Introduction (WIP)

Many years ago, across the omniverse, a universe went through a collapse. The remnants of time and space were released, eventually being compelled by some force to create a new universe. The universe, however, had an imbalance in time. The life in it was very similar to the accepted humans from the fallen universe, but many of them had various...abilities. Some could stop time, some could travel through time, and some could even erase parts of the future from existence. Of course, due to a total collapse in the old realm, many others were blessed--or cursed--with abilities related to various other concepts. A very common one seems to be holding the genetics of a dragon and a human, a being often referred to as a Dracoid.

How did all of this come into play? A being known as Noma is said to be responsible for the force that created the new universe, known as the Kudaverse. Noma, as fabled in various religious texts, is a spirit who roams the earth, looking out for those with special abilities due to the new realm. In fact, he is stated to have total possession over the concepts of time and space, manipulating it at will to condemn those who defy him after death. Others believe him to be like a watchtower, playing guard and seeking out for those who commit evil acts. It is said that nobody is truly evil because Noma erases anyone who has a fully corrupted spirit.


Storyline: Arcs I - V

Arc I - The 1930s

Arc II - The 1980s

Arc III - The 2010s

Arc IV - XXX

Arc V - XXX

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