Kingsley Medeis
Basic Info
Alias(es) N/A
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Race Glitch Human
Gender Male
Age 24
Birthday March 23rd
Main Ability Air Particle manipulation
Personal Data
Birthplace Borsville
Nationality American
Affiliation(s) The New Syndicate
Occupation(s) New Syndicate Member
Base of Operations New Syndicate Base

"Magic is simply illusion, a trick for one with the unfocused, stupid mind."

― Kingsley

Kingsley Medeis is a supporting villain in the lettuceverse, and is a member of the New Syndicate. He uses magic tricks in tandem with his powers to confuse his enemies, and is quite smug about his abilities, regarding those who cannot understand his tricks as lesser then him.






Kingsley is an extremely smug person, both about his work and in general. While being very good at what he does, he seems to overestimate his own abilities while underestimating his enemies. He is an extremely willful person, and will stop at nothing to get what he wants, while at the same time being prone to panic when things go awry.


ARC 1: The Lettuceverse

Kingsley was introduced in ARC 28, where he framed Paige Incanto for several robberies around town while copying her magic tricks, and was the main antagonist of the ARC. At the end of ARC 28, he was shown being convinced to join the New Syndicate by Dr. Fulbright. He then as a supporting role in ARC 29, where he works together with the NGD to escape the base and detach Beta from the system with the rest of the New Syndicate. He appears again in ARC 31, being the one who first kidnaps Kim Hana and is chased by Qing until he leads him back to the New Syndicate base. He appeared again in ARC 33, where he was the main antagonist. 




  • Can manipulate particles and atoms in the air to create a number of reactions, such as fire, water, snow, and toxic gas, frequently uses this in tandem with magic tricks.
    • Has a metal wand with holes on the top, which he uses to expel his powers so it looks like it's coming out of a wand.
  • Has a seemingly unlimited amount of metal rings that he sets on fire and throws, with surprisingly good accuracy.
    • He makes a show of pressing his bowtie, which causes a hatch in the middle of it to open, from which he sprays forceful amounts of water from.
  • Throws playing cards with sharply tipped ice on them.
    • Presses on a rose from his lapel, which sprays toxic gas. 


  • His entire arsenal.


Kingsley is very meticulous in combat, and is powerful in his own right if the enemy does not know what he is going to do. However, he doesn't really change up his tricks and panics when gets out-predicted.


  • His name, Kingsley, is a reference to his extremely smug personality.
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