Nadim Baako
Iqhawe Leader
Basic Info
Alias(es) N/A
Alignment Neutral Good
Race Nigga
Gender Male
Age 38
Birthday January 4th
Blood Type Unknown
Main Ability Being a chill d00d
Personal Data
Birthplace Ubunuku, Iqhawe
Nationality Iqhawean
Affiliation(s) Printemp,JSE
Occupation(s) The mothafucking President
Base of Operations Ubunuku

"Everyone around us seems to be focused on controlling their people, frankly, all I would like to control is where my next beer bottle comes from."

― Nadim Baako

Nadim Baako is the president of Iqhawe, and has ushered in a time of economic golden age to his country due to his policies of economic freedom and tactful handling of the tourism industry.





Theme Songs


Nadim is a very loud and cheerful person, which is further added onto by the fact that he always seen with a beer bottle in his hand. Despite his bombastic nature, he is skilled with negotiation, and will not tolerate anything he deems as human rights abuse. Being a former army general, he is also very skilled at handling firearms, and hand to hand combat. Nadim also expresses a love for animals, and has a pet elephant named Tusk he keeps in the backyard of his government building. 


ARC 1:Nationstates shit



  • Being chill af
    • Skilled in firearm and hand to hand combat.
  • Smarter then he looks and acts.


  • Beer Bottle (Iqhawean Banana Beer)
  • Cigar and lighter


  • XXX
  • XXX
  • XXX

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