Thomas Hausler
Thomas Hausler
Basic Info
Alias(es) None
Alignment Neutral Good
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 16 (Bullets)
Birthday 3/19
Main Ability Blacksmithing
Personal Data
Birthplace Raiding, Austria
Nationality Austrian


Melanie Etincelle

Isabelle Hausler

Barrie Morgan


Student (Bullets)

Photographer (Ritual)


- Thomas.

Thomas Hausler was a teenager from Raiding, Austria. After his older brother receives an untimely death, Thomas makes it his mission to find and take revenge on the one who murdered him.

Years later, he becomes the adoptive father and guardian of Isabelle Hausler and later Lucia Hausler, the former of which rescues Thomas from his terrible fate at the hands of someone who sent him into the Otherworld dimension.





Thomas is mostly stoic towards anyone he doesn't know, and hardly exerts any emotion outside of an occasional smirk or pout. He has a tendency to refuse to speak most of the time, and when he does, he speaks in a raspy, whispery tone. This can make it difficult to understand what he's saying when he does speak. When he's around someone who hasn't hurt him for a long period of time, he begins to loosen up to them, revealing his more emotional side. This causes Thomas to place his trust in them, which could backfire on him if he were to be double crossed.

Thomas acts calmly in most situations, and his lack of displayed emotion makes it almost impossible to tell how he's feeling without some form of intuition (or an ability like mind reading). His lack of emotion causes him to give off a strange or uncomfortable vibe to most people. 

He is extremely devoted to his family and exhibits deep love and care for his father and brother, and becomes devastated if anything bad were to happen to them. Once Adler dies, Thomas grows an unquenchable thirst to get revenge on Valcav. Though, his murderous intent is only directly, specifically aimed at him, and he'll only redirect it at others should they be related to the death of Adler or they get in his way. His devotion to his family is represented in his brother's mask, which he wears constantly to honor him.

Thomas has a sense of heroism and will give his aid to if they need it.


Powers and Abilities


  • Indomitable Will - Thomas possesses an unbreakable force of willpower, pushing himself to complete any goal that he sets for himself, or die trying. Pain alone is not nearly enough to deter Thomas from completing his goals, as shown when his right arm is directly ripped out from the rest of his body, and he immediately replaces it with a makeshift arm made out of bullets before continuing to fight. He has been completely exposed to waves of famished eldritch horrors who were trying to cause him to go insane to enter his soul, which did nothing to him.
  • Tranquil Fury - Thomas is surprisingly calm and stoic, even when his own anger should get the better of him, but can fight as if his anger has completely overtaken him. The only one to ever break this calm demeanor is Valcav.
  • Skilled Photographer - Thomas is a talented photographer, and has used his skills to take pictures covering a variety of different subjects, places, and people.


  • Blacksmithing - Thomas has the ability to create, modify, and manipulate any form of weaponry. Whether it be firearms, swords, explosives, axes, or even something unconventional like a stop sign or books. As long as it can be used as a weapon, Thomas is capable of manipulating it and using it as a tool for combat. Weapons that he creates are formed almost instantaneously, and function as they normally would. Thomas can even control weapons telekinetically, and wield them with the skill of a master who has trained in using them for years. He has the capacity to spawn many weapons at once. He can modify the properties of weapons to change alter their characteristics, whether they be small or drastic...
    • Abnormal Weapons - the point where he can make weapons perform things they shouldn't be able to do, otherwise, such as making a gun shoot its bullets out the other side.
    • Bullet Hell - Thomas takes advantage of being able to create an unlimited number of weapons by being able to barrage his enemies with a massive amount of weapons. Though his usual weapons of choice for doing this are usually firearms, he has performed bullet hell by using knives, swords, cannonballs, and various explosives.
    • Weapon Proficiency - Thomas is very skilled at wielding weapons he uses, and has immediate knowledge of how a weapon works and how to use it, even if he's never seen it before. He will tend to use "weapons" that go outside the normal range of the usual explosives or swords, which will result in him using and controlling even the most bizarre objects as weapons. From a stop sign to a toaster, he has used a multitude of objects as weapons.
      • One Man Army - Thomas is able to fight off vast groups of foes by himself, thanks to his abilities for the most part.


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