Basic Info
Alias(es) Raal (Nickname)
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Race Vampire
Gender Male
Age ?
Birthday ?
Main Ability The Complete History of X
Personal Data
Birthplace Layer 1, Hell
Nationality Demon

Himself, Mesa

Occupation(s) Lawyer

"I will go back and learned what happened here!"

- Ra'aliv.

Ra'aliv is a well-known lawyer around many parts of Hell, due to his seemingly incredible intuition of every case he has taken part in.








  • The Complete History of X - Raal has the ability to read and understand the entire past of an object or person just by observing or touching it. When he uses this ability, he receives a vision of the object's entire history, from its conception up to its status in the present day. Although to outsiders, the visions Raal receives will last up to a second or two, it could feel like days in Raal's mind. Though, he has the option to skip parts of the history he's looking at to get to points he wants to see. Additionally, Raal has the option to see multiple histories at once, though it requires harder concentration to pull off and can leave him with migraines.
  • Vampire - Due to being a vampire, Raal inherently has multiple physical advantages (at least above normal humans) and the ability to fly. All vampires inherently have the ability to suck blood, and many of them have an aversion to light.


  • He can only perceive something up into its present moment, making him unable to see into the future.
  • He dislikes bright lights, and can be blinded easily.


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