Thomas Hausler


Basic Info


"The Blacksmith"

Alignment Neutral Good
Race Meta-Human
Gender Male
Blood Type B+
Main Ability(ies) Weapon ManipulationWeapon ProficiencyIndomitable Will


Threat Level Extreme
Status Alive
Personal Data
Birthplace Raiding, Austria
Birthday ?
Age ? (Implied to be somewhere in his twenties, though he could be older.)
Nationality Austrian



Unnamed Father (deceased, died of heart failiure).

Unnamed Mother (deceased, died in a car accident).

Orientation Bisexual
Other Information

"..." - Thomas.

Thomas Hausler is one of the newer members of a team of Meta-Humans. He calls himself a blacksmith due to the nature of his abilities.


Thomas is a slender character, standing at 5"8 in height and having messy, black hair. His eyes are a hazel color, 

His usual attire consists of a tattered black jacket with a red undershirt underneath, with torn, baggy jeans. He sports a white scarf and a wrapping that covers the lower half of his face. He's rarely- if ever, seen with it taken off.


Unlike his prime counterpart, Metaverse Thomas speaks more often, in a normal voice. Though he still prefers to stay quiet most of the time.

On the other hand of his "shyness", lies a powerful, determined soul. Thomas is extremely stubborn and determined to accomplish whatever goal he has on his mind at the time, and it's hard to stop him. He doesn't care how powerful his adversary is or what they're capable of doing to him, as he isn't one to fear fighting back.


Like his counterpart, Thomas has an ambiguous past. His father, like his counterpart, died of heart failiure when he was a teenager, while his mother died in a car crash about a few years before his appearance in the Metaverse.

While in Blackout City, it is revealed through several flashbacks and hallucinations that when Thomas was younger, he was sexually assaulted by a man wearing a clown costume at a carnival. He discovered his powers when he created a pistol and shot the clown in the head.

Powers and Abilities

  • Master of all Weapons - Thomas has the outrageously powerful ability to manipulate and summon weapons, being able to learn how to handle them beyond mastery in seconds, even if he's never used them before. Because of this, he has an extremely wide arsenal of weapons to use in a fight, allowing him to become a deadly opponent.
    • Weapon Modification - As an extension, Thomas can manipulate the properties of his weapons, giving them qualities they may or may not have had previously. Some of the modifications Thomas gives to the weapons he creates would be physically impossible to replicate otherwise.
  • Absolute Tenacity - Thomas is incredibly determined, and his will allows him to push through many tasks, no matter the pain or fear it causes him. He knows something could kill him, but he wouldn't care, and keep on fighting anyway. His drive can allow him to push through and achieve feats that would be considered otherwise impossible to accomplish by normal standards.


  • Thomas has demonstrated the ability to fly via Jet Propulsion in many ways during several instances. Some of these include firing two special guns at the ground to create a force powerful enough to launch himself, riding a missile, using a multitude of explosions as a means to stay in the air, and rocket jumping.
  • His birthplace is Raiding, Austria. The same town as revolutionary pianist, Franz Liszt. Coincidentally, Thomas was known to have an interest in learning to play the piano at one point, but never went through with it.
  • Thomas' most infamous use of his ability to modify weapon properties was when he created a gun made to fire bullets that can travel one mile per attosecond.
    • ...meaning he made a gun whose every shot moves faster than the speed of light. Much faster.
      • ...meaning he singlehandedly broke the laws of physics.

Differences between the counterparts

  • Metaverse Thomas speaks more often and more clearly than Thomas Prime.
  • Thomas Prime prefers to use his full power after he feels the battle has gotten too serious or too out of hand. Metaverse Thomas prefers to do so before.
  • Metaverse Thomas, while still capable of using all weapons, prefers to stick with guns the most. Thomas Prime doesn't hold one weapon over another.

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