The Ace of Spades
Basic Info
Alignment Neutral Good
Race Human
Gender Male


Birthday May 5th
Blood Type O-
Main Ability Welcome to Hell
Personal Data
Birthplace Hoboken, New Jersey
Nationality American


Occupation(s) Gambler
Base of Operations


"Checkmate. You've been cracked, Mister."

- Spade.

Spade is an incredibly talented gambler, going on to win several international Poker tournaments over the years. He was the planned host to an eldritch horror that leaked from the Otherworld Dimension.


Spade, as a child, lived a generally average life.

It would be when Spade was thirteen years old that his When the tear between the Otherworld and Middleworld was formed under unknown circumstances and the dying soul Zpastyhlmozt slipped out of it, it managed to sneak up into Spade's house, while he was sleeping, and infused its being with Spade's in order to survive.

But, it was too late. 

Zpastyhlmozt had died just as he had infused his soul with Spade's, and nothing was left but an empty husk, which would be eventually filled with Spade's personality.




Spade is a generally kind and soft spoken towards anyone he meets. When he addresses people he doesn't know, he refers to them as "Mister" or "Missus", along with a physical trait of theirs that stands out to him, and ends it with "man" or "woman". The physical trait will usually be replaced by the person's name if Spade learns it. Regardless of who it is, whether it be friend, foe, or something else along those lines, Spade will always address them by these formal terms. With the exception of Zpastyhlmozt, who he refers to as "Buddy". If Spade is nervous, he tends to pull his hat down in front of his face.


  • Welcome to Hell - Spade, with his natural Abnormality, and the eldritch powers accidentally bestowed upon him during his youth, has an incredible versatile set of abilities which allow him to accomplish a wide assortment of feats.
    • Hellfire Manipulation - Spade can create and control the cursed fires of Hell of his own will. Unlike regular fires, these flames won't go out unless Spade either puts them out, is incapacitated, or if the fires have been exposed to a vaccum. As powerful as this is, the flames themselves are a chaotic and difficult mess to control, forcing Spade to have to use them wisely if he ever needs to use them in a populated area or similar.
      • Soul Mutilation - Spade is capable of setting souls on fire. If a soul is inside of a living being, that person will suffer excrutiating and incomprehensible pain everywhere, all at once. Spade can even take this pain even further by intensifying the fire of the soul until the fire completely devours it, killing the adversary instantly.
      • Soul Summoning - Spade can summon the Damned; a nigh unlimited cluster of Souls that exist in Hell. They come in the form of flaming human skulls, which will fly around erratically. Spade can have these Souls attack foes.
    • Eldritch Magic - Due to Spade's soul being infused with that of a dying Otherworld soul at a young age, Spade was granted several of the abilities of an Eldritch Horror, which use a magic beyond understanding for their incredible power.
      • Astral Projection - Spade's most prominent use of this ability. Most of its applications can be seen here, with Zpastyhlmozt.
      • Eldritch  Communication - Spade is capable of tapping into the Otherworld and speaking with its residents there.
      • Eldritch Energy Manipulation - A method he uses for attacking with eldritch magic. It takes the form of bright green bursts of energy. He can use this energy to power objects. For example, he infused a deck of cards with eldritch magic, then blasted those cards at an opponent.
      • Psycho Warping - Spade can warp reality through the power of his eldritch magic, by speaking incantations of the Otherworld, he can build up this energy and use it in any form, and achieve almost any task with the power of his mind and the magic that he possesses. He can commonly use this to warp to different locations if needed, warp logic to the point where he is no longer bound to its rules, and a virtually infinite amount of other things.
  • Go to Hell. - Spade's last resort. After having summoned hundreds of the Damned from Hell, he can have them all enter the adversary. After this, Spade sets them all on fire at once, causing the foe to feel hundreds of times more excrutiating pain then they would have if it was only just their soul that was being burnt. Spade intensifies the flames until the skin and flesh of the victim begins to melt off. And with this, the Damned quickly drag the person into Hell, banishing them there forever with the endless pain of three hundred burning souls. Once a person has been banished, nothing can bring them back.


Zpastyhlmozt, or Pasty for short, was originally one of the many eldritch creatures that resided in the Otherworld. It takes the appearance of a large, deformed butterfly. When a tear was briefly created between the Otherworld and the Middleworld, Zpastyhlmozt managed to slip through it.

However, it wasn't without a cost. As, with most lower Otherworld residents in other dimensions, their very being starts being torn at by the seams unless they could find a soul of that realm to infuse with. As Pasty tried to infuse his own soul with Spade's, he died, leaving behind nothing but his "body" and abilities to Spade.

Because his "essence" is infused with Spade's soul, it takes the form of what Pasty looked like before it died; a large butterfly. With his ability to use Astral Projection, Spade can call out his from his body and utilize several abilities of Pasty, while also being able to command it as Pasty's soul died off before it could fully infuse with Spade, allowing Spade's soul to use it.

  • All of Spade's main abilities, such as hellfire manipulation.
  • High Speed Flight - Pasty's maximum flight speed allows it to fly at Mach 10, allowing it to outpace the fastest fighter jets in the world.
  • Crystal Wings - Pasty has incredibly hard wings. Spade tends to take advantage of these wings by using them as a shield of sorts. However, they will begin to shatter if enough force is applied to them.


Spade will typically use fireballs, eldritch blasts, or Pasty to deal with his foes. Since he can call Pasty at any small radius around himself, he can use it as a suprise attack should an opponent be close to Spade.


  • Given his tame nature, Spade will almost never go beyond using hellfire based attacks or Pasty in a fight unless he feels its absolutely necessary.
  • Spade has difficulty controling his abilities at their higher levels.
  • In exchange for being a second body that Spade can use to help in fights, Spade loses half of his power if Pasty is summoned, with half of his strength going to Pasty.
  • Spade and Pasty share damage. If Spade gets hurt, Pasty takes damage proportional to that, and vice versa.
  • Overrusing his magic causes Spade to pass out.


  • Despite having abilities that are almost always, if not always, associated with malice, chaos, fear, madness, and evil, Spade is arguably one of the kindest characters of the Abnormalverse.
  • Spade is a direct homage to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure , specifically characters who have Stands.
    • There is a character in JoJo who is also a professional gambler, with a Stand with a limited form of Soul Manipulation.
  • Spade's favorite musician is John Wiliams.

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