Earth's Role in the Galaxy


Alien Civilizations



Homeworld: Mulililbghure

Capital: Jiyuppim

Government: Gerontocracy

The rock-skinned titans of Mulililbghure, the Ruunmorarpans (Literally translated: "Large Beings of the Under-Below"), are a peaceful race that is greatly respected in the galactic community. Led by a council of leaders known to humans as the Mmnumeral Quarara (Literally translated: "Grouping of the Scholarly Elders whom Rule"), a council of elders in Ruun society. The council has been pacifistic for millennia, and rule graciously.

Their language is known to be maddeningly complex, to the point that only three known humans can actually speak it in any form of fluent manner. As Ruunmorarpans are massive, and only grow with age, one of these humans represents the Ruun government at meetings, as they are often too large to enter any buildings where meetings are being held.

Important Organizations


Pauvaren, the secret leader of the Kapex Conglomerate

The Kapex Conglomerate

One of the oldest corporations in the known universe, the Kapex Conglomerate is a massive collection of business entities group together under the leadership of the mysterious Kapex Mercantile Complex. Its power is rivaled by few other non-national entities, being regarded as more powerful than even some space-faring civilizations, owning entire star systems and the planets that inhabit them.

Being one of the largest corporate entities in the galaxy, most of its upper management is unknown to the public, and many of its most sensitive projects are kept under wraps. Unbeknownst the the public, the Conglomerate is spearheaded by an artificial intelligence of unknown origin, known as Pauveran. Pauveran leads the most unorthodox of all projects, making new life. The Kapex Conglomerate is the only entity in the known universe that can create life from scratch, and they are exceptionally good at it, even being able to make species that quickly evolve into sentient beings. Often they will sell living weapons to fight for authoritarian regimes, or sell entire ecosystems to planets owned by wealthy figures, all secretly. This puts all other projects in a similar field to shame, as humans and other aliens can only clone living or extinct species, or create artifical intelligence, but not create entirely new lifeforms.

The Conglomerate is also known to use its power and influence to meddle with governments to their own benefit. After many, often violent coups in civilizations that had been previously hostile towards business, the Kapex Conglomerate would come in and immediately begin to trade with the new, more business-friendly regime.

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