Royden Amareth
Anime 20Guy 203 large
Basic Info
Alias(es) none
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 24
Birthday 3/2/1992
Blood Type A
Main Ability Light Magic
Birthplace Oznea
Homeworld Dragoverse
Affiliation(s) Donovans team
Occupation(s) Militia
Base of Operations none

Royden is a member of donovans team and an adept light mage.


He grew up in a major village living a peaceful life untill he reached 11, then his village was attacked by a rogue salamander. It was at this point that he unknowingly revealed his abilities of light magic, blinding the creature and sending it off. Light magic is an exceptionally rare magic known only by some of the most ancient of mages and as such the village believed he needed to seek out his living alone as they would be unable to help him.

Growing up on his own in the wilds was not kind to him, he grew distant with the world around him despite his ever growing magical ability, even resorting to theft at some points. It was here that Donovan found him and offered him a place on his militia, giving him the chance to no longer need to learn alone.



Royden has a very mature look having to do so to survive in the wilds, his outfit being a silk and light metal armor with metallic cloth arms on his right arm. 


He is hardened by his experience out in the wild, having been out there for years and as a result he's very quiet but very efficient at what he does.


  • Wittling, hunting


  • Bad puns, vampires


  • Hunting




  • Handguns
  • Metal cloth arms


Royden is very pragmatic in combat, often blinding his opponent before shooting them without hesiation.

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