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Alias(es) Nezzar
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Nezzar's Abnormality is a Mutating Abnormality, which became stagnant after three mutations.

  • Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution - Nezzar has the ability do develop adaptions depending on situations he has been exposed to, while also losing those adaptions should he no longer be exposed to said situations. For example, attempting to shoot Nezzar with a gun would result in his body rapidly becoming dense enough to the point of bulletproofing. Being submerged would result in him developing bodily functions to survive underwater conditions. He would even develop defensive measures in his mind should a psychic Abnormal or something similar were to attack it.
  • Self-Adaption - The first mutation of Nezzar's Abnormality. It grants him the ability to command his own body, selecting specific and important adaptions that he will need in a current situation, along with adaptions from previous situations he was in. This can go back to even before his Abnormality mutated. When he gained this new mutation, he additionally gained the ability to make all of his own adaptions permanently lasting, effectively making it difficult for him not to survive the same situation twice. Nezzar can choose to deactivate or activate adaptions he has gained at any time, but will usually keep them all activated at once.
  • Adaptive Appearance - The second adaption of Nezzar's ab


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