The TechnoMancer
Basic Info
Alias(es) Korr Ashford, 
Alignment Chaotic Good
Ethnicity Caucasian
Gender Male
Age 18
Birthday July 11th
Blood Type AB
Main Ability Mechanical Intuition
Personal Data
Birthplace Unknown, United States of America
Nationality American
Affiliation(s) None
Occupation(s) Self-employed
Base of Operations Wherever risks and dangers can be found

When Korr was growing up, he found himself always fiddling with anything he could get his hands on, causing many fires and many casualties. This later turned into an interest in how tech works and taking about hundreds of pens for them to be rebuilt within seconds. 








Korr dresses like your average modern teenager. He can typically be seen wearing jeans, a hoodie, and trendy sneaker shoes. There is rarely a time he can be seen without his pendant of a mechanical dragon hanging around his neck.




Swearing, video games, pop-rock music, books, swords, mischief, Tech stuff. 


country music, malignant people, Justin Bieber.


Korr occasionally can be seen fiddling with some kind of tech in his spare time.


  • Healing Factor- Korr possesses an expert-level healing factor, which allows him to shrug off most minor wounds and survive various poisons.
  • Insanity Empowerment- Korr's powers seem to become stronger as his behavior becomes more reckless and risky.
  • Enhanced Inventing- While not a master, Korr sometimes tinkers with technology in his spare time.
  • Attack Prediction-  Korr has the ability to analyze his opponent's attack patterns and counter their attacks from then on, This ability takes time due to the pressure of battle.
  • Damage Reduction- As a combination of his will and healing factor, Korr can usually shrug off wounds of a low severity or at least delay the time until he concedes due to pain.
  • Gadget Usage- Korr has a small arsenal of gadgetry at his disposal.
    • Scanning- One of these gadgets, the  Foreseeing Goggles, is useful for scanning areas.


  • His two swords, Azrael and Osiris.
  • His pistol, Paul.
  • The Relic.
  • Foreseeing Goggles.


Korr has an affinity towards using his Gadgets in combination with sword slashes to create a flurry of deadly blows.


  • Can die from old age or wounds with a certain degree of severity.
  • Azrael and Osiris are not unbreakable weapons.
  • Can sometimes think his intelligence is supernatural because of his tech skills.


  • Particularly likes history.
  • Due to the oddities in his mind's behaviors, Korr has a slight defense against psychic attacks.

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