Jake Jones
Basic Info
Alias(es) Dynamo
Alignment Neutral Good
Race Glitch Human
Gender Male
Age 17
Birthday July 18th
Main Ability Dynamo
Personal Data
Birthplace Fallbell City
Nationality American
Affiliation(s) N/A
Occupation(s) Part-time NGD agent/Independant Vigilante
Base of Operations Fallbell City

"Guess I'm gonna have to make it rain. Heh."

― Jake, while possessing an ATM in a fight

Jake Jones is a supporting character in The Lettuceverse and is a part-time NGD agent.



Appearance:Dynamo Suit

In his dynamo suit, which is a yellow and orange morph suit with a lightning bolt symbol on the torso and shoulders. 


Humorous and chipper, Jake has a very optimistic personality. He is also extremely moral, and dislikes killing, and even seriously hurting anyone, even his enemies. He is pretty smart, and is extremely friendly. He is also very cooperative, and will not do anything rash without consent of his teammates. He is also shown as being very loyal to people he is friendly with, and will never think about betraying them.


ARC 2:Multiverse

Jake was a main character in the Multiverse RP until mid Season 2, where he was thrown into a breach by Beta. He didn't appear again until mid season 3, where he was captured by Norman after he finally was released from Beta. At the end of the Lettuceverse ARC of MV, he was rescued. He then assisted the main group for the rest of the season until he departed back to his own world because "his city needs him".

Arc 3: Lettuceverse

Jake Jones is a supporting hero in the lettuceverse that first appears in ARC 11, befriending Flint Polar and helping him stop Riley Umbra from possesing the body of the Highlife City Mayor and stealing all of the city's money. He re-appears in ARC 14, and helps Flint and Riley save the NGD. He appears again in ARC 17, where he, Riley, and Flint get captured and get their powers scanned by Dr. Fulbright, and wander the maze he trapped them in. He and the others were freed in ARC 19, and fought alongside the NGD in ARC 20. He appears again in ARC 24, and had a main role. He then had a minor role in ARC 30. He re-appears in ARC 35, and has a main role.


  • Can shoot electric blasts.
  • Can electrify any part of his body.
  • He can also conduct electricity when needed.
  • He can materialize himself into a electric object, such as a computer, ATM, or even powerlines, and use it to his advantage in a fight.


  • Bag of BBQ popcorn
  • Dynamo suit.










  • Jake is the only character in the lettuceverse to have a hero alias, but this is because he is a vigilante, not a full time NGD member, thus his identity could be used to harm others. Only members of the NGD know Jake's true identity. 
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