Thomas Hausler
Basic Info


Austria's Finest Gunslinger


The Bastard Son of The Tin Man

Alignment Chaotic Good
Race Human
Gender Male

16 (Initial Appearance)

45 (Currently)

Birthday 3/19/1959
Blood Type A+
Abnormality A Warm Gun
Birthplace Raiding, Austria
Nationality Japanese-Austrian

Student (formerly)

Freelance Photographer

"Everything I do is for my family."
― Thomas Hausler

Thomas Hausler is a character from the Abnormalverse and one of it's central protagonists. A stoic, masked man with a drive that can't be broken, Thomas' luck (or lack thereof) has taken him across a number of strange adventures and quests over the course of his life, meeting a variety of enemies and allies alike. He is the adoptive father of Isabelle and Lucia Hausler.


Even when he was sixteen, Thomas was quite tall, being at 6"6. He has medium length, unkempt black hair, pale skin, and dark bags under his eyes.

He wore a long, light brown trench coat and a red scarf, with dark jeans and black dress shoes. He dons a mask resembling that of the masks worn by plague doctors in Medieval Europe, sometimes shifting the mask to the side of his head.

When he speaks, he has a "gruff" and "crusty" sounding tone to him, which could be compared to something along the lines of a bad Batman impression. It only gets deeper as he gets older.


Perpetually reserved and stoic even in the most dangerous situations, Thomas always keeps to himself and hardly speaks to anyone unless he's spoken to. Despite his general aloof nature towards other people, he still had a relatively normal life for a boy of his age. His stoic nature is a result of both his constant bashfulness and the growth in his throat that hinders his speech. Thomas rarely expresses his emotions outright, and tends to hold his anger until it bursts out. However, he is actually quite emotional and sentimental on the inside, and shows it more often than the mask might suggest. When Adler saves his life, Thomas vows to repay him and thanks him, risking his life through thick and thin just to find his killer. Thomas can be rude to people without realizing it at first, simply because of how he speaks; he could call a woman a bitch, not intentionally attempting to offend them, but because he can be harsh with his choice of words words. Because of this, Thomas has gained a tendency to take time to think of what to say before he speaks, especially with friends or loved ones, and can spend as much as several minutes thinking about what to say. Thomas can fly into a rage if anyone he cares about is hurt. He's fiercely loyal to his friends and family and will do anything to help them.

Above all else, Thomas stresses in having a strong sense of familial relationship, whether it be by blood, adoption, or through marriage. He firmly believes that having a happy, caring family is one of the most important things in the world one can possibly have. Having grown up without his mother in his life and seeing his brother die before his eyes, Thomas empathizes with people who haven't grown up without at least some sort of parential figure watching over them. His values of having family around is the primary reason why he adopts two children, neither of which grew up without their biological parents. He cares for his family and his daughters to the point that he can be seen as somewhat overprotective.

Thomas is pragmatic, and will do whatever he has to do to achieve what he decides to do, or die trying. This tenacity that he holds can be admirable at times as much as it can be stupid and detrimental at others, as he has proven on multiple occasions. He heavily detests being sidetracked or slowed down, as it keeps him away from his goal. It does have certain limitations, however; Thomas would never hurt an innocent person or anyone he believes to not be a threat. He does not care about the difficulties or overwhelming odds he may face in order to achieve something, even in the face of monstrous creatures or other such entities that are seemingly much more powerful than himself. Thomas has been described as the type of person who would tell the devil to get out of his way if it was blocking his path.

For his entire life, Thomas has been a bachelor. He's never made it clear whether or not he's been able to find a romantic partner or if he just chooses not to go out of his way to do so, despite a few people having taken become interested in him (though all of them never expressed it outwardly).

Thomas harbors severe anger issues, even after mellowing out as he's gotten older. Time and time again, his ability to bottle up and release his anger has proven detrimental to himself and his allies, as it can lead to him making serious mistakes he would have avoided.

Thomas is a fan of rock and jazz music, and has a collection of albums and tapes, mostly from The Beatles and King Crimson.


  • Adler Hausler (brother) - Thomas holds a deep-seated, undying respect for his brother and motivates himself on the idea that he can make Adler proud of him, even in his death.
  • Masako Arakawa (mother) - Thomas has little memory of his mother, due to her passing away while he was so young.

Early Life

Thomas is the secondborn son of David Hausler and Masako Arakawa, from Raiding.


  • Indomitable Will - Thomas has an unconquerable amount of willpower and will never give up under any circumstance to achieve a goal, no matter what the consequences may be or how much he risks his life. It's his drive that allows him to succeed in his goals. He can't be manipulated by temptations, and can resist the effects of possession on himself. No amount of torture or pain one could ever inflict can impede him. Only the outcome of death can stop Thomas Hausler.
  • Pain Tolerance/Stamina - Thomas has a high amount of pain tolerance, having suffered a number of injuries over his lifetime that would've killed or permanently hospitalized a normal man, such as having his right arm blown off.
  • Controlling Fear - Thomas seems to be calm and collected in nearly any situation he finds himself in, regardless of the circumstances. Hugh describes this lack of fear as sociopathic, to which Thomas disagrees, stating that he is "always afraid". It's his ability to conquer and control his own sense of fear that allows him to stay in line when his friends can't.
  • Weapon Proficiency - Be it a natural affinity for weaponry or the result of his Abnormality, it can't be denied that Thomas is an unparalleled master of armed combat, utilizing virtually any form of weaponry to his advantage on top of his pragmatism, forming a brutal fighting style.


Thomas' Abnormality is A Warm Gun, which gives him the ability to create an unlimited number of any sort of weapon, regardless of what kind it is, and wield these weapons with the upmost proficiency. These can include but aren't limited to the likes of firearms, explosives, blades, and blunt weapons, forming an arsenal so powerful that any military would envy it. The weapons Thomas creates manifest instantly around his person.  As Thomas begins to master this ability, he becomes able to create weapons of his own design with their own effects and strengths. He can recreate specific weapons he's seen from his memories, and even remake weapons of a "divine" status, such as the Vorpal Blade, Caliburn, and Mjolnir.