Paige Incanto
Basic Info
Alias(es) N/A
Alignment Neutral Good
Race Glitch Human
Gender Female
Age 17
Birthday March 24th
Main Ability Ice/Snow/Smoke control
Personal Data
Birthplace Borsville
Nationality American
Affiliation(s) NGD
Occupation(s) Magician
Base of Operations

NGD Base in Fallbell City


~ Paige.

Paige Incanto  is a main character in The Lettuceverse.  She has contagious optimism and a seemingly ditsy and overly bubbly demeanor, but in reality, is actually very smart and has demonstrated numerous amounts of quick-thinking and ingenuity. She also works as a magician, and has a magical hat that can store anything, even live animals. She is the younger sister of Brian Incanto.



Paige and her Brother Brian were born in Borsville. Their mother was murdered and their father was captured by mysterious agents for being glitch-humans, so they were forced to provide for themselves by doing magic shows at a local pizza place for money since 7th grade. Starting in the The Lettuceverse, they were later the first recruits to the NGD.

ARC 1: Heroes Series 2

Her and Brian were the second of new recruits to the department, being recruited directly after sam was. Her and Brian then helped the department, with Paige using her quick thinking and performing skills to help apprehend Oz. She helped out a new department ally, Carl, and was the only one who was able to convince Chief to go back to his old Ways. She was also the only one not frightened at all by Costello's blackout city, which she regarded as amusing. She was killed by Bairre, but was later resurrected by Costello. An old enemy of her's Brix later became the leader of the syndicate, but was later defeated by the heroes, and replaced by Lucian, who Paige and the other heroes helped defeat, and she and the others were let go by Harrison. After John called for a temporary disbandment of the group, Her and Brian went back to performing and were absent for all of season 4 because they  joined up with Carl's rebel group in order to find out more information about their Parents, and discovered that her parents were now brainwashed and top-ranking slayers. She and Brian returned to the department in season 5 after being escorted by Carl and His group. After coming back to the department, her and Brian helped the the recruitment of Anna. After the return of Edwin, Paige was the first to notice Brian's strange behavior, and after Anna discovered it wasn't Brian, she punched the impostor, which was later revealed to be a former NGD member, Hunter into the wall and started questioning him, before he turned into her and escaped by using her poofing powers. Paige and Brian then escaped getting arrested and poofed to the base, where they were later captured with John after being defeated by Hunter and Vivian. In the unwritten series 2 finale, Paige convinced the others the let Brix in and helped in the battle against Lucian. Her and Brian worked together to kill Vivian, with Brian dealing the final blow.

ARC 2: Heroes Series 3:

Paige had a cameo in the first episode of series 3. She also had a supporting role in the finale episode of season 2. 

ARC 3:Lettuceverse

Paige first appeared alongside her brother in Arc 4, and was a main character in the ARC. She appeared again in ARC 6, where her and the rest of the group was rescued at the end of the ARC. She re-appeared in ARC 8, where she was a member of the NGD Alpha Squad, and helped defeat Brix and his father. She appeared again in ARC 10, where she was a member of the group that stormed Norman's base, where she had a prominent role. She had a cameo in the base before Flint stormed out in ARC 11. She appears in ARC 13, and had a main role in the ARC. She helps stop brix and has a supporting role in ARC 15. She also had a main role in ARC 16.  She then has a cameo in Arc 18, and has main roles in ARCS 19 and 20. Paige re-appeared alongside Brian in ARC 22, and had a main role in the ARC, with the 2 of them catching the Faeles sisters. She also appeared in ARC 23, with a supporting role, and a minor role at the start of ARC 24. She appeared again in ARC 27, where she  visited Gino's Pizza and noticed Brix's milk emporium, and then groaned as Beta gave her a tour, she then left to tell the rest of the NGD about it. She then had a main role in ARC 28, where she faced off against Kingsley Medeis after he framed her for several robberies. She had a supporting role in ARC 30, where she came in 3rd place in the tournament. She re-appeared in ARC 33, where her and Brian went to see the famous magician, Ille Lushon and got caught up in a fight with Kingsley.

ARC 4: Multiverse

Paige has main role starting from the middle of season 2 to the end of season 3.

ARC 5:Amalgam

Paige has a supporting role in the Amalgam RP.


Appearance Paige is 5 foot 4, and has blond hair. She is always seen wearing a top hat with a red ribbon tied around it, and has a vest with tons of glitter sprinkled on it. She sometimes wears a pink cape with hearts on it during her performances. She has green eyes. A bunny named "Mr. Fluffles" can sometimes be seen peeking out of her hat.


Paige is a very fun-loving person, and an optimist at heart. She has a great enthusiasm for almost everything, but is quite stuck in her own ways and tends to not think of the bad side of things, which can get her into trouble. Paige loves all kinds of jokes, and can hit it off with pretty much anyone with a sense of humor, fellow member of the NGD or even other villains. She is also pretty protective over the people she cares about, and can be quite headstrong in leaping into danger to save someone else. Paige also can be pretty cryptic in her working of things because of her profession, and seems to enjoy catching people off guard. Despite being very quick-thinking, she can also come off as being a bit of a ditz because of her bubbly and easily distracted personality. Paige can also have a bit of a competitive side, showed by her rivalry with Kingsley Medeis. She also seems to have a love for the paranormal and occult and is shown to be extremely hard to frighten. Adding onto this, Paige has also been so to be somewhat of a daredevil involving her own magic tricks, with the new ones she dreams up often getting more and more dangerous, much to Brian Incanto's chagrin. 


  • Smoke Control: She can control smoke, but usually only uses this power to appear in a burst of smoke for a flashy entrance, she can also "teleport" using smoke to appear in a puff of it where she pleases, and usually uses this to appear at the most awkward of times for her own amusement. She can also shoot clouds of smoke, usually from her hat to temporarily blind foes.
  • Ice and Snow Control: She can control and conjure snow and ice. Usually attacks with a blizzard or a flurry of Icicles. For the sake of a flashy performance, she always takes off her hat and shoots the snow/icicles out of it. Also has the ability to freeze water.


  • Top Hat
  • Various objects and animals stored in top hat
  • Wall of Shame (big slab of posterboard with pictures of Brian's worst failures on it)


  • Need for a flashy way of attacking
  • Being Naive and somewhat Gullible
  • Prone to being caught off guard.










  • Paige and Brian's last name, Incanto means "Magic" in Italian.
  • The bunny in her hat is named "Mr. Fluffles".

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