Basic Info



Alignment Neutral Good

1/2 Human

1/2 Eldritch Horror

Gender Female
Age 19
Birthday November 4th
Main Ability The Gorgon
Personal Data
Birthplace Unknown
Nationality American


Nyarlathotep (Father)

Yvonne Park (Mother)

Thomas Hausler (Adoptive Father)

Isabelle Hausler (Adoptive Sister)

Occupation(s) Finding out her past

"Do you think my eyes are pretty?"

- Medusa

Lucia Hausler, nicknamed Medusa, is the daughter of Yvonne Park and Nyarlathotep, and is one of the few characters in-universe to be a hybrid of two different races. She becomes the adoptive sister of Isabelle Hausler.









  • Eldritch Human Physiology - Medusa is a hybrid of a high eldritch horror and a human, and thus possesses traits from both species.
    • Eldritch Aura - Medusa gives off an odd presence which causes anyone who may be near her to feel a sense of fear, ranging from mild discomfort to agony, but causes them to feel a sense of comfort at the same time. Medusa can control the intensity of this "aura" she gives off, and turn it off entirely. Additionally, she can choose who she can or can't sense the aura.
    • Logic Defiance - Like all eldritch horrors, Medusa is capable of ignoring basic logic and reason. The extent of what she can "ignore" is unknown, but she was able to survive the universal wipe from Aphrodite.
    • Omnifarious - Perhaps passed down from her father, Medusa possesses the ability to shapeshift without any known limits, other than imagination. She commonly uses this ability to transform into a giant snake, though she has used her power to do things such as change her body into steel, turn parts of her body into weapons, and transform into a ghost. She could potentially acquire the abilities of other people by transforming into them.
      • Regenerative Healing Factor - She can easily heal from wounds due to the control she has over her own body.
      • Omnireplication - Medusa can split into multiple copies of herself endlessly, each copy of herself sharing a single conscience.
    • Otherworld Magic - Due to being of partially eldritch, Medusa possesses potential in tapping into its power. Unlike Spade, who didn't originally have such an ability and couldn't use it to its full potential without it passively feeding on his sanity, Medusa can use her powers however she wants and perfectly retain her sanity.
      • Psychokinesis - Medusa can utilize Otherworld Magic in order to achieve a variety of mind-based effects.
        • Telepathy - Medusa is able to relay information using only her mind, and can typically use this ability to hold psychic communications with people. She is also able use this ability to read minds and determine what her opponents will do next. She can even use this ability to read the past memories of people, and to learn their specific fears and weaknesses. This is the most common use of her ability to wield the Otherworld magic.
          • Madness Manipulation - Medusa can control the pure force of madness.
            • Corrupting Madness - Medusa is able to cause people to go insane at varying speeds, twisting their minds into pure delirium. She can also cure this madness if she wants to.
        • Telekinesis - She is able to move objects with her mind, or directly control the telekinetic force itself for a variety of effects. The exact weight of the object in question she is able to move doesn't have a known limit, but it appears that it becomes more bearing on Medusa's mind and concentration the longer she holds whatever she's carrying.
          • Telekinetic Flight - Medusa can use this power to fly.
          • Telekinetic Bullet Projection - Medusa is able to create bullets out of telekinetic force, and fire them at even faster speeds than normal bullets.
          • Potential Omnikinesis - It was implied that anyone who could master Otherworld magic could potentially control anything with their powers at the subatomic level. Medusa has demonstrated being able to control fire, electricity, light, ice, the paint off of walls, and even the individual hydrogen particles that Belle has created. She has contained a small explosion on one occasion.
        • Psycho-Warping - Like all users of the Otherworld Magic, Medusa is capable of twisting reality with her mind, but it weighs heavily on her mind, making it difficult and longer to create more complex effects.
        • Teleportation - Medusa can teleport a short distance away from her current location. Unlike her mother, she is able to teleport through solid objects, and her range of teleportation is longer.
        • Astral Projection - Medusa can project her spirit out of her body, and visit alternate dimensions through it.
        • Dream Walker - Medusa can enter the dreams of other people and interact with these dreams.
        • Snake Den - She possesses her own alternate "pocket dimension" in which all of her pet snakes tend to reside. She can enter this place by sleeping, either by actually falling asleep or just thinking about it, and bring other people or objects inside or out.


  • Eurydice - One of two special guns created by Thomas and given to Medusa. It appears to be a standard Desert Eagle, with its name engraved into the left side of its barrel. Thomas imbued the gun with special properties. When the gun is fired, it is able to produce any number of snakes that Medusa can possibly think of, regardless of if the snake is real, fictional, or extinct. These snakes fly at the speed of a normal bullet, but do not take damage when facing impact. Additionally, the snakes can all return to the barrel, and survive without needing food or water.


  • Gorgon - Medusa almost perfectly resembles the gorgons from Greek mythology, down to having hair consisting entirely of snakes and the ability to turn anyone who looks at her into stone. Additionally, Medusa can also manifest reptillian-like wings from her back to fly.
    • Venemous Snake Hair - Medusa's "hair" consists of numerous snakes belonging to a species known as the Inland Taipan, a species of snakes that are native to Australia. These snakes don't come off of Medusa until death, and seem to all have their own behaviors seperate from her. Neolates will eventually grow into Medusa's head, while older snakes will eventually die and fall off. All of the snakes are affectionate towards Medusa and anyone Medusa cares about or likes.
      • Venemous Snake Hair Control - Medusa can telepathically give the snakes on her hair commands, such as telling them to bite people.
      • Scrying - Medusa can sense her enviroment through her snakes. She can typically use this to see around herself in all directions.
    • Petrification - Just like in the Greek legend, Medusa can turn anyone who directly looks her in the eyes into stone. Unlike the myth, however, she is able to control her petrifying gaze, and can choose only to petrify certain parts of their body or not petrify them at all. However, choosing not to petrify is a conscious desicion, so anyone that happens to take Medusa by suprise might get frozen by accident. Victims that are completely frozen will feel as if they've fallen asleep and can't wake up. She can un-petrify those she has petrified. Should the statue be destroyed, such as by being shattered, the one who was petrified will be killed.
    • Snake Manipulation - In addition to being able to control the snakes on her head, she's able to control any snake she wishes within a range around herself, and typically has a multitude of them doing her bidding. Medusa is unable to spawn any snake, however, and ususally just raises and breeds them from hatchlings. She can direct these snakes to do anything she needs them to do, even if it's against typical snake behavior to do so.


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