Maverick Gamble
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Basic Info
Alias(es) Vouge(Criminial Alias)
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Race Glitch Human
Gender Male
Age 26
Height 6 foot 2 inches
Main Ability Pressure
Personal Data
Weight 160 lbs
Nationality Unknown
Affiliation(s) None
Occupation(s) Professional Thief
Base of Operations Unknown

"Join them? They're not going to turn me in...? Yes, perfect...I can use these idiots...'"

― Maverick Gamble

Maverick Gamble is a main character in the lettuceverse, and is a self-centered criminal that was the NGD's first catch. He was later forced to join them as atonement.




Maverick wears a long black cloak with a white waistcoat and bow-tie under it. He wears a noir mask covering his face, and has messy jet black hair. He also wears jet black dockers and black dress shoes.


Maverick is a very smug and overconfident person and is fine with taking risks. He is extremely self-centered and is not above manipulating people. But unlike most people, he can back up his bragging due to his strong power and general combat and stealth skills, making it unwise to fight him head on or in ambush. He seems to have an issue with killing people, although he will if he feels significantly threatened during an altercation, though that rarely happens due his overconfident nature. He seems to love noir styles and being mysterious in general.  Maverick is also very passionate about style and looks, and dislikes getting dirty.


ARC 1:The Lettuceverse

He first appeared in chapter 1 of the lettuceverse, and was captured by Pembroke Viridi and Nester Gloom as the NGD's first catch. He was later forced to join them, but decided he could easily escape by playing along for a while.


  • "Pressure"
    • He can pressurize the air around his hands and make people get knocked back with just a poke. The distance varies with how much time he charges the pressure up for, and with how much of his hand he uses to touch the recipent. (IE, touching somebody with his full palm will knock them back and be more forceful then poking them with one finger.)
  • He can also pressurize the air around objects, crushing them. (For example, a bank safe will collapse upon itself.)
    • Maverick can also use his pressurized air to create invisable platforms he can walk or jump on, giving him the look that he can walk on air.
  • Due to being a thief, Maverick also is very skilled in the area of stealth, and is extremely agile.


  • Can't pressurize air when he is out of breath.


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