Basic Info
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Race Ancient Galactic Robot
Gender None
Age Hundreds of Thousands of years old
Birthday ?
Blood Type None
Main Ability Vaccination
Personal Data

The Pillars of Creation

Nationality None
Occupation(s) Destruction
Base of Operations None



MATTHIAS is an ancient automaton constructed at the Pillars of Creation two billion years after the inception of the Big Bang. Its primary goal is to destroy planets in order for their debris to spread out across the universe, eventually colliding with other debris to form new planets.





MATTHIAS only speaks with one word at a time, and he only speaks when he's about to perform an action.

Powers and Abilities

  • Vaccination - MATTHIAS is an incredibly adaptive program that automatically becomes immune to anything that poses a threat to it. This includes Abnormalities. For example, if Melanie were to attempt to harm MATTHIAS with electricity, MATTHIAS would develop insulators all around itself to effectively become immune to electrical forces. For someone such as Spade with hellfire, MATTHIAS would develop resistances to high temperatures.
  • Omnilingualism - MATTHIAS has the ability to learn languages extremely quickly.
  • Absolute Strength - He has incredible strength and power, with enough to cause earthquakes with a few steps.
  • Clockwork Physiology- MATTHIAS has a giant, infinitely powered clockwork mechanism at the core of his body.


  • Effectively no notable weaknesses save for being countered by devoloution. If one were to have abilities that could counter or reverse the effects of MATTHIAS, then have someone else finish the job, MATTHIAS could be defeated, albeit under difficult circumstances.
    • There is a single gear that can cease all of MATTHIAS' functions should it ever be jammed. However, it can only be accessed if MATTHIAS can't adapt.


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