Best team in all the land(Chief)

Literal Fucking Retards(Norman)

Alignments Neutral Good (Nester is neutral evil)
Race Meta-human/Glitch Human in lettuceverse
Genders All Male






Birthdays Unknown
Blood Types Unknown
Main Abilities

Super Strength - Chief

Electric Powers - Pembroke

Immortaility/Regeneration - Wendal

Camoflauge - Nester

Shapeshifting - Hunter

Birthplaces Unknown
Nationalities American
Affiliation(s) The Department, The Kilduff Firm
Occupation(s) Wanderers and Toaster Makers
Base of Operations NGD Base
― Chief

The NGD is a group that appears in two series, namely the "Heroes" series in the Metaverse, and are the main force in The Lettuceverse. In the metaverse, the NGD is known as the "New Golden Dawn", while in the lettuceverse, the NGD is known as the "New Glitch Division" and is the main organization in the series, taking the role of the metaverse's department.


ARC 1: Metaverse

The NGD were constant supporting characters to the main heroes during the first 2 heroes series. Pembroke makes an appearance in heroes series 3, at the start of season 2, asking John to help The New Recruits on their first mission as a hologram. Wendal appears later on after being captured by Norman, but only has one line. 

Arc 2:Lettuceverse:Chief

Chief first appeared in ARC 2, and was the main character of the ARC. He then appears in ARC 4, leading the NGD through their fight against Norman. He appears at the start of ARC 6, being sneak attacked and captured after his powers were neutralized by Norman, and appears again after being rescued at the end of the ARC. Chief then makes a minor appearance in ARC 8, ordering the alpha squad to take down the syndicate. He then makes a cameo in ARC 9, where he is seen waving to Pembroke,Nester, and Hunter at the Airport parking lot. Chief orders a group of NGD agents to attack Norman's base with a damaged Beta in ARC 10. Chief makes a minor appearance in ARC 12, asking Pembroke if he was done fixing Beta. Chief was the only one at the base who wasn't captured by Norman in ARC 14, and orders Flint to rescue the others. In ARC 15, Chief brings the group up to speed about Brix's antics, and orders them to put it to a stop because they have nothing better to do. In ARC 16, Chief helps Pembroke put a tracker on Brix.  Chief makes a small background cameo in ARC 18, being seen looking in when Pembroke and the new recruits gets sucked into an alternate dimension, and fainted shortly after. Chief has a major role in ARCS 19 and 20, where he organizes the rescue mission for Flint,Jake Jones, and Riley Umbra. and then singe-handedly defeats Norman's Boss.  He re-appears in ARC 22, being seen with Pembroke while he has giving the incanto siblings their mission briefing. He appears again in ARC 24, being shocked by the mass jailbreak, and orders everyone to be on high alert. He appears again in ARC 30, where he was the referee for the tournament, and gave Pembroke's prized Golden toaster to the winner. He appears again in ARC 32, ordering Nester to show Qing around, much to his disdain.


Pembroke first appears in ARC 4 as the second in command of the NGD, and creates purple visors that have a built in radio system that allows the members to communicate with eachother like walkie-talkies. Pembroke also participates in the final battle, where he unleashes toaster laser guns on Norman's minions. Pembroke appears again in ARC 6, being easily defeated by Norman and was rescued at the end of the ARC. Pembroke re-appears in arc 8, giving the Alpha Squad radio support by connecting them with transportation, and sending in Robat to help them and give Pembroke a camera view of whats happening, and Robat helps the Alpha Squad fight Brix and Panzer by uploading a virus to the Brix Towers security system. Pembroke appears again in ARC 9, being a main character and tries evade all of the bounty hunters Brix paid to kill him,Nester, and Hunter. Pembroke has a main role again in ARC 10, where he commands a damaged Beta during the storming of Norman's base. In ARC 12, Pembroke has a minor role, and is shown at the start of ARC rebuilding Beta and letting him go. In ARC 13, Pembroke has a main role and is cast into an alternate dimension where the populace is sentient toasters, and ends up running into Axolotl God who helps him return his friends to Earth, and stop Xerxes. Pembroke doesn't appear again until ARC 16, where he makes a device that can store glitch powers and grant them to the user of the device, but it gets stolen by Brix. He then sends a team to chase Brix after he and Chief manage to put a tracker on the device. Pembroke appears again in ARC 18, where he has a main role and helps the new recruits get out of the arena dimension with some help from Axolotl God. He then appears in ARCS 19 and 20, where he is seen helping in the rescue of Flint Polar, Jake Jones, and Riley Umbra and was seen fighting in the final battle. Pembroke made a re-appearance in ARC 22, where he informed Brian Incanto and Paige Incanto of their mission, and later was seen congratulating them when they caught Victoria Faeles and Chloe Faeles. Pembroke had a minor appearance in ARC 23, where he was knocked into the "living" area of the base's fridge, by Casey Minuo, and was then let out by Paige after the fight ended. He also had a minor role in ARC 24, and was seen trying to build a radar to catch the New Syndicate, but it ended up blowing up in his face. However it did end up working at the end of the ARC, where they tracked down Cupp A. Joe after he got seperated from the other New Syndicate members, and promptly arrested him. He re-appeared in ARC 29, and had a central role. He appeared again at the end of ARC 30, and broke down crying once Chief told him his golden toaster was given to Riley Umbra for winning the tournament. He appeared at the end of ARC 31, witnessing Qing's fight with the new syndicate, and decides to ask him to be an NGD agent. He then had a minor role in ARC 32, bringing Qing back to the base and explaining what Qing did to the rest of the NGD.


Nester first appeared in ARC 4, where he was in charge of recruiting Brian and Paige. He was then seen in ARC 6, where he was rescued. Nester then makes a cameo in ARC 8 being seen in Chief's office. He then has a main role in ARC 9, where he, Pembroke, and Hunter evade the bounty hunters Brix sent on them. Nester then re-appears in ARC 13, where he and Chief are seen watching  before Pembroke and the others get sucked into another Dimension. He appears again in ARC 15, where he was part of the team to stop Brix, and has a supporting role. He then appears again in ARC 18, where he was seen bringing the new recruits in.  In ARCS 19 and 20, Nester is shown to be on the rescue team, and fights alongside the NGD. He re-appears in ARC 23, where he was shown fighting Casey and Zack with some other NGD members. He then makes a minor appearance in ARC 24, informing everyone of the mass breakout. He then has a supporting role in ARC 30, where he won the tournament, despiter the fact he has no offense powers. He has a main role in ARC 32, where he fought Dimitri and Big Milky, and tore down what was left of the old syndicate, just so he didn't have to give Qing a tour of Fallbell City.


Hunter first appeared in ARC 4, where he was shown to be the most recent recruit, and had a supporting role in the ARC. He appeared again in 6 and had a minor role, being rescued with the rest of the NGD. He re-appeared in ARC 9, where he was a main character in the ARC. He returns in ARC 14, where he was, again, shown being rescued with the rest of the NGD. He had a supporting role in ARCS 19 and 20, where he was seen in the rescue squad. He appeared again in ARC 23, where he fought Casey Minuo and Zack Abbibo with some other NGD members. He had a supporting appearance in ARC 30, where he made it to the top 5 of the agents in the tournament.



Chief: He is extremely, almost abnormally, Tall, and wears an extremely small bowler hat on his head. He is a little chubby, and wears an over-sized NGD jumpsuit with a badge that says "Chief" on it. He has extremely tiny and circular sunglasses on, that don't even cover his eyes, and wears an again, extremely small tie that barely goes down to his stomach that has cookie designs on it. Usually seen with cookie crumbs around his mouth.

Pembroke:He is medium height and thin, he is always seen wearing the standard NGD visor, with white construction goggles over his eyes and is seen to have circular spectacles with swirls on them worn under his construction goggles. He has frizzy hair that is spiked up because of his electricity, and he has a gear over his wrist like a bracelet. He wears a bright green dress shirt with a lab coat over it, and dark brown pants with toaster designs all over them. He is always seen with a lime green watch worn upside down on his right hand with a gear design on the face.

Hunter: He is quite short and usually has a smirk on. He wears an NGD Jumpsuit with the hood of a hoodie sticking out. He has a standard NGD visor perched on the top of his head like sunglasses, and has random dirt splotches all over his jumpsuit, as well as a bandage on his elbow.

Nester: He is usually seen wearing a black shirt, with a black thermal vest over it. He always has a melancholy frown on, and is wearing a party hat on his head, (likely put on his head by Chief, and doesn't want to waste his time taking it off, as he knows Chief will just put it back on and tell him to cheer up) He is wearing the standard NGD visor, but the entire visor is tinted black, and is wearing black combat boots.

Wendal: Seen wearing an NGD jumpsuit with small holes all around the torso and arms. He is wearing a standard NGD visor, but one end is not on his ear, and is completely lopsided. Always has a grin on, and his shoes are tattered and untied.



Chief: Leader of the NGD,he is very friendly and easygoing, even naive. He is very nice, and almost never serious. He does have a very  explosive temper for those that do wrong to others, and is actually greatly feared by the rest of the members (Pembroke especially). He supposedly has some great power that the other members describe as “Nightmare in a physical form”. He has the ability of super strength, and is seen to able to create explosions at will, but mostly only when he cries. His real name and age is unknown. He has an affinity for his baked cookies.

Pembroke: The Communications and tech expert of the bunch, he fitted each of the members with a special purple visor that transmits messages by talking into it, greatly helping them when separated. He is also Chief’’s assistant, and is the one who is seen to fear him the most. He is also quite weak aside from his intelligence and technical abilities,. He carries around a jet pack always, and only has one power, power over electricity. He can conduct electricity from his fingertips, and shoot energized balls from his hands. He is the most nerdy and eccentric of the group, usually seen spazzing over some new inventions. He does have a remarkable sense of justice, however and is always eager to help anyone. He is also seen to have a weird obsession with toasters.

Hunter: The Youngest member of the NGD, being 18, and the runt of the litter. He is a prankster at heart, but reckless and tends to be overconfident. He also has a unique ability where if he disguises as a meta-human, he is granted their powers for as long he stays transformed, though he automatically loses his disguise and powers when he gets too hurt or tired, and is a pushover if not disguised. He is also very easy to anger, and sports a think Brooklyn accent.

Nester: Usually seen in the background and doesn’t talk much. He is very gloomy and pessimistic. He has the power of camouflage with everything, and can literally melt into objects to hide himself. Nester is a very calm person, and seems to have little to no will to live. He takes injuries with almost no emotion, and seems to welcome them. Nester is also a very dangerous fighter, and he is a master of hand to hand combat, and uses his cameoflauge ability to great use when in a fight. Despite having little to no patience for his eccentric inventions, Nester seems to be on the best terms with Pembroke, calling him "Pem" as a nickname and is usually seen hanging out with him.

Wendal: The Newest Addition to the NGD, he joined up at the end of the first heroes series after being a minion to both Victor and Mortem. He is immortal, and reforms instantly whenever something kills him. He is extremely energetic and pretty nice, but comes off as very annoying because he seems to be so hyper, he yells just about everything. He has a habit of jumping out of windows and making a *splat* sound until he reforms, and has a mysterious power that can make him blow up at will. He is the only member of the NGD to be exclusive to the Metaverse, not being seen at all in the Lettuceverse.


  • Chief: Super Strength, near indestructibility.
  • Pembroke: Power over, and immunity to electricity, and tech prowess.
  • Wendal: Immortality.
  • Nester: Can Camouflage to anything, and literally melts into objects.
  • Hunter: Can transform into people. If a person he transforms into is a meta-human, he gains their powers.


  • Pembroke: Prone to being caught off guard, and not a very strong fighter outside of his tech.
  • Wendal: Very excitable and easily distracted, though immortal.
  • Nester: Has no Offensive Powers
  • Hunter: Weak without a strong transformation, and goes back to normal when injured or stunned, etc.
  • Chief: Easily distracted, but one of the most powerful characters in the whole verse.



























  • Pembroke was originally a character in a fantasy roleplay previously done with vv and glenn, but was modified into the metaverse because the creator liked his character so much, and the fantasy series was discontinued. He was formerly a villain and part of a crime group, ironically, in each of his incarnations he was seen as part of a group.
  • Pembroke has always been seen wearing 3 layers of eyeware, his standard NGD Visor, a pair of construction goggles under the visor, which have been mentioned to be WiFi-enabled, and then he wears circular spectacles with swirls on them under the visor and the goggles. 

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