Stupid Idiot
Basic Info


Alignment Chaotic Evil
Race Demon
Gender Fish
Age Older then time itself
Birthday Unknown
Blood Type Lettuce's Tears
Main Ability Being a fucking death bringer
Personal Data
Birthplace Lettuce's darkest dreams
Nationality Polish
Affiliation(s) Satan
Occupation(s) Fuckiing Bitches
Base of Operations Lettuce's Nightmares

" *Teleports behind lettuce" Heh, nothing personal kid."

― Stupid Idiot, as he ruthlessly kills half of Lettuce's squad.

Stupid Idiot is a wild pokemon, and later member of Lettuce's moon team who killed half of his team by calling for help 7 times and not staying the fucking net ball.



Theme Songs

  • XXX
  • XXX
  • XXX


ARC 1: Moon

Lettuce tries to capture him, but not before GOING THROUGH 20 MINUTES OF FUCKING AGONY by trying to bring him low enough to catch, when he keeps spamming brine when his ally uses helping hand. Kills 3 of his team members before he stops calling allies and stays in the fucking ball. In the mist of being really fucking salty, Lettuce calls him "Stupid Idiot". He keeps him in the back of his party for death fodder until he somehow saves lettuce's ass in the Salazzle totem battle, prompting Lettuce to actually keep him on the team. He then played a major role in the Mimikyu totem battle, and helped Lettuce win it. Stupid Idiot then played a major role in the team for the rest of the game, often being the 2nd or highest level on the team. He was the last of Lettuce's pokemon standing during the final turns of the champion battle, and sealed lettuce's victory after he knocked out the snorlax with a crit aqua tail after fighting through paralysis from it's body slam, winning Lettuce the pokemon league.




  • Ruining dreams.
    • Spamming Aqua Ring.
  • Using Brine to kill lettuce's entire team while being helping hand boosted.
  • Calling for help 7 TIMES.


  • Lube (for when he fucks your bitch)
  • Cigar (for after hes all out of lube)


  • None.


  • Stupid Idiot is hardy natured.

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