very tall and lanky, 6'6. looks older than he is. stern looking. voice sounds horrible and crusty. hair is a starfish. ugly.

wears a mask.


stoic, very angry, somewhat antisocial. selfless.

stresses family and keeping together. considers anyone close to him family even if they aren't related.

don't harm his family thats a very very bad idea

full of will; nothing except actually killing him will stop him from accomplishing a task important to him or his family, whatever that may be. it fucks him up in certain situations though

scared of ghosts but he wont show it.

whenever he's under emotional distress and can't hide it he puts on the mask.

very very angry.

A Warm Gun


making weapons and moving them telekinetically. also uses them like a master.


power overruse causes him to go berserk and lose the sense of self. that's not good when you can make nuclear bombs. he tries to keep it under wraps. it's close to happening if a mask spawns on his face.

he gets better at containing it.

  • birthday - 3/19/1959
  • birthplace - raiding, austria
  • favorite band - the beatles