Terry's Requiem is the name of the gang Drea Garland forms in order to take down The Incognito, a gang that has been terrorizing her own city and other nearby areas with their exploits. The gang name is named after Terry, Drea's childhood friend, who got killed after a fatal encounter with members of Incog. All plans made by the gang are all exploits to slowly kill off important members of the R.U until only the sole leader remains, as Drea's revenge for what they did to Terry and what they've been doing to people.

Terry's Requiem possesses a gang sign, which is nothing more than holding up two peace signs with the hands, signifying the goal of the gang; to achieve some form of peace.

When the leader of Incognito is defeated and killed, havoc ensues. Without a replacement, and with the other leaders gone and dead, they are apprehended over the course of two weeks. With this, Terry's Requiem achieved their goal, and disbanded.

By the formation of Terry's Requiem in "Gangs", there are eight members. By the end of the File, there are three.


  • Robert Jaeger
  • Darian Tracey 

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