Mister Slaptastic
Basic Info
Title "The Ultimate Degenerate", "Pinecloud", "The Mockingbird"
Alignment True Chaotic Lawful Neutral Evil Good  Degenerate
Race Degenerate
Gender Male
Age Fuck you
Birthday Degenerate
Blood Type Red
Main Ability(ies)

Creating and manipulating the Mockingbird Multiverse and everything within it

Being a degenerate

Leitmotif Athletic
Personal Data
Birthplace Your mother
Nationality American
Affiliation(s) Other users
Occupation(s) Being a degenerate
Base of Operations His room

Slapson is the creator and supreme degenerate of the Mockingbird Multiverse.


He appears a monochromatic bald man with two large white eyes. He wears a jacket as dark as himself and a red shirt underneath.


Like all other degenerates, Slapson is a terrible person who does terrible things. One of these things is creating an entire race of walking penises that live in old English styled kingdoms, creating overpowered fuckboys, old men, alcoholics, gods, a penguin, a demigoddessa Scottish ghoul, and a whole fucking lot more. and just being a plain degenerate in general. He likes to shitpost his shitty memes.


Now this is a story all about how-

Powers and Abilities


  • Slapson is Slapson.

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