Basic Info
Alias(es) None
Alignment Neutral Good
Race Human
Gender Male
Age Unknown, but it seems to be in his 20s
Birthday Unknown
Main Ability Perfect Movement
Personal Data
Birthplace Unknown
Nationality American


Vulcan (younger brother)

Occupation(s) Bicycle Repairman/Salesman

"I wouldn't mind his anger issues, I've gotten used to the constant danger of being incinerated by lava..."

- Shift about Vulcan.

Shift is a bicycle salesman and the older brother of Vulcan. After the latter of the two "accidentally" used his Abnormality to burn Shift's eyes out, leaving him permanently blind and feeling pain in both areas where his eyes used to be.







Shift is usually a calm man, even in stressful situations. He's kind to other people who show their kindness to him and is a generally pleasant person to be around, overall. When he's threatened, he will begin to show a tranquil fury, being able to perform aggressive acts in a calm manner, even if he's in a situation such as being robbed by people trying to take advantage of his blindness. Truly, he will only show his anger at his brother.



  • Blindness compensation - Due to Shift being blind, his other senses have become sharpened. Through his own hard work, he sharpened them even further to the point where he can make out moving objects simply by feeling the vibrations in the air. Because of this, Shift is able to successfully perform tasks such as wielding a firearm or making out his enviroment.
    • This is further shown by the fact that he's able to fix bicycles, despite being blind.
  • Speed - Whether or not it's a result of his Abnormality, Shift is a fast runner.


  • Cane Shotgun - Shift built a cane, which is disguised as a gun. The cane itself looks completely inconspicuous bar the trigger.


  • Perfect Movement - Shift has the ability to perform any physical act without being held back by normal human difficulties or limitations. He can effortlessly and perfectly move any part of his body with ease despite the impossible conditions that would come about from doing such a thing. The Abnormality allows Shift to perform physical stunts from the most basic to the impossible. Shift can backflip, dash through the air, move and walk on walls, and move through most environments without an issue.


  • Shift describes that his ability, despite it removing most of his physical weaknesses, can be exhausting because his stamina isn't far above that of a normal man.


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