Kingsley Medeis
Basic Info
Alias(es) N/A
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Race Glitch Human
Gender Male
Age 24
Height 5 foot 10 inches
Main Ability "Elegant Air" 
Personal Data
Weight 155 lbs
Nationality American
Affiliation(s) The New Syndicate
Occupation(s) New Syndicate Member
Base of Operations New Syndicate Base

"Ah, what excellent teamwork. Our abilties just ooze pizzaz!"

― Kingsley

Kingsley Medeis is a supporting villain in the lettuceverse, and is a member of the New Syndicate. He uses magic tricks in tandem with his powers to confuse his enemies, and is quite smug about his abilities. He seems to love style and elegant things, he goes on on about "Pizzaz" so often it's somewhat of a verbal tic. 






Kingsley is an extremely smug person, both about his work and in general. While being very good at what he does, he seems to overestimate his own abilities while underestimating his enemies. Despite this, he seems to be very teamwork oriented and holds his allies in high regard. He is also very flamboyant, having a love for style (or in his case, "Pizzaz"), and seems to be a savant at interior decorating. He is also shown to put on a performers persona when fighting, as he pulls things out of his sleeves and unleashes his power through a metal wand. He seems to talk very melodramatically.


ARC 1: The Lettuceverse


ARC 2: Fantasy RP

Kingsley has a main role in the 4th season of the Fantasy RP, and is part of Lamaith with Robin and Eve. He tends to fall into the comic relief of the group, and serves as their quick getaway with his cape trick if things go awry.


  • "Elegant Air" Can manipulate particles and atoms in the air to create a number of reactions, such as fire, water, snow, and toxic gas, frequently uses this in tandem with magic tricks. He tends to release this out of a metal wand he always carries around with holes on the top.
  • He also has many magic trick attacks he uses in tandom with his power. 
  • Kingsley also makes use of a cape trick that makes him and anyone he swings his cape over dissapear. Tends to use this as a gataway for his allies.


  • His name, Kingsley, is a reference to his extremely smug personality.

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