The Lettuceverse is the universe of the user lettucecow. A list of events in said first will be listed. 

Main Characters


  1. Flint Polar
  2. Wade Newton
  3. The NGD (Chief, Hunter, Pembroke, Nester)
  4. Brian Incanto and  Paige Incanto
  5. Max Effingo
  6. Emma Breeze
  7. Qing
  8. The New Recruits
  9. Riley Umbra (Antihero)
  10. Jake Jones
  11. Zack Abbibo
  12. Casey Minuo


  1. Panzer, Brix, and Big Milky  (First Appear in The Return of the Syndicate)
  2. Xerxes (First appears in Dimension Hopper)
  3. Norman and Beta (First Appear in The Breaking Point)
  4. Vivian Incanto (First Appears in Hunted: Part 1)
  5. Finbar, Knox, and Rock Hardin(Minor Villains, First Appeared in "The Breaking Point", Knox first appears in ARC 35.)
  6. Xenon (only appears in arc 18: New Recruits)
  7. Dr. Fulbright(first appears in Arc 16)
  8. Chloe Faeles and Victoria Faeles (Recurring Villains, The Cat Burglars, first appear in ARC 22)
  9. Dimitri (first appears in arc 26)
  10. Kingsley Medeis (first appears in ARC 28)

Minor Recurring Characters

The Mayor: Old, fat and pompous, the Mayor of Fallbell City is obssed with the city's image. He is somewhat childlike, whining and throwing tantrums when things tarnish the cities image, and will do anything, legal or not to fix it. Appears in ARCS 11,15, and 22.

Lt. Brown: Chief of police for Highlife and Fallbell city. Friendly but slightly dim, he has no problem cooperating with the NGD to catch a criminal, and is one of the nicer townsfolk the NGD has to deal with. Has a crippling addiction to donuts Usually appears after a villain escapes or is captured to investigate the crime scene. Appears in ARCS 8,11,15,21, 22,26,28,32, and 34.

Officer Kevin  Timorous: Low ranking police officer that is extremely clumsy and dim-witted. He has a good heart, and is seen patrolling the city in various ARCS. Has appeared in ARCS 8,16,22,26,28,32, and 34.

Rock Hardin: A cowboy from Fairbush, Texas, and a recurring enemy of flint. Has a deep southern accent, even more then Flint himself. Due to Flint leaving fairbush to go the city to rescue the NGD, he has a sworn hatred of him, calling him a "traitor to dem cityfolk." He has an extremely good gun shot, and has loyal followers in other cowboys. As of ARC 35, he has formed a crime trio with Finbar and Knox in order to finally get back at Flint. He has appeared in ARCS 3,6,16,25, and 35.

Artie Tickles: An extremely eccentric journalist from Highlife City. He has an obsession with finding the next big scoop, and carries around a pet parakeet that repeats news slogan ideas he says. He writes with a feather from his parrot and ink containers, and is frequently seen splattering ink all over his white collared shirt when trying to write while eavesdropping on a fight taking place. He has been seen in ARCS 6, 9,15,16, 21,24,27, 31, and 33.

Cupp A. Joe: A low ranking member of the syndicate, and is known for his apathetic, no-nonsense demeanor, as well as his crippling addiction to coffee. According to himself, he drinks about 87 cups of coffee per day, and has such a resistance to it, he doesn't even get a caffeine rush anymore. He has appeared in ARCS 8,9,11,15,22,24,and 32.

Achmed P. Ervert: A very sleazy diner owner in Fallbell City. Brian and Paige frequent his establishment called "The Big Bomb", and Brian hates him for his "curious" demeanor. He hyperventilates after he finishes every sentence, and is rumored to be making bombs in the backroom of his diner. He seems to be afraid of Riley Umbra. Appears in ARCS:4,6,22, and 28.

Gino Piazza: A middle aged man that owns the popular resturant "Gino's Pizza" in fallbell city. He is frequently seen delivering to the NGD, and is implied to be personal friends with Chief. He is quite overemotional, and tends to randomly burst out in tears. Has appeared in ARCS 4,8,15,16,23,27,32, and 34.

Eric and Gabby: A duo of paranormal investigators that are notable for their modified night vision goggles that have the power to detect paranormal beings and their jumpsuits. They are devoted to reporting on the "strange" things they see, and believe almost anything that happens to be the cause of some paranormal being. Gabby is impatient as well as hot-headed, and Eric is passive but somewhat snarky. Their catchphrase is "Snazzy", which they usually refer to anything they've made. They're notable for beliving Riley Umbra is actually a ghost. They've appeared in ARCS 11,14,22,30, and 34.

Stan 'Inguard: A low-ranking syndicate member that is normally seen guarding the entrance to Brix Towers, but has recently been seen being a guard for the New Syndicate base as well. He is an impatient and cynical person who always seems to have the worst luck. He has also seen to have a weird habit of pointing at people and things when talking. Has been seen in ARCS 8,15,24,29,32, and 34.


Fallbell City:  A small, quaint town on the outskirts of Highlife City. Base of Operations for the NGD, and stomping Grounds of Max Effingo and Emma Breeze. It always appears to be Autumn in this town for some reason, with the leaves always being different colors. Located where Staten Island is in the real America.

Highlife City: A huge sprawling city known for it's rising crime rate, but spectacular nightlife. Base of Operations for the Syndicate and the Government, and birthplace of Hunter and Finbar. It's located where New York City is in the real America.

Fairbush: A rural southern town full of farms and not much else. It first appears in "The Breaking Point", and is the birthplace of Flint and Wade. It is a parody of a small rural town in Texas.

Borsville: A quite ironic name, Borsville if packed with street performers, good restaurants, and monthly internationally acclaimed music and other talent festivals. It is the birthplace of Brian and Paige Incanto, and first appeared in "Hunted: Part 1". Sometimes called "Rising Star Village".

Tipton: A village situated on the very top of a large mountain in the southern US. It is riddled with immigrants for all areas of Asia, and is seeped in Asian culture. Usually the center town for ARCS with Qing.

Sandy Springs: A main location in ARC 3, and is a city situated in the middle of the Texas desert, surrounded by hot springs. Center town ARC 25 as well.

Wasteopolis: An abandoned city that was torn down by rioting liberals sometime before the events of "Hunted: Part 2". The heroes needed to pass through, and were stopped by thugs who were living in the wreck of a city, but the thugs were easily defeated as they lived in the city before then, and only attacked by yelling "CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE!". This city is a parody of Detroit.

Morrowville: An extremely cold tundra region in the top north of America. It is littered with wild dogs, bandits, and scientific researchers. This city was first mentioned in "Hunted, Part 1.5", When Masolat said his client was from Morrowville. It's name is given ironically, it is perpetually dark there, so the "Morrow" never comes.  This area was first visited by the heroes in "The Return of the Syndicate" when Panzer and Brix fled here after the destruction of their towers, and the heroes tracked them down. 

Vida Islands: A large archipelago full of islands that are all beach resorts, and is perpetually hounded by tourists. The native people aren't happy about this, so they scam the tourists as much as they can for their own benefit, and for revenge. The Vida Islands are a parody of Hawaii, and first appeared in "The Vile Vacation".

Starport: A coastal town that is located a few miles away from the Vida Islands. It's name is mash-up of the 2 directions of left and right of a boat, Port and Starboard. It is first seen in "The Vile Vacation" after Pembroke,Nester, and Hunter escaped the assassins and washed up at Starport.

Arc 1: Dimension Hopper   (1955)

The regular old 24 year old  guy, Jack Jones was walking home from work one day, when a strange man pulled up on a futuristic looking car, and next thing he knew, he was beaten unconscious and pulled into the man's futuristic car. He then woke up a couple weeks later after the truck hit a bump, and he and 2 others popped out of a giant test-tube. He quickly realized they were alternate versions of himself, but clueless of why they were here, but he realized they needed to escape. After about of getting chased by men with futuristic armor and weapons they were cornered by who Jack instantly realized was the driver of the futuristic car. He revealed that he was Xerxes, the dimension hopper, and stated that in order to increase his device's hopping power to take control of time itself, he needed the person that stayed more or less the same in all of his different dimension's versions, and that Jack was normal in all of them, and he would need to absorb their essence from every dimension, and that three of hims were enough to take control of every dimension and time itself. Jack and his other 2 counterparts quickly realized that this device to dimension hop, was in fact his car, so they pushed past him and got into it, and started running through different dimensions in hopes to escape. Xerxes soon cornered them again, but this time, they destroyed the device itself, sacrificing themselves in the process, and erasing any mark of themselves throughout history and all dimensions, killing Xerxes in the process as well. This created a tear in time-space, that sometimes got dimensional anomalies mixed up, and gave people special super-human abilities. This was the birth of "Glitch Humans", which is what they called themselves.

Arc 2: Meet the Chief (Side arc: 2003)

A side arc detailing the Chief of the NGD, or in this incarnation the "New Glitch Division" and his backstory, and how he gained his near immortality. As this is a side-arc, the story will not be detailed here.

Arc 3: The Breaking Point (2014)

As awareness of Glitch humans became more widespread, a general Xenophobic attitude was common towards them, 2 rebellious glitch humans, Flint Polar and Wade Newton, decided to test the odds of this, and began displaying their powers in public, however as they became more popular, somebody staged an attack that used their powers, and framed them for it. Thus, they became wanted fugitives and wandered around, avoiding the authorities, but they were determined to find who had framed them.

Arc 4: Hunted, Part 1 (2014)

Glitch-humans are now mysteriously vanishing once their powers became known, and 2 Glitch humans, Known as Brian Incanto and Paige Incanto witnessed their parents taken away from them by mysterious agents, and they were forced to flee their home. During their Escape, they were found by the New Glitch Division, who took them in, and they tried together to stop the mysterious abductions.

Arc 5: Hunted, Part 1.5 (Side Arc: 2014)

Max Effingo, a 16 year old teen who lives alone in a small shack on the outskirts of Fallbell city, has the unique power to make infinite clones of himself, and those clones have their own personalities. After one of his clones (Good Job comik), couldn't resist to split from him when he was out to a movie and tell a joke, hes now on the run from a bounty hunter who collects Gltich-Humans to sell them off to collectors, and by coincidence, can clone himself as well. Max and his clones must work together to escape becoming a collectors Zoo-attraction.

Arc 6 Hunted Part 2 (2014)

After the members of NGD have been captured by Norman and his mysteriousagents, Flint and Wade, who are now vigilantes wandering the country in search of a way to bring down the abuses against Glitch Humans, hear about this. Since they were supporters of the NGD, they team up with their friend Emma Breeze to free the NGD before it's too late, and end up Meeting Max Effingo on the way.

Arc 7: The Quest for Enlightenment (Side Arc:2014)

A month after the NGD was freed and most of the mysterious vanishings stopped, a monk and fellow glitch human  living in Nepal named Brahma was speaking about how Glitch humans and regular people could live in peace and harmony, and slowly gained popularity and became an international celebrity. He and his assistant, Qing went on a journey to America to spread his message and end anti-glitch human strife, but after a failed assassination attempt, they find themselves uncovering the underground conspiracy that everyone thought was toppled a year ago.

Arc 8: The Return of the Syndicate (2014)

A crime group based in Highlife City that is known for their extreme success in heists and is known for their extremely violent executions of people who try and leave the group, called the syndicate was toppled back in the 1970's, but evidence has shown its been operating in silence since then. Their leader, dubbed "Panzer" and his son "Brix" have been running the group with their right hand manager Big Milky, and are glitch humans. The NGD, uncovering the fact some of the members are Glitch Humans, send their special Alpha Squad consisting of Max Effingo, Brian Incanto, Paige Incanto, and Emma Breeze to bring them to justice.

Arc 9: The Vile Vacation (Side Arc:2014)

After Panzer was defeated, Pembroke, Hunter, and Nester decide to take a vacation to the Vida Islands to relax, but they unknowingly bring Brix on the ride after he stows away in their luggage, and puts a bounty on their head for the biggest bounty hunters in America, and tells them to catch them so he can hold them for ransom, and has simply come to watch. Big Milky was also flown in from highlife city to keep an eye on Brix.

Arc 10: New Allies and Old Foes (2014)

Norman and Beta, who have been laying low for 2 months,have enough resources to finally re-emerge,but Beta gets damaged during a recon mission near the NGD base and is found by Pembroke. A damaged Beta thinks hes back at Norman's base, and that Pembroke is Norman. The heroes use this to their advantage to extract information out of him, and attack Norman and his soldier's base, with the help of a damaged but still functional Beta.

Arc 11: Shocking Start (Side Arc:2014)

When Flint gets angry and storms out of the NGD base and Wade runs after him, they get jumped by Finbar and some other gang members but get saved by vigilante in a yellow and orange morph suit who calls himself Dynamo. Flint, Wade and Dynamo then team up to take down a Girl with ghost powers that tries to posses the mayor of Fallbell City. and steal the cities fortune. 

Arc 12: The Quest for Meaning (2014)

Beta is rebuilt by Pembroke, but actually has his full intellectual capabilities. He quickly realizes he has done wrong in the past, and visits Brahma at his temporary home in Tipton, and under his guidance, Beta becomes a philosophical genius, and he starts to wonder what to do with his newfound intelligence. Norman, however, gets word of Beta's rebirth, and is determined to get back on his side, smarter or not.

Arc 13: Dimension Hopper:The Sequel (2014)

Pembroke makes a device that looks into other dimensions with the help of of Wade Newton, Brian Incanto, and one of Max's clones, Techno. The device then goes haywire, and releases Xerxes, who then sends Pembroke,Max, Brian, and Paige into other dimensions in a fit of rage, and tries become the leader of the multiverse. 

Arc 14:  Rescue Mission (2014)

While Flint was out fighting gangs with Dynamo, Norman single-handedly beat everyone at the base, and kidnapped them all for genetic experimentation to extract their powers, so Flint and Dynamo get a reluctant Riley to help rescue them under the conditions that she can steal anything of value at Norman's base.

Arc 15: The Master Plan (side Arc:2014)

Brix escapes from his Prison in the Vida Islands, and puts his master plan into motion.....THE PLAN TO STEAL ALL OF THE MILK IN HIGHLIFE CITY. Brix also hires Riley Umbra,and forces Big Milky to help him for backup. The heroes naturally must put a stop to this, because there  hasn't  been anything new to tackle since they got rescued from Norman, so they're all pretty damn bored.

Arc 16: The PPS Predicament (2014) 

Pembroke finally develops a device that replicate and store Glitch Human abilites into a Monacle/Eyepatch like device, and scans everyone they know into it, but Brix overhears this, and steals the device right under their noses, and escapes with Big Milky being his bodyguard. Norman hears of this, and sends Beta and his head scientist Dr. Fulbright to track down Brix to take that device, and Pembroke Sends Brian,Paige, and Max to catch him, and the 3-way wild goose chase insues.

Arc 17: Lab Rats (2015)

Flint and Dynamo were fighting Riley Umbra after she tried to steal Pembroke's golden toaster when Dr. Fulbright shoots power draining microships into their bodies made from the tech he stole from the PPS before it was taken from him, and nabs all three of them. They awake in a maze-like cell, and must traverse it to get out of Norman's base, but they don't realize the maze is just distracting them from Norman and Dr. Fulbrright scanning their abilities to create robotic copies of their powers.

Arc 18: New Recruits (Side Arc:2015)

Before anybody noticies Flint is missing, Pembroke brings in 3 new recruits, Adam, Jax, and Pierce, and tries to train them for the trials ahead, but when training, a portal appears and Pembroke and the 3 new recruits get sucked into it. Turns out, Xerxes's apprentice, Xenon has sucked them into an alternate dimension, and they must fight other captives for his amusement. Pembroke and the recruits must break out of this weird dimension.

Arc 19: The Final Fight: Part 1 (2015)

When the heroes finally realize Flint is missing, Pembroke uses the PPS to track Flint's powers to Norman's base, and everyone rushes there to break him out, but they don't realize all of them have to deal with Norman, Beta, Dr. Fulbright, a Freed Panzer and Brix with Big Milky, Dr. Fulbright and Masolat. They also didn't Expect that Dr. Fulbright made robotic copies of every single one of them with the DNA hes taken.

Arc 20: The Final Fight: Part 2 (2015)

After they bust Flint, Dynamo, and Riley out, the NGD army consisting of Pembroke,Max Effingo,Wade Newton, Emma Breeze, Brian and Paige Icanto,Flint Polar, Dynamo,Riley Umbra, Nester, and Hunter must try and overcome all of their enemies and try to stop Norman together.

Extra Arcs

These series of extra Arcs take place 1 year after ARC 20, and feature some new characters. 

Arc 21: Breaking the Lightbulb (2016)

Aspiring scientist and glitch Human, Zack Abbibo gets a job in Lightbulb Labs, run by the famous scientist Dr. Fulbright, who takes a keen interest in Zack's abilities, as he can take in nearly almost anything by touch and gain powers from it. After a while, Zack thinks Dr. Fulbright is up to something, and resolves to find the truth about him.

Arc 22: The Cat Burglars (2016)

After a string of robberies hit fallbell city that keep going unsolved, the Mayor appoints the NGD to solve the case. Chief thinks it's a pair of glitch humans that have shown activity in other cities and called themselves the "Cat Burglars", so he gets Paige and Brian on the case, with a little criminal assistance from Riley Umbra. After a little reasearch, apparently the pair are sisters, and glitch humans.

Arc 23:  Forced Felonies (2016)

Some time after Zack tried to reveal who Fulbright was, Fulbright went missing. A couple months later, a glitch human named Casey Minuo started acting strangley, and kidnapped Zack on the streets. It was revealed that Fulbright developed a a chemical that alters nerve cells in glitch humans and makes them bound to Fulbright like mind control. Fulbright then injects Zack with the serum, and sends him and Casey to attack the NGD.

Arc 24: Jailbreak (2016)

After a week of Casey and Zack living at the base, Dr. Fulbright figures out of the code of the locks on the prisoners cells, and lets out various criminials that the NGD locked away in the jail portion of their base, such as Brix, Chloe Faeles, Victoria Faeles, Cupp A. Joe, and Beta. He then leads them to his base, and unites them against the NGD. Feeling partially responsible, Casey and Zack join a team of Max Effingo, Jake Jones and Emma Breeze to stop them.

Arc 25: Wild West Rematch

While Casey, Zack, and the rest of the NGD are looking for Dr. Fulbright, Flint Polar gets wind that his old enemy from Fairbush, Rock Hardin rounded up some of his cowboys and went on a crime spree, wrecking Flint's family's farm in the process. Filled with anger, he grabs Wade Newton and heads back to fairbush for a classic "Duel".

Arc 26: Picking up a Frenchman (2016)

Dr. Fulbright, after questioning Brix about how he is running the syndicate, learns that his dad, Panzer is in a high security prison on the other side of the country. After some research, He finds out Brix's father is in contact with the most dangerous glitch human assasain from France, who is in a prison rather close by, so Fulbright organizes a team of the Faeles sisters, Brix, and Beta to break him out of prison and join them. 

Arc 27: 12 Degrees of Hell (Side Arc-2016)

Brix, under orders from Dr. Fulbright to create a trap for the NGD, opens up a milk emporium in the basement of Gino's pizza with Beta, but doesn't know what to do when his "Milky Emporium" starts becoming a huge hit in the city. 

Arc 28: Dual Hobby (2016)

While Paige was doing her weekly magic show at Gino's Pizza, a robbery took place at a nearby bank, with the culprit using the same magic tricks Paige used. Now being framed for the string of robberies, She takes Brian and his friend from his part-time mechanic job, Melody Carmen along with her to help catch the true thief.

Arc 29: Donut in the Wires (2016)

With the help of Zack Abbibo and Casey Minuo, the NGD manages to track down Dr. Fulbright's base, and Invades with a trio of Zack,Casey, and Pembroke. They manage to sneak into the control room while Dimitri goes out on his lunch break, and manage to hack the system. Unbeknowst to them, Beta plugged himself into the system to to hook up the microwave for Chloe's pizza, exposing him to the virus Pembroke used, which in turn turns him haywire and gives him 100% control over the base. To detach Beta from the system, the trio have to team up with Dr. Fulbright, Victoria Faeles, Chloe Faeles, Brix, and Kingsley Medeis if they have a hope to escape.

Arc 30: Friendly Fire (2016)

While Pembroke, Zack, and Casey are infiltrating the New Syndicate Base, Max Effingo gets into an argument with Riley Umbra about who would win in a fight, which then trancends into giant tournament organized by Steve which pits ever member of the NGD against one another in a fight, with the winner getting Pembroke's Gold Toaster to prove they are the strongest NGD Agent.

Arc 31: Trouble In Tipton (2016)

When it's finally time to leave America, Qing decides to stay while Brahma goes back to Nepal, and starts making a living by decorating fans and selling them outside restaurants. While walking home from a day of selling about a week later, he sees a rather weird looking man (Kingsley Medeis), attack and knock out a girl, inject some sort of serum into her, then run away. Qing, against his better judgement, decides to follow him and rescue the girl.

Arc 32: Cynicism (2016)

As soon as Pembroke brings Qing back to the NGD base, Chief assigns Nester to take him on a tour of Fallbell City. Nester, being the jaded individual he is, instead brings Qing on a mission to stop the resurfacing of the old Syndicate, denouncing a tour as "Stuff for people who have will to live" and states that going on a mission will help him learn the ropes better then anything else.

Arc 33: Magical Misadventure(2016)

After being the first to call on on a radio contest, Paige Incanto wins a trip for three to the extremely famous street magician Ille Lushon's headquarters in Borsville. She brings Brian Incanto  and Melody Carmen along for the trip, but Kingsley Medeis overhears and decides to follow them out of jealously.

Arc 34: New Year, New Manhunt (2017)

After the breaking up of the Old Syndicate, Dimitri, Cupp A. Joe, Stan 'Inguard and Big Milky have gone underground after they escaped in ARC 32. After drawing conclusions of the most logical places they might be hiding out, Pembroke sends Max Effingo, Emma Breeze, Qing and Kim Hana to track them down, but they soon find more then they bargained for.

Arc 35: The Terrible Trio (2017)

After all of the Old Syndicate grunts except for Cupp A. Joe were captured and the New Syndicate being strangely quiet, the NGD is looking for new problems, and they seem to find a string of failed robberies happening around the city.  After digging a little deeper, it appears Finbar, his brother Knox, and Flint's old enemy Rock Hardin have formed a grossly incompetent crime trio, which the NGD sends Flint Polar, Riley Umbra, and Jake Jones to deal with before something more important arises. 

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