Basic Info
Name Serafino "Fino" Martini
Alias(es) Scorcher, Ballista
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Height / Weight 6'1 / 182.3 lbs
Birthday / Age 10.1.95 / Twenty-one
Main Ability Explosion
Personal Data
Birthplace Los Angeles, CA
Nationality Italian - American
Affiliation(s) N/A
Occupation(s) Terrorist
Base of Operations Seattle, WA

"Those who use their weapons purely for power are some of the dumbest people on this planet. I can't stand dumb people."
― Serafino Martini

Serafino Martini is a major antagonist the Persoverse, and is an explosion-using Masked. Born on the day of the Black Smoke, Fino was said to have little chance of survival in the catastrophe. Alongside the struggles of childbirth, his mother was also being affected by the smoke, developing a strange illness that caused her to collect a foreign substance in her lungs. Despite all odds, Fino came out of labor, a burn mark stretching across his torso, like a scar, from his right shoulder to his left ribcage. The cause of this scar was unknown, but even so, his mother ignored the subject and named the baby "Serafino." Two days later, his mother died, and Fino was sent to the care of his aunt once the smoke cleared. 

At the age of fifteen, on August 27th, 2010, Fino enrolled at a nationally famous school known as Aegis Academy, revered for its special treatment towards the Masked. However, over time, he began to hate this treatment, and it led him to become both apathetic and antisocial. He later became a villain and took the alias of Scorcher.




Theme Songs

  • XXX
  • XXX
  • XXX


Serafino Martini is typically seen as very stoic, very apathetic, and an overall alright person to be around. He rarely ever gets angered and seems to not care what you do. That is until he does get angered. When this happens, he is truly a scary individual, showing no mercy and acting extremely recklessly. In a fight, this can be much worse, causing his explosions to grow larger and his style to become more brutal and deadly. In addition, he can be quite arrogant and often lead himself to believe that he is better than most people.

Likes: Explosions, Holes, Chaos

Dislikes: Dumb people, Villains, People with high authorityHobbies: Training, Sleeping, Hitchhiking




Ability Type: Control

Ability Range: Close-Range

Class: Offensive


Style: Tae Kwon Do, Krav Maga, Western Boxing


  • Bluetooth earpiece
  • iPhone 7
  • Retractable blade


  • XXX


  • When angered, despite becoming far more powerful, he poses just as great a threat to himself as he does to his opponent.
  • His abilities hold only a short range, having to rely on his speed tactics to close distance on an enemy. Even so, this leaves him open to be shot down by anyone not intimidated by him.


  • Serafino is an italian name that means "burning one" which can coincide with his explosive abilities.
  • "Martini" is a loose reference to Bruno Martino, a late Italian jazz musician who lived and died in Rome, Italy in 2000.
    • Furthermore, his middle name is Bruno.
  • His abilities are heavily based off of Katsuki Bakugou, an explosion-creating character from Boku no Hero Academia.

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