Melanie Ètincelle
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Basic Info

Alias/Nicknames Mel
Alignment Neutral/Chaotic Good
Race Human
Gender Female
Blood Type O-
Main Ability Ben's Experiment
Personal Data
Birthplace Marseille, France
Birthday January 21st
Age 16
Nationality French



Adam Ètincelle (Father, alive.)

Diane Ètincelle (Mother, alive.)

Thomas Hausler (Friend, Alive)

Other Information

"Quote Placeholder"

- Melanie.

Melanie Ètincelle is the deuteragonist of the first part of Abnormalverse. She goes out of her way to help Thomas on his endeavor after the latter saves her life. Although she didn't realize she had an Abnormality at first, Melanie would quickly develop the ability to control and mimic electricity.






Melanie has a generally kind disposition towards people, and won't turn a blind eye towards anyone in need of help, regardless of the situation. Compared to Thomas, who gives out the cold, stoic personality who focuses more on the destination than the journey, Melanie is kinder and doesn't believe that showing emotion is a sign of weakness. Melanie tends to drift off in thought more often than not, especially when she's bored. This causes her to lose track and forget things. As a result, She might come off as a "dumbass" or a "ditz" to most people (like Thomas at first), but when she is paying attention, she is very perceptive of the situation at hand. Before she even realized her abilities, she was crucial to helping Thomas finish off and defeat Rob Handel, who would have killed Thomas with his mastery over vehicles.

After her death, she reawakens as a ghost, remembering nothing from her life when she was alive except for how she died, and the fact that Thomas was keeping her corpse preserved in his basement.


  • Ben's Experiment - Melanie's Abnormality allows her to absorb and manipulate electricity and use it for a variety of different
    • Bio-Electricity Manipulation - Melanie can control the electric currents that exist within her body and the bodies of others.
      • Electrical Enhanced Condition - When Melanie absorbs electricity, all of the cells in her body are completely surged. As a result of being able to handle this amount of energy, Melanie's physical attributes are peak human.
    • Neural Impulse Manipulation - Melanie is capable of controlling the electrical impulses in somebody's brain, allowing effective control over their movements if she's close enough.
  • Electric Type - Melanie has the ability to transmute her physical structure into nothing but electric energy should she charge up or absorb enough electricity. At first, she can only change certain parts of her body, such as her arm, into electricity, but practices with the ability enough that she can eventually fully become nothing but "living lightning". While becoming electricity, Melanie can do things such as spread herself out over wide areas and hijack electrical devices. She becomes incredibly fast when she mimics electricity. She made a guess that due to the way actual lightning works, her highest possible speed would be just under the speed of light. Another addition to mimicking electricity is the ability to be immune to most forms of attacks, as Melanie can just phase through them. The only flaws with mimicking electricity are that Melanie can't stay in electric form permanently due to holding it for long being exhausting and that she could "short out" if exposed to water or if she were grounded. Another weakness is that she can't become "living lightning" unless she charges up a certain amount of power, which could take time, even with her own existing abnormality. This makes becoming "living lightning" almost highly inefficient.



  • Insulation, salt water, grounding, and various other traditional things one would normally use to not be electrocuted could nullify most of what Melanie can do.


  • Melanie's namesake comes from Melanie Bonis, a French composer. Her last name is French for spark.

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