Basic Info
Name Justin Zed
Alias(es) Ace, Archangel
Alignment Chaotic Neutral/Neutral Evil
Height / Weight 5'10" / 167.3 lb
Birthday / Age 12.31.00 / Sixteen
Main Ability Sparrow
Personal Data
Birthplace Brooklyn, NYC, NY
Nationality American
Affiliation(s) xxx
Occupation(s) Student
Base of Operations New York, NY

"Ah, what beauty shines in the light of man. Isn't it quite beautiful, Joker? The way that all men believe deep down that our world is bound to be doomed to chaos? It's quite lovely, to be honest!"
― Justin Zed to Zayd

Justin Zed is the rival and opposite to Zayd Abbadon, using his light-based powers as a counteract to his darkness-based ones. The descendant of a corrupt man who led a crime organization that involved human trafficking, torturing, and manslaughter, he fights for his own justice in order to prevent his past from being known. However, some traits don't simply die out through heritage, leading Zed to be a somewhat sadistic character who takes pride in making the last moments of his victims' lives hell on earth. One day, a masquerade-esque mask was bestowed upon his face in a flash of light, and as it was removed, his true power awakened, leaving him a masked being with the name of Ace.





Theme Songs

  • XXX
  • XXX
  • XXX




Likes: XXX

​Dislikes: XXX

​Hobbies: XXX

Fears: His past, Failure, Fate


Arc 1



Ability Type: Transformation

Ability Range: Self

Class: Balanced


Style: xxx


  • XXX


  • XXX


  • XXX

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