Lucia Hausler
Basic Info
Alias(es) Lucy (Nickname)



Human (?)


Gender Female
Age 14
Birthday November 9th, 1981
Blood Type Unknown
Birthplace Berlin, West Germany
Nationality Germany
Occupation(s) Student
Abnormality Crawling King Snake

Lucia Hausler, commonly just called Lucy, is the biological daughter of Yvonne Park and Nyarlathotep, through one of its avatars, as well as the adoptive daughter of Thomas Hausler and the adoptive sister of Isabelle Hausler. She was conceived through her "father" and birthed on the same night into an egg, which was left close to an orphanage in West Berlin. Due to the unnatural circumstances of her birth, Yvonne was unaware that she existed.


Lucy is a young girl, standing (though much taller than Belle) at 5"5 in height. Her hair is long and blond, and she has green eyes.

She's noted to resemble her mother to the point that they'd almost be identical if it weren't for their different hair colors.



  • Nyarlathotep (Father)
  • Yvonne Park (Mother)
  • Dike (Paternal Aunt)
  • Death (Paternal Grandfather)
  • War (Paternal Granduncle)
  • Pestilence (Paternal Granduncle)
  • Conquest (Paternal Granduncle)
  • Lucifer (Cousin)
  • Satan (Cousin)
  • Mammon (Cousin)
  • Belphegor (Cousin)
  • Beezlebub (Cousin)
  • Asmodeus (Cousin)
  • Leviathan (Cousin)
  • Yahweh (Cousin)
  • Dulce Evans (Paternal Aunt)
  • Pegasus (Son)
  • Chryasor Hausler (Son)
  • Thomas Hausler (Adoptive Father)
  • Isabelle Hausler (Adoptive Sister)
  • Miles Knox (Uncle-In-Law)

Specific Birth

Nyarlathotep is an entity who can exist in a number of universes through various avatars. These avatars are unique, and thus no two avatars will ever be the exact same. Because of this, Lucy inherited the ability to only exist in one universe as there are no other avatars of Nyarlathotep like her father.

While subtle, this offers Lucy a unique protection to Yvonne's ability to predict her actions, as Yvonne requires being able to experience a situation through alternate universes where it has already occured in order to predict it.

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