Phil Tavener
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  • Healing - Phil's Abnormality is mainly described as the ability to quickly heal biological organisms, whether it be himself, other people and animals near him, or plant life if he chooses to. He can do this by simply touching the target he wants to heal.
    • Regeneration - Phil is able to immediately recover from attacks, both minor and fatal, in a matter of seconds by healing himself.
    • Curing - His ability to heal is not limited to cuts or bruises, as he's able to cure diseases and other sicknesses as well. 
    • Mitokinesis - Phil is able to work control over the division of cells, as influencing mitosis is the main reason why he is able to heal at such a fast rate in the first place. He can speed up, slow down, or stop the process of mitosis entirely.
      • Overheal - Phil can "overheal" targets, causing detrimental effects. This allows him to turn his ability to heal into a uniquely deadly weapon.
        • Cancer Inducement - Phil can "overload" cell processes, causing cells to rapidly multiply to create tumors.
        • Age Acceleration - Phil can overload cells to the point where he can cause someone to rapidly age biologically.
    • Organic Generation - Phil's Abnormality has the secondary ability to allow him to generate organic matter from the power he uses to heal. This can leave room for a various amount of applications, such as being able to generate spare organs.
      • Life Creation - Phil can use his ability to create organic matter to create living things for an undetermined amount of time.
        • Zoogenesis - Phil can generate organic matter and form living animals out of it. The larger an animal is, the longer it requires to form them. As a result, Phil will usually only spawn smaller animals such as rodents or insects.
        • Botanogenesis - Phil can create various forms of plant life (and fungi) to use in a number of different situations, such as causing grass to grow over his own body as a form of camouflage or entrapping an enemy in thorny vines.


  • Phil cannot return the dead back to life. If he heals someone even seconds after they've died, it would already be too late.
  • Phil requires direct contact for his powers to work.


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