Melody Carmen
Basic Info
Alias(es) N/A
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Race Glitch Human
Gender Female
Age 22
Height 5 foot 7 inches

Main Ability "Soundwave"
Personal Data
Weight 120 lbs
Nationality American
Affiliation(s) N/A
Occupation(s) Employee at a mechanic's garage. (Co-worker with Brian Incanto)
Base of Operations Unknown

"Riiiiiight. You. The fighting criminals type. Why not?"

― Melody, to Brian Incanto

Melody Carmen is a character in The Lettuceverse and the Amalgam RP. She normally appears as a snarky sidekick to Brian Incanto though seems to use sarcasm as a veil because she dislikes showing her true emotions.






Melody is normally a quiet and somewhat standoffish person, and dislikes people. She is a loner, and is typically content tinkering around with machinery and her Violin rather then talking to people. She has a very snarky side and can be bitterly sarcastic, this often being shown so she doesn't have to show her actual feelings. She also does have a love for classical music and anything technology, and will easily open up to people who mention these subjects to her. Melody is also a masterful violin player, and takes extreme pride in it, usually tuning or idly playing when just standing around, as she always keeps her violin in a satchel she carries around. Melody is also rather easily annoyed. She also has a noticeably foul mouth for some reason. Melody also dislikes people and is very hard to gain the trust of. Despite this, she has been seen to form a strong friendship with Brian Incanto, who is the only person she seems to open up towards.


ARC 1:Lettuceverse


ARC 2:Amalgam

Melody has a main role in the Amalgam RP. 


  • "Soundwave":She can shoot blasts of soundwaves from her specially made gloves. She can also put different effects in them, such as healing or adreleine. If she doesn't have her gloves on, the soundwaves will harmlessly bounce around and have no effect.
  • Using her gloves, she can dial how much power she wants in her soundwaves. With the dial at max, her soundwaves have enough power that she can use them to rocket herself into the air. 


  • Violin
  • Techy Gloves
  • Various Tools
  • Carries chocolate bars and other various candy in her satchel.










  • Melody has a giant sweet tooth.
  • In The Lettuceverse, Melody is one of the only known Glitch-Humans that has no affiliation to the NGD whatsoever.
  • In The Lettuceverse, Melody is one of the very few people who actually don't forget Brian Incanto's name, and the two usually form a sarcastic duo in ARCS they both appear in, snarking about everything and snickering to each other.

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