Whitney "Needles" Withers
Basic Info
Alias(es) Needles, The Point, Needleman
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 31
Birthday January 17
Blood Type
Main Ability Aichmophobia
Personal Data
Birthplace Placeholder text
Nationality Placeholder text
Affiliation(s) Placeholder text
Occupation(s) Placeholder text
Base of Operations Placeholder text

"I disagree."

- Needles.






  • Aichmophobia - Needles has the ability to protrude sharp, dangerous spikes or needles from any part of his body. The spikes are incredibly powerful, being able to pierce through metals like aluminum or steel with ease. Needles can project his spikes at incredibly high speeds, just over those of a bullet being fired from a gun. Needles can cause his needles to stretch and bend over long distances, which makes them even deadlier. He is also capable of having his spikes grow even more spikes on them since they are all a part of his body. This allows him to do something like impaling an object, then have the edge of the spike protrude more spikes onto itself, piercing the object from the inside in multiple directions. Needles has the option to detach the needles from himself if need be. He can protect himself by covering most, if not his entire body with needles.
    • Spikes Keep the Doctor Away - Interestingly, if a needle pierces a person, the needle can cancel out all of the healing processes of that person, whether they have a natural healing process or a regenerative healing factor. This will be in effect until the needle or needles are removed. The effect seems to grow stronger if more spikes impale the one who gets hit.
  • Defunct




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  • Needles' real name is a namesake of Whitney Houston and Bill Withers.

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