The Ace
Basic Info

John Doe

The Ace of Spades

The Magician

Alignment Chaotic Good
Race Human
Gender Male
Age Unknown, likely in his early twenties, but possibly much older
Birthday 12/24
Blood Type O+
Main Ability Bad Romance
Birthplace Hoboken, New Jersey
Nationality American
Occupation(s) Gambler, Occultist, Exorcist
"You've been cracked!"
― Spade

Spade is the nickname of a career gambler famous for his ability to detect when someone is cheating, regardless of what the circumstances are. His real name is unknown, and those who do not often call him by Spade will often use John Doe, referring to his lack of an identification. He is accompanied by the nephalem Zpastyhlmozt, an ethreal entity which Spade befriended and bonded with since his childhood.

In secret, Spade operates in an underground bunker in New Orleans, for the purpose of banishing demonic and angellic entities from his realm, due to Earth being caught in-between an ongoing war between Yahweh and Lucifer.




Spade is a tall, caucasian man with brunette hair. He commonly wears a black leather vest with a white coat underneath.



Spade is, at his core, a kind and caring person. He's polite, often addressing anyone he meets as Mister, Miss, or Missus, regardless of who it is, and rarely ever retorting no matter how much others insult him.  He's often seen daydreaming. Despite this lighthearted personality, Spade can be a serious man, never stowing away from his goals and objectives.

Spade absolutely despises cheating in games.



  • Gambler - Spade is skilled in games, particularly card games like Blackjack and Poker, to the degree that he can seem to always have a chance of winning regardless of his situation, regardless of the abilities of his opponent. He is able to easily deduce when someone is cheating just by observations. His experience in gambling is so well-renowned that Aster believed that it was his Abnormality before he revealed it wasn't at all, and then she thought he was cheating.
  • Shovel Proficiency - Spade is skilled at wielding a shovel as a weapon and using it in conjunction with his abilities.
  • Linguist Major - He has a degree in linguistics, and has studied a number of languages; something which has assisted him in a number of ways across his career.
  • Occultist's Knowledge - Spade has studied a wide amount of mystic lore in order to understand both Heaven and Hell better.


  • Bad Romance - Spade's Abnormality, in which he is able to channel spiritual entities, such as demons or angels into himself, gaining their powers and being able to communicate with them mentally. He primarily uses this with Zpastyhlmozt, as the two have almost flawless symmmetry and trust with one another. Spade's connection with Pasty is so strong that it has become permanent, making them inseperable. Due to the incredible power Pasty holds, Spade can only wield a small amount of it at a time. However, he has learned to master it to some degree and access more abilities from both angelic and demonic sources.
    • Projection - Spade can summon a physical projection of Pasty in order to help him directly. It takes the shape of an enormous butterfly, with strange features such as eyes sprawled all over its body. Once Spade realizes it's full potential, he is able to summon Pasty in its true form.
    • Infernokinesis - Spade's primary power is the ability to channel and generate the flames of Hell itself, projecting them out of any part of his body. These flames can't be put out through normal circumstances and cause excrutiating pain to anyone they burn. Spade is even capable of burning incorporeal objects, such as the souls of victims, and burn them into an invisible ash. Spade is completely immune to both hellfire and normal fire as well.
      • Hell-Fire Mimicry - Spade can turn his entire body into hellfire, making him intangible and invincible.
      • Hell-Fire Breath - He can also spew out powerful bursts of flame from his mouth.
      • Pyromoths - Spade can create small moth-like creatures out of flame and have them chase after a target. Once they make contact with the target or if Spade desires it, they violently explode.
      • Hell-Fire Infusion - Spade can infuse hellfire into objects such as cards, keeping them from burning up and turning them into deadly weapons.
      • Flame Conversion - Spade can turn normal fire into hellfire, and vice versa.
    • Nephalem Aura - Spade inherits an aura with both divine and demonic properties about it, causing both demons and angels to be attracted to his presence. He is able to shut off his aura, and thus his presence entirely to keep entities from noticing him.
    • Forces of Both - Spade, to a lesser degree, can manipulate the forces of both divine and demonic power, as his hellfire is just an aspect of these forces. Though he's nowhere near capable of using it to the same extent as Zpastyhlmozt, he has been able to utilize it's raw power to some degree, in the form of concussive blasts. He has even managed to manipulate the holy light, an ability exclusive to Yahweh.
    • The Link - Due to the amount of time Spade and Zpastyhlmozt have spent bonded together, their very existences have become permanently linked and inseperable. Nothing can seperate Spade from Zpastyhlmozt, not even the combined power of Lucifer and Yahweh. Because of this, and Pasty's divine nature, Spade is able to come back from the dead, due to his "link" with Pasty.


  • Playing Cards - Spade commonly carries a standard deck of playing cards on his person.
  • Spade's Shovel - Spade wields a shovel as his weapon of choice.


  • Spade has tinnitus, which causes insomnia. As a result, he's often tired or exhausted, but he doesn't show it.
  • While Spade is capable of tapping into Zpastyhlmozt's power, he is currently only able to use a very small fraction of it; using more than just that fraction will destroy his body from the amount of power.


  • Spade has his degree hung on his wall in his office, with his real name on it. However, due to the position of the degree compared to the light in the middle of the room, the name is obscured by its glare.