The Chir Batti
Basic Info
Alias(es) None
Alignment Neutral Evil
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 20
Birthday 2/29
Main Ability Flaming Death Ball
Personal Data
Birthplace ?
Nationality American
Affiliation(s) Himself
Occupation(s) Firefighter

"I'm gonna burn you 'till there's nothing left but ash. Then, I'm going to burn the ash."

- Niran.

Niran is...









  • Flaming Death Ball - Niran has the ability to transform into a large, living ball of fire, which he describes as a Will O' Wisp from folklore. As will o' wisp, Niran is capable of burning absolutely anything in his path, regardless of what it is. He can burn inflammable objects such as water and rain and consume flammable objects, such as wood or coal. His flames are much hotter than normal flames, and as such, it is difficult to extinguish them with normal methods.
    • Supernatural Speed - Niran, as a will o' wisp, is incredibly fast. He can, at the very least, outmaneuver bullets.


  • To maintain his state as a fireball, Niran must consume fuel, such as wood, as a fireball.
    • Niran will get smaller as a fireball if he doesn't do this, which decreases his overall speed and range
  • Niran can't control fire, and thus must rely on his own fireball form to run into things and burn them.

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