Basic Info
Alias(es) Man of no Motives.
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Race Genetically altered human
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Main Ability Almost indestructibility, enhanced agility, enhanced strength.
Personal Data
Birthplace Unknown
Nationality American
Affiliation(s) Beta, Dr. Fulbright
Occupation(s) Destroying anyone who crosses his way, and glitch humans.
Base of Operations Highlife City
"Norman, out."
― Norman, talking to the mysterious person on his earpiece.

Agent Norman is one of the main antagonists in The Lettuceverse. He is a mysterious agent who works for an unknown source, frequently taking orders from it on his earpiece. He has also appeared in the Heroes and Multiverse RP series.



ARC 1: Lettuceverse

He first appeared in Arc 3, where he and Beta are the main antagonists who framed, and tried to murder Flint and Wade. He then appeared again in Arc 4, where he was once again the main antagonist, and was the one who took Brian and Paige Incanto's parents for experimentation. He appeared again in Arc 6, where once again, he was the main antagonist, in this arc, he silently followed the Alpha Squad the entire journey to his lair, to ambush them. He appeared again in arc 7, the only arc he appeared in, but Beta did not. He attempted to murder Brahma at the start of the Arc, and was the main antagonist. Norman appeared again in arc 10, where he defended his base from the Heroes and a delusional Beta. After Beta self destructed on him, he got up unscathed, and was apathetic to his partners death, he was also the main antagonist in this arc. He appeared again in arc 12, where he defeated Brahma and Qing easily, then forcibly deleted Beta's newfound intelligence, which made him forget everything that happened within the arc, and go back home with Norman easily.  He re-appeared in ARC 14, and was the main antagonist. He re-appears in ARC 16, where he sent Beta and Dr. Fulbright To retreive the PPS. He then appears again in ARCS 19 and 20, where he was finally defeated and imprisoned. He hasn't appeared since, but it was implied by Beta and Dr. Fulbright that Norman was taking orders from someone else.



Norman is a 6 foot slim white man, that is wearing a suit and tie, and is always seen with sunglasses on. He is always seen with a blank expression on his face, which almost never changes besides an slight menacing grin once and a while. Always seen with an earpiece in.


Norman has almost no emotion, and is always monotone to the things around him. He is determined to do his goal, whatever it is, and is absolutely merciless to anyone or anything that gets in his way. He has a rather polite way of speaking, even when he is doing gruesome things to people. He is shown to be very intelligent as well as genetically modified with Glitch-Human DNA.  He takes orders from somebody or something on his earpiece, and is shown to have absolute loyalty to them. He can also be very snarky when he wants to be, and seems to have little patience for the mishaps of his underlings.


Norman takes on a somewhat less threatening role in the metaverse, where he is a disgruntled employee of Countdown, and frequently gets paired up with Beta for nonsensical tasks. He seems to like Alex and his group a great bit, and willingly gave them DNA samples in exchange for 2 of The New Recruits after Alex defeated them. 


Norman has a minor role in the second season of Multiverse, where and Beta fight the heroes in the Jakeverse. He appears again in season 3, being called to join the Axis of villains from different dimensions by Vernon Brevil.


  • Enhanced Agility: Norman has superhuman agility, and is shown to be able to back flip away from danger, enhanced jumping ability, and can dodge attacks with almost no effort.
  • Indestructibility: Norman can withstand almost anything, from bullets to stab wounds. He can be knocked out by any of these things, but is near impossible to actually kill.
  • Weapon Proficiency: Norman carries Duel Pistols, a machete, and a grappling hook, all which he uses to perfection, and is near unbeatable in close range combat.


  • Norman and Beta first appeared in a series the creator stared writing in 8th grade.
  • In every incarnation Norman has appeared in, he has always been genetically modified. 
  • In the Metaverse, Lettuceverse, and even his first series, Norman has always been shown to like dancing with the stars for some reason.

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