictable. Ashraf watched one as the leader dressed himself and searched for his gun. Ashraf had to take the shot now. He pulled out two arrows, one that would release a fast-acting adhesive substance and bind the leader to one position upon contact and the other a non-lethal one, from one of the compartments in his right arm and nocked them. 

      Just as the leader began to make his way to the door, Ashraf released the arrows and watch one impact the spot where he was about to place his feet, while the other knocked the gun out of the leader's hand. The leader had little time to react as the substance engulfed the lower half of his legs and prevented him from moving. The leader began to scream all sorts of obscenities in both Japanese and English, but Ashraf paid him little attention.

      Seconds later, he saw all 23 heat signatures on the lower level dissppear.

      Ashraf opened up the channel and said, "The lieutenants and call girls are dead, but the leader is perfectly fine aside from no longer being stuck to the floor and unable to defend himself. Come up here immediately"

      Ashraf leaped through the window, broken glass literring his point of impact. The leader turned his head and gazed at Ashraf with a mix of anger, contempt, confusion, and fear. Ashraf returned his gaze, his bow in hand and his red cape moving with the wind.

      "Who the hell do you think you are?! When I get out of here, I'm going to fucking rip you apart, limb to fucking limb! You hear me!?" said the leader with an indignant tone full of animalistic rage.

      "Tsk, tsk. One does not threaten another in cordial conversation."

      "Who the hell sent you?! What do want!?" asked the leader, growing ever impatient and angry.

      " I was sent here by Mr. Powell to have a cordial little talk with you about business.You have made a terrible business decision. We can continue our conversation when my associates arrive. It would be rude to continue without them." Ashraf said deadpanly to the leader.

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    • Kartel simply shot more bullets at thugs as Jason became a human haymaker on them. It was obvious to see who the ninja was, and who the juggernaut was. They dropped dead in no time at all. Kartel snatched the hundred from the bartender, ejected his burning blade, and decapitated the bartender. "No witnesses."

      He went into infrared vision, and saw three heat signatures on the bottom floor. He frowned and glanced at a confused Jason, then threw three grenades, one at each of them. The first level erupted into flames, which had to have intimidated the leader, who was one floor above them. Kartel heard Ashraf upstairs, ready to interrogate the man. He smiled with mayhem, suddenly seeming more menacing. The jannisary grabbed Jason and dragged him halfway up the staircase.

      "Who the hell sent you?! What do you want!?" The leader. It was almost showtime.

      "C'mon, orphan boy. We've got work to do." Kartel extended his right hand, the black glove tinted blue due to the power cell's intense glow. It began to glow more, and more, enveloping the room in a bright blue light. Nobody gave a shit about this club anyways, he thought.

      He shot a cannon of pure energy into the room, and walked upstairs. Ashraf locked eyes with the leader, and Kartel snuck up behind the Yakuza. He whipped out his blade once more, and stuck the wide, hot metal against his face. "Get ready to speak," he said. As he removed the weapon, a third degree burn in the shape of a rectangle scarred his right cheek.

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    • Jason walked in behind Kartel, with his dissatisfied face turning into an agitated calm as he saw what Kartel had done to the Yakuza leader. He knew why Gabriel wanted to bring this man back. It was so Gunvald could do some experiments onto him. However, there's no use for a man with a mangald face. Knowing this, he decided he might as well get some information out of him. Luckily Jason was just the man for that.

      He pushed past Kartel, and kicked the Yakuza leader right to the floor, before picking him up by the throat and dragging him towards the large window. "I'm going to play nice with you for now. You have once chance to tell me who exactly you are working for." The Leader was not cooperating, however, with him attempting to appear solid in defense. Jason merely shrugged and spoke;

      "Fine then."


      Jason threw the man out the window entirely, sending him flying across the street. Upon hitting a building which was adjecent to the club, Jason quickly threw the sword like a boomerand, which struck into the mans stomach, leaving him impaled dozens of feet above the busy street. This caused him to scream out in a mixture of pain and fear, to which Jason could only reply with apathy. He then jumped out of the broken window, leaping all the way to the other building and grabbing onto the wall, right next to where the Yakuza was impaled.

      "I'm going to ask you again. Who do you work for?!"

      "Up yours you dishonorable-"

      Jason grabbed the man's head by the hair and slammed it against the wall. "I suggest you don't finish that sentence. If you don't tell me what I want to know I will activate a button on my sword which will cause it to vibrate, tearing into your intestines like a saw. And I assure you it won't cut cleanly. Now answer me!"


      Jason just scowled at this. "You've forced my hand." He then clicked the button on his sword, causing it to vibrate rapidly. This in turn caused a shower of blood to come from the mans stomach and rain onto the cars below. With his insides being turned to mush, he screamed out in a primal shriek which Jason had never heard a person make before. After about a minute, the Yakuza barely managed to yell out audible words.

      "STOP! I'LL TALK!"

      Jason was now ready to listen. He pressed the button again, causing the sword to go stiff. "Talk."

      "Okay... the Fujioka Family of Tokyo... please no more..."

      Jason smiled on the inside, pleased that the stubborn man had come around. He then quickly grabbed the sword with his hand and stated. "Your help in this matter is most appreciated." Before pulling the sword out of the man, letting him fall several feet to his near death. Right before the man hit the ground, Jason threw his sword back at the club, which ricocheted off the wall and went back towards the man, impaling him into the wall through the right hip and stopping his impending death. Jason then ran up the wall and backflipped back into the club where Kartel and Ashraf were.

      "There, we've got the information. Oh, and Kartel, you nearly compromised this mission three times, so don't fucking do that again."

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    • Kartel watched as the jannisary dragged the man to the window. He glanced at Ashraf, and then back at Jason. He opened his mouth to remind him that Powell wanted him alive, but he knew it was too late. Chances are, the leader was going to die in the torture session. Or, Jason's interpretation of torture.

      As the interrogation happened, he walked towards the window. Despite being across the street, the blood splattered and hit Kartel in the cheek. Agitated, he wiped it off his face, and threw it to the ground. His earpiece began to extend forward, becoming a camera, which recorded the information Jason began to give. It also gave Gabriel the information he needed if Jason decided to blame Kartel for the mess. 

      Once it ended, and Jason blamed him, he leaped out the window and across the street, landing millimeters from the man's face. He observed the injuries that Jason had recklessly given him, and a black case extended from Kartel's back. He gripped it, and slammed it on the ground next to the leader. The Yakuza flinched.

      "Wh...What are you gonna do to me?" 

      Kartel remained silent, and began going through the case. He pulled out a needle, and injected a liquid into the man. The bleeding stopped. He grabbed metal plating to cover the wounds, and placed a power cell into the gaping hole in his stomach. The cell couldn't turn pain into energy, but it would temporarily heal him until the stomach was ready to heal on its own, in which the cell would dissolve. He then wrapped a bandage around the burn on the leader's cheek, which wrapped around his head and over his right eyebrow. 

      "How well do you handle pain?" Kartel looked curiously at the leader, awaiting an answer. The leader could barely move his mouth. He groaned, and pulled out a remote, flicking a switch on it.

      The medical equipment began to glow blue, like the uranium-absorbing power cell located in Kartel's right glove. The leader's eyes grew wide, and he began to bleed slightly from his nose. His heart rate elevated as he started screaming out in pain. His wounds began to heal. Kartel switched it off, and punched the leader across the face. He went unconscious. 

      The jannisary jumped through the window of the club, grabbed Jason by his top, and slammed him against the wall. "Next time you think I'm compromising the mission, don't go and make it worse." He let him down, and walked over to Ashraf, who was staring apathetically at them both. "Let's go."

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    • One Hour Later

      Gabriel scowled at both Jason and Kartel with a look of cold disappointment. He put a cigarette in his mouth and lit it, before puffing out a pocket of smoke at the employees before him. "Have you both lost your damned minds? What did you two decided to drink some vodka before stumbling to the club or something?" Gabriel stood and stared down Kartel. "You. Carelessly shooting into the ceiling and endangering the subject at hand and killing an innocent civilian? Mind you, Kartel that I've never told you that there cannot be witnesses. I own the police in this city so they wouldn't go after you anyway. Now I'm going to have to compensate to that bartender's family. Jesus fucking christ."

      Gabriel put out his cigarette in the ashtray and turned to Jason; "As for you. While I appreciate your ham-handed way of getting information, you nearly killed you target. For both of you, it's miraculous that he is still alive, but I will give credit where credit is due, he is alive." 

      Looking sternly at Ashraf, he continued. "What about you? Any misdemeanors on your part I should know about while we're at it? Hmph, you're all dismissed. Try not to do this sort of shit next time. And try for the love of god to get along."

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    • Graham stepped off the hull of his private plane that was provided for his business trip. He got to ride for a time in a relatively high-quality plane, but it wasn't anything too snazzy. He acquired his luggage from the plane, and called a cab. The cab took him to his apartment, by the time he entered the door the sun was already setting. He took his laptop and equipment out of his bag, connected to the network, and started typing. He sent an email to his business partner, notifying him that he arrived in Sylum.

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    • As Kartel left Gabriel's office, Gunvald approached him. He thought as he got the cyborg's attention, It's a shame that I must destroy one of my creations in the name of the greater good... how upsetting. He smiled politely as he asked, "Could you follow me to my lab? I have a matter that requires a man of your specialties." Kartel simply followed silently without responding. They both got into the elevator silently without saying a word to each other.

      Gunvald looked at the cyborg out of the corner of his eye. He could kill him in this elevator. But then he would have to drag the corpse into the lab and that's just to much effort. He would simply wait until they entered his lab. He giggled to himself in a low tone, so Kartel could not hear him. Despite the pain it cause him to have to kill one of his creations, it filled him with a giddy excitement to kill someone with his bare hands again. Like a child opening their Christmas presents.

      Once the elevator opened, they both silently walked out and went to the door of his lab. Gunvald put his eye to the scanner, allowing the laser to make sure the pupil belonged to the doctor. Once it accepted it, the heavy metal doors parted, revealing the Frankensteinian lab where Gunvald did his work. There were humans in chambers, body parts littered the tables, mysterious liquids in jars, and everything was soaked in blood.

      Kartel didn't react physically, despite being disturbed by the sights he was seeing in the lab. Gunvald gave off no warning before he quickly turned around and slammed his fist through Kartel's helmet, delivering a devastating punch directly to his face. Due to one of his experiments Gunvald had extremely enhanced strength, throwing Kartel to the floor.

      "I apologize, Mr. Faried, but Mr. Powell no longer requires your services." He then continuously slammed down onto Kartel's head, until he was one hit away from death. However, he stopped himself. He picked up the body, and carefully put it inside of one of the chambers that held the human bodies in. Kartel could come in handy eventually. However, he would just need to destroy his memories first...

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    • Ashraf stood back-to-back with Jason, each dual wielding blades; Ashraf had his recurve bow holstered on his back. They were inside of Jason's training facility, located in the basement level of the SauraNet Coporate Tower. A buzzer was counting down to 10. They both looked at each other, a grin on Jason's face underneath that mask he wore. 9. They both tightened the grips on their swords. 8. The air was brimming with this electricity, this indescribable excitement.

      As soon as the final buzzer sounded, a gigantic buzzsaw shot out, aimed straight for Ashraf. "Activating perception protocol. Chronoception sensors enhancing. Enhancement complete." The buzzsaw that was hurtling at breakneck speeds now seemed to move slower as his perception of time was enhanced; he could now see each individual point as it rotated.  He started to run at the buzzsaw, all the while scanning it for structural weaknesses.

      "Weakness detected. I must strike there with enough force to both stop the the buzzsaw and shatter it." Routing more power to his arms and legs, he ran with greater velocity, the spinning projectile coming over closer, and aimed to strike. When his opening came, he took it, striking the buzzsaw in a structural weakpoint with enough force to stop the saw and shatter it.

      When he turned his back, he noticed that Jason had already killed several attack androids and several had surrounded him. 

      "Save some training for me, why don't you?" Ashraf yelled out to Jason, all the while preparing to take our his attackers.

      "You seem," -- Jason roundhouse kicked the head of one of the androids and used the momentum to spin around and cut another in half -- "to have enough training around you!"

      One of Ashraf attackers took this percieved distraction as a chance to attack; it lounged at Ashraf, who merely responded by piercing its torso with his blade. and upward slashing it. One tried to get him from behind but it just ended up walking into Ashraf's other sword. Now with an opening, Ashraf left his swords behind, leaped into the air and speed up his perception of time again. He unholstered his bow and nocked an explosive arrow. He pulled back and aimed, his sensors doing much of the calculating for him. He fired the arrow, the resulting explosion reducing his former attackers to slag.

      Landing on a platform above the training facility, he now had a great tactical advantage.  After Jason was done hacking another android to bits, there was only one left, one getting closer to Jason. Ashraf nocked another arrow, pulled back, and aimed. Ashraf activated his comms system and said "Do a backflip in 3. 2. 1."

      Jason performed a perfect backflip with ease, leaping over the last android was ease. The moment Jason's head was vertical with the android's head, Ashraf left the arrow fly, which went exactly through the center. At the same time, Jason decapitated the android, its metal body falling in a heap of metal and sparks.

      "Looks like we're done here, Ash."

      "Oh no, we've just begun."

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