The Sovereign Witch

Samara Noire

Samara Noire (Modern)

Alias(es) Raven's Witch, The Huntress
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Race Human (Sorcerer)
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Birthday July 28th
Blood Type A-
Main Ability Spell Casting
Birthplace Versailles, France
Nationality French-British

Herself, James Brim

Dane Tyler (Sometimes)

Occupation(s) Monster Hunter
Base of Operations Mobile
"So, it looks like the phrase "Something Wicked This Way Comes" applies to bitches with white hair too, huh?"
― David Grimm, greeting Samara

Samara Noire is an immortal witch hailing from Versailles, France. At a young age, the French nobility attempted to burn her alive, which failed. To prove she was not like other witch's and sorcerers, she became a monster hunter and moved to Britain. During this time, she fought various monsters and sorcerers, becoming an enemy of Phoenix Keys and being the one to slay Dracula. In the modern day, she plays a key role in the Paranormal section of the Villainousverse, often serving as both ally and enemy to Dane Tyler.


Victorian Times


Modern Times






As a witch, Samara has a few very noticeable features. She has pale skin, deep blue eyes, and naturally white hair. However, as time went one she began to stylize her hair differently and occasionally uses green colored eye contacts.

In Victorian times, Samara wore a large dark hat, dark coat, metal chest plate and a red scarf. In the modern day, Samara wears a dark coat with a hood, flexible under armor and pants and large boots.


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Despite the seriousness of her work, Samara is more friendly than most monster hunters. Compared to Dane Tyler, she's extremely friendly and prefers to see the good in people, even if her job often shows her the bad side. She has a strong moral code and cannot stand Amoral Hunters like Alec O'Ryan, finding them repulsive.


Hunting Monsters, Moral Hunters, Darts, Competitive Shooting


Amoral Hunters, Monsters, Most Sorcerers


Samara has no notable hobbies, other than watching history specials on television.


  • Spell Casting - Using spells, Samara can utilize various effects.
    • Hexes - Samara often uses Hexes to harm opponents.
  • Witch's Condition - Due to being a witch, Samara's physical condition is superior to normal humans.
    • Deadeye - Samara is an excellent shot, due to her use of pistols throughout the centuries.
  • Paranormal Expertise - Samara is an expert in all paranormal fields do to her long career.


  • Duel pistols (Formerly Flintlock)
  • Timepiece
  • Various blades
  • Crossblades


  • Without her magic, Samara is almost defenseless.
    • Nightshade and Rune Stones will make her magic far less effective.
  • XXX


  • Samara is a devout Catholic and considered becoming a nun at one point.
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