Riley Umbra
Basic Info
Alias(es) N/A
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Race Glitch Human
Gender Female
Age 24
Birthday October 23rd

Main Ability Ghost shit nigga
Personal Data
Birthplace Highlife City
Nationality American
Affiliation(s) NGD
Occupation(s) On and off NGD agent/On and off criminal. 
Base of Operations NGD Base


― Riley's response to pretty much any threat.

Riley Umbra is a supporting character in The Lettuceverse, and main character in the Paranormal RP. 






Riley is extremely apathetic to most things, but enjoys the thrill of petty crime. She is also level-headed, and calm, even in situations of emergency. She is however, self-centered and seems to not care about other people unless she becomes close to them. Riley does have a remarkable amount of street smarts however, and is quite observant. Despite this, she can also be extremely friendly to people who become close to her, as well as becoming very loyal to them. Despite her apathy for most things, Riley actually has a rather jokey demeanor when it comes to non-serious situations.


Arc 1:Lettuceverse

Riley first appears in ARC 11, and is the main antagonist.  She appears again in ARC 14, and has a supporting role. She re-appears in ARC 15, and is a supporting villain, who ends up just getting annoyed at Brix and ends up beating him up and stealing a large amount of money from the Syndicate Safe before ditching him. She appears again in ARC 17, and has a main role. She appears again in ARCS 19 and 20, where she, Flint Polar, and Jake Jones are rescued by the NGD, and aids in the fight against Norman. She re-appears in ARC 22, where she has a supporting role, and helps Paige Incanto and Brian Incanto catch Kingsley Medeis. Riley appears again in ARC 30, where she starts the idea of the tournament while arguing with Max Effingo and gets extremely far into it, but ends up losing to Nester. She appears again in ARC 35, and has a main role.


  • Being apathetic as FUCK.
    • Intangibility 
  • Floating
    • Good with guns and hand to hand combat.
    • Ectokinetic Constructs: Can Summon ectoplasmic Whips, shoot "Shadow Punches" (fists made from ectroplasmic energy), and ectoplasmic claws from her hands. 










  • Riley has extremely high alcohol tolerance.

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