Any character that wields a specific power holds it within a certain mask. This mask, when worn, grants the user access to their abilities. Furthermore, upon awakening, the user can rip off their mask in combat, granting them full access to their abilities and allowing them to reach their maximum potential. However, this technique is often at the temporary cost of one's own sanity and judgment, and will nearly always drain them of their energy.


  • Control - The user can create or manipulate a certain element, object, or substance. 
  • Transformation - The user can alter and manipulate their body structure to take the form of something or create something.
  • Enhancement - The user has gained some sort of augmentation to a certain attribute of their being, allowing them to physically or mentally excel in a certain area. 

Combat Classes

  • Offensive - The user can easily go on the attack, their ability viable for starting a push onto an enemy. 
  • Defensive - The user's ability protects themselves above all else, acting as an armor or a buffer to prevent themselves from taking much damage.
  • Balanced - The user's ability is good for all-around combat, and doesn't excel on offense or defense, but rater as a versatile threat to the enemy.

These abilities also have ranges; they can be either long-range, short-range, or mid-range. 


Upon awakening, the holder of a mask will typically unlock a new ability to use in combat. This will always correspond with their original ability. Awakening will also grant the user the ability to tear off their mask in combat to release a large amount of their power to great effect.

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