Alias(es) Killinger
Alignment Evil
Race Demon
Age 51 (Physically. Real age unknown.)
Birthday May 27, 1923
Gender Male
Occupation US Government Secretary of State
Advisor of Security to Grand Lord President Richard Nixon
Powers Demon Physiology
Paraphernalia None

"The nice thing about being a celebrity is that, if you order certain people be killed, they think it's their fault."

Henry Alfred Kissinger, AKA Killinger is a mysterious demon posing as a politician on earth POTUS.


How long he has been living is unknown, and very little is known about his life that can be proven true, but for years he has been working his way up in political circles, manipulating those around him to obtain higher positions. His current position is Secretary of State, and Security Advisor or the Grand Lord President, Richard Nixon. While he may not be using Nixon as a stepping stone, he is using him to forward his agenda. He finds himself getting to carry out many devious actions in his current position, and he mostly lets Nixon's own insecurity manipulate him from within. He seems to be somewhat of a rogue demon, as he answers only to himself.

Powers and Abilities

  • Demon Physiology
    • Hell-Fire Manipulation
      • Hell-Fire Ball Projection
      • Hell-Fire Breath
      • Hell-Fire Combat
      • Hell-Fire Constructs
    • Fear Inducement
    • Semi-Immortality
    • Rage Manipulation
    • Human Disguise

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