Raginald Judoc
Basic Info
Alias(es) Ragi 
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 22
Birthday August 4
Blood Type B
Main Ability Alphabetical Agony
Personal Data
Birthplace Placeholder text
Nationality Placeholder text
Affiliation(s) Placeholder text
Occupation(s) Placeholder text
Base of Operations None

"This should be fun..."

- Raginald.






A cool, calm, and collected man. Regardless of the situation, Raginald never gets restless and focuses on the task at hand. He's usually quiet most of the time, burying himself in whatever he's reading.

Raginald has a liking for jazz music, stating that he has a liking for Benny Goodman, King Oliver, and Ella Fitzgerald.


  • Alphabetical Agony - Raginald's Abnormality is one of the strangest ones; He has the ability to project words/letters/characters/symbols in any medium they might appear on, such as books, on a screen, or in handwritten writing. They can bring these letters out of what they were in and use them. By arranging the letters of whatever they bring out into words, the words will then become what they mean. (i.e arranging letters into "fire" would create a small burst of fire, arranging 火事 together would do the same thing, fuego is the same, etc). Raginald has full control over what he creates from the letters. The only limits to this ability would be the inability to recreate proper nouns (ex. "Adolf Hitler"), and the inability to recreate concepts from letters (like "Time"). Raginald will typically carry books around, with letters floating around him in case he needs to form a word. Should Raginald be defeated (by death, sustaining heavy damage, or being knocked unconscious), the letters will return to what they originally came from. In some cases, Raginald can even choose not to form objects and instead use the individual letters themselves as a source of defense or attack. Individual letters are solid and can be used in just about any situation.
    • Raginald has had so much practice with arranging letters to the point where he can form them almost instantly.



  • As stated, Raginald cannot create proper nouns, nor can he create conceptual objects. Anything else is fair game, however.


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